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USS Bristol County (LST 1198) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bristol County (LST 1198). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 321 crew members registered for the USS Bristol County (LST 1198).

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Newcomb, Paul DouglasBM31983 – 1986 I also had a good time. Where is that chick fellow?
Newman, BillEM3Jan 1983 – Jun 1986ElectricalFirst ship, awesome division w/the usual suspects!
Rutkowski, Bob profile iconHM2Jan 1983 – Jul 1986MedicalGreat time on on it. West Pac was assume. 90 proof bug juice cooking in the sterilizer. Chief Winterbottom was the man. The crew was great Tilley Francis Harvey. Fond Memories.
Diehl, DanielBM2Feb 1, 1983 – Oct 13, 19842nd DivisionI am looking to get in touch with Paul Carlson.
Hastings, BillOS2Mar 6, 1983 – Aug 1, 1988OIThe BEST ship and CREW'S I ever served with. I miss those days more now than ever. If you remember me and want to get in touch feel free to do so..... In Chicago, Il. now.
Mathes, BruceBM2May 1983 – Apr 19862nd Division
Willis, EarlSHIP'S SERVICEMEN 3RD CLASSJun 14, 1983 – Jul 12, 1988SUPPLY
Ciccariello, Anthony , IIISAAug 10, 1983 – Mar 11, 19871stit was a fun time
Newcomb, Paul DouglasBMAug 11, 1983 – Aug 11, 1985deckhey everybody , just hanging in phoenix . drop a dime.
Hudson, GregSNAug 30, 1983 – Nov 1985DECKDuring my short time on the Bristol. I had a hell of a time. Especially in P.I.
Tarasow, John, Jtms1Sep 15, 1983 – Jun 15, 1986s-2Had a lot of good friends on board, miss you.. jt.
Gunter, Kevin "gun"BM2Nov 11, 1983 – 1987DeckGolden Shellback, Typhoon Disater Relief Solomon Islands. How about Deck Dept. whooping the marines in football 1000 yards from the Arizona Memorial? Witnessed the last of the old school Navy, where you could have a beard and smoke inside
Harvey, James C. / DocHM3Nov 14, 1983 – Nov 17, 1985MedicalWrk w HMC Winterbottom, Tilley-Francis-Ski. Hey guys-Long time. Hey Ronnie Powell & Baguio- Best Baker in the Fleet-Still talk about that 'checkerbrd cake'. Saw a FN in SanDog-03/SK in Annapls-06. Chic-Newk-Wassup? Email avail.
Harvey, JamesHN-HM3Nov 17, 1983 – Nov 17, 1985MedicalRTD from NRes. My 2nd ship. Lost Rank/Rating-had to start over. Got lucky w the Little Bristol. Went straight to Medical (had my records/evals), '84 WestPac. To PMT school at Oakland from the BC. Ret in 1999.
Trayer, ToddOSCSNov 18, 1983 – Mar 20, 1987OII've missed the good times and great peoploe.
Schissel, KevinRM2Dec 1983 – Feb 1988OC01hey i wanted to update my email you guys can look me is . Sure would like to hear from you guys. Hope you all are doing well and ship shape in bristol
"Rico"), Luis Angel Rodriguez (Aka "Rico")RM31984 – 1987COMMUNICATIONSALL FELLOW SHIPMATES, CONGRADS
Fallin, Lance/ Shorty Dawg/ Little RamboGMG31984 – 1987DeckIt was a good ride, good times and bad times, but I still remember y'all
Schissel, KevinRM21984 – 1988OC01looking to get in touch with the rm's
Willoughby, TomEN-31984 – 1986MSome of the best times, alongapo to Papau new guine , we had a blast in the engine room, remember them speed?
Hull, Andrew Aka Pyrotech profile icondeck seaman1984 – 1986Deck 2nd div/ assault boat Papa 4Fire makes a wonderful motivational tool. Its been one hellava ride, this thing called life. How are the rest of ya'll doing?
Mitchell, GregRM3Jan 15, 1984 – Oct 11, 1987communications
Howard, JohnSH2Feb 9, 1984 – Oct 22, 1991Supply
Erickson, BrettE-5Jun 1984 – Dec 1988EEM2,Tool Issue,WestPac,Korean Marines,Oscar,Japan,Kirin,PI, Balut, Sin City, Barrio Bareto, jeepnies, Midwatch, Phospor off the stern, Snorkeling in Guam, Hong Kong,Bristol Pistol, Sea Quals, Drug Interdiction, Holiday Lights, What a Blast!
Chance, BillGMG3Jun 15, 1984 – Feb 15, 19873rd Gunner's MateI was one of the Golden Shell backs on the '86 West Pac!
Wingett, MartyIC1Jul 1984 – Jul 1989A blast from the past.... I'll never forget my days aboard the Bristol County. I went from the new guy with the big head "I can fix anything on this ship" to the old man on the boat for most of 1989.
Wilder, GlennSNJul 11, 1984 – Aug 1, 1987!stDamn, the good old days. Give me a holler.
Chance, BillE4Aug 1984 – Feb 19873rdFirst GOLD Gunnery "E" in Bristol County history.
Desalle, TonyDK3Oct 1984 – Mar 1988Had a great time.
Howard, JohnSH2Oct 18, 1984 – Oct 21, 1991SupplyHave very fond memories of the BC. I still keep in touch with a few old buddies. My door is always open to any BC sailor. so if you need anything just contact me.
Howard, JohnSH3Oct 27, 1984 – Oct 27, 1987SupplyStill remeber alot of things. and alot of the crew
Spinasanto, RobertEN2 (SW)Oct 28, 1984 – 1990M
Bowron, GregEN3Nov 1984 – Jun 1988MIt Was a great get away Met tons of great Guys lotsm of great Ports, Wish I would of kept in touch with More snipes.
Bowron, GregEN3Nov 1984 – Jun 1988M-DIVThe Best division, I love you guys had some Great times on Liberty and some bad times on Restriction, all was fun from San Diego to P.I. and Mazatlan to seattle. Keep in touch. Great Memories that I do miss and will rem
Blanks, DonGMG2Nov 27, 1984 – Nov 24, 19863rdWith Chief Alan Smith, ( GMGC) ,B.R.N. Molina, ( GMC2) Ken Armstrong ( GMG2) Krill ( GMG3) William Chance (GMG3) Anthony Messex ( GMGSN) Lance Fallon ( GMGSN) THIS Crew won the fourth consecutive Gunnery E
Lokken, RichardSMCDec 1984 – Jan 1987CommunicationsI served aboard Bristol County from 1984-1986 as ships 3M coordinator. I have many happy memories. One of the better commands during my 20 year career.
Lainez, VictorSR - SK31985 – 19892nd - SupplyOne hell of an experience. Hard but fun and memorable!Been in the service over 19 years but she's my first and last ship ever. . . . . .and no regrets!
Lentz, RichardBm31985 – 1988Deck 1sthey boat crew whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scoop, Gary, Zink,clem, clooooonannn
Myers, GregBT1(SW)Feb 1985 – Aug 1990EngineeringSupervisor of the Oil/Water Lab, Auxillary Boilers, Distilling Plant and token BT of the ship. Had many good times and memories. Still remember the many crazy people!! Would like to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Leyvaelias, EliasBM1Feb 1985 – Jan 19861st. One of the most memorable west-pacs were on the BC, still miss the guys , altough here in San Diego I still hang around my old BC buddy BMC Maeder from time to time at the VFW and swap sea stories and tall tales.
Pace, TroyRMSRFeb 6, 1985 – Feb 6, 1988OCMy first ship, nothing but good memories tied to her. Good ship. Good crew
Kirchoff, VincentSRMar 1985 – Dec 1986deckgood and bad memmorys
Simanton, JohnLTApr 1985 – Apr 1987ONNavigator. Bristol County was one of the best ships I served on and left me many happy memories.
Mills, Garfield profile iconEN3Apr 15, 1985 – Jul 12, 1988M- DivThe very best three years of my life, West Pac 1986 and 1988, were fun times,also Seattle and Santa Barbara. Friend with Willie Martin, Joe Connors and Franklin Evans. Many more friend cannot name them all.Now a fireman.
Henley, Red, Stew BurnerMS2Jun 1985 – Jul 1988supplyI remember my brothers all the beer we drank, the women we had, the blood we spelt and the tears we wept. It was all good and I will never forget or regret the memories I have.
Cox, CarsonLCDRJun 1985 – Jun 1987Deck Department1st LT
Fontenelle, ChadSH3Jul 9, 1985 – May 18, 1989SupplyStarted out in E Division moved over to supply and ran the ships store. I had the honor to be inducted into the "GOLDEN SHELLBACK" club. along with the other WOGS we were nothing scum. remember dont forget to kiss the baby.
Wampler, Donald JRMSR - RM2Jul 25, 1985 – Jan 20, 1990OCOld School Radio Days.
Moser, Rusty/moseRM2Aug 11, 1985 – Apr 1, 1989OCSome of the best times in my life.
Jean, Gary (Bill)BM2Oct 11, 1985 – Oct 10, 19991stGramps, Rich, Steve, eric Where the hell are ya?
Clem, RodneyBM2/BM1/SSG,RET.Dec 30, 1985 – Jul 6, 1989Deck/2nd2 Westpac's, multiple fights & good times. The typhoon in '88, what a ride! I'm in Vancouver, WA, and am married, two kids and a mortgage. Life keeps on a trucking.

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