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USS Harlan County (LST 1196) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harlan County (LST 1196). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 433 crew members registered for the USS Harlan County (LST 1196).

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Lewis, Stephenen/3841984 – 1987m eng 3Hey guys just bored thought id look up the old lady . Seen some names i recognized here trip remember when you come abourd HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS SOMETIME
Mabus, DavidBM3Jan 1984 – Oct 3, 19872ndWho remembers West Africa and Unitas 86??
McGee, Torry McGooE4Jan 4, 1984 – Aug 26, 1986deckI never thought I would say this. But I have precious memories about the Harlan. I was a youngster, therefore not savoring Good friends and good times. I became a man on the Harlan.. I wish more guys would get with it and Be FOUND!
Turner, MarkE-1Mar 10, 1984 – Jul 10, 19871765-753-0103
Galzerano, Paul (Gonzo)BM3 THEN, BMC NOWMar 14, 1984 – Dec 1, 19871STThe Darlan Harlan was by far my best ship. we worked hard as a group, and partied hard as a group. I think I even helped Chambers get those scars, and rob enjoyed one of my motorcycle accidents. Gator Navy rules
Nielsen, MikeGMG3Apr 1984 – Mar 19873rd
Tacovelli, MichaelBM2Apr 15, 1984 – Dec 15, 19874THI reired in 1995. presently an law enforcement officer in S. fl. Married w/ 2 children. Looking for shipmates who remember all the good time. e- mail me. It's nice knowing everybody still kicking. by the way, wheres bob cromy?
Kenna, WalterE-3May 1984 – Jun 19854th Amph Asslt Bn. Jax NASWas a Marine Field Radio Operator on Amphibious Assault Vehicles. Took the Harlan County out of Little Creek, Norfolk VA and again out of Mayport FL performing amphibian excercises.
Chambers, JohnBM2(SW)Jun 1984 – Oct 19891st , 2nd, Boats, Sides1st , 2nd, Boats, Sides Division, and for a while we just had One. Been there done that and have scares and T shirts to prove it!
Skaggs, EricEM2Jul 1, 1984 – Jan 1, 1989e
Hering, Mark (Fish)BMSNSep 1984 – Oct 11, 19861stSpent last couple of years of my enlistment on the darlin harlan. Does anyone remember that UNITAS cruise? What about BM2 Dan Erickson (EX SEAL)? Anyone hear from Mark Turner? Hope everyone is well! CHEERS!!
Bond, Gary (Opie)OS2Sep 1984 – Sep 25, 1987opsHad a great time on the uni-tas cruise in '85.I think we did something like 26 ports in 6months.South America,Africa and back.
Skidmore, Mark (Skid)EM31985 – Oct 1989E (Electricians Mate)I served on the Harlan County in the late 80's under "Gator John" O'Neil. I did a Med, a UNITAS, South Africa, and a bunch of Carribbean time. Drop me a note!
Luebke, JeffBM21985 – 19891st, 2ndThe best of times.
Morris, JoeOS2Jan 1985 – Jul 1988OIHad a great time, made a lot of friends. wish i was still there some days.
Bray, James//////boswain BrayE4/BMJan 1985 – Apr 1987DECKStill here guys,..????OUR EXPERIANCES MOST LIKELY HAD A BIT TO DO WITH IT......ROCK THE HELL OWN., 2515041323
Kovacs, Robert (Cb)CM3Jan 31, 1985 – Jul 30, 19861st, 2nd, SidesI am in contact with many former crew members from my time. We had our first reunion in 2017 in Harlan County, KY. Our next reunion will be back at Harlan County, KY. Updated 9AUG18
McLachlan, Robert (Mac)BM 3Feb 3, 1985 – Feb 3, 19891stHad a lot of good times, made a lot of good friends. i sure miss Jeff Luebke, Mark Turner, Tory McGee, John Walker, Gonzo, Shook, Webster, Cambitze. had a lot of wild times during, Unitas, WATC, and Med cruises.
Oneil, TipHT3Mar 1985 – Nov 1988R
Gates, DarinRM3Mar 6, 1985 – May 13, 1988OPSHad a great time on the Harlan and wonderful memories! I can never forget those trips to South America, Africa, Europe, and the mediterranean. Not to mention the SHELLBACK ceremony! Where else do you get to do that?!
O'Neil, DougHT3Mar 10, 1985 – Nov 17, 1988RepairI really miss the good times we had, and all the friendships that were made. Love to all. e-mail me!!
Wheeler, RichFC 1May 1, 1985 – Aug 31, 1989electronicsUse up all your "bongo bucks" for christmas! Comming up on 20 in, 20 out.
Coleman, CraigEM3May 18, 1985 – Jun 21, 1986A&EGood times onboard. Wish I could get in contact with Jeff Eikstadt, Mervin Stout or anyone else. Skaggs, ENS Fossa, ENS Robinson good to see you all. Give me a holler sometimes at I'm still in for another year.
Borsey, PatricksksnMay 27, 1985 – May 27, 1989supply
Adams, AllenBtFnJun 1, 1985 – May 1988M div boilers evapsKellogg baker Lopez Rg Hill Frantzen. Broke my right hand in Italy and left the ship. Got out in 95 in SD. Had a good crew and good time.
Lusk, Michael R.SGT/E-5Jul 1985 – Jul 1985embarked MarineSpent one night aboard before a beach landing at Camp LeJeune, NC for a training operation. Proud to be a small part of a big tradition.
Febus, TonyOSSNJul 1985 – Nov 1988OI
Fossa, JamesENS - LTJGJul 11, 1985 – Feb 8, 1988A&E, 3rd
Triplett, Tracy ( Gator Trip )EN5Jul 25, 1985 – Jul 25, 1990M # 3 Eng Room A-GangStill hear 2A and 2C and have yet to recover from all the lost sleep. 21 knots to the closet bar. gator turns !!!! "Once a hole snipe, always a hole snipe". OPPEE anyone?
Kellogg, BrianBT3Oct 12, 1985 – Apr 15, 1990engineeringHey there i was just wondering how the 2 boys form engine room 3 were doing. its been a really long time. sure would like to hear from you triplett and booter. hope that you can remember me.
Pearsall, MarkFNNov 1985 – Jan 1987how could I forget unitas!!!!!
Spangler, Duane (Spanky)Sm3Nov 1985 – May 1988Deck/opsMany great memories and experiences on the Darlin, it always brings a smile to my face. Unitas, shellback ceremony, and the med.
Robinson, RussellENS-LTJGNov 25, 1985 – Apr 6, 1988Weapons officer,Cic officerI remember great times aboard the Darlin' Harlan county. Im still in the navy (reserves)LCDR and looking forward to retirement. I will always remember the Harlan County!
Dan, BaderRM1(SW)1986 – 1990OC
Webster, ScottGMG31986 – 19893rdStarted in 1st and ended up in 3rd. Still remember my "DECK APE" which was all about working hard and playing harder.
Heath, Stacy profile iconHM1986 – 1988OX
Wiedeman, James ("J.r.")RM2(SW)1986 – 1988Operations - Radio/CommunicationsI was an RM2 and earned my ESWS during a Med Cruise aboard this ship. I will never forget that cruise or the West African Training Cruise that followed. What a rough ride she could be!
Billows, RandyEM31986 – 1989Electic shopHad a lot of fun aboard the harlon county , Would love to hook up with people from my era
Sibrel, DavidEn 41986 – 1988EngineeringServed under the best chief petty officers in my opinion at that time.
Anderson, Russellht21986 – 1988RBest time of my life
Jensen, GregoryEM2Jan 1986 – Jan 1988Electrical division
Lockmiller, GregoryE5/BM2Jan 1986 – Nov 1988Deck 2nd
Reilly, KevinIC2Jan 12, 1986 – Jan 8, 1988A&ELooking for of the old crew from UNITAS/WATC '86.
Charles, JoesnipeJan 15, 1986 – Feb 10, 1988main controlHey every one. Charles from Baltimore. Tripplett you came down a couple of times with drinkwater and Mcgee. Any one know what happen to Donald Werner
Zawada, NickOS2 (SW)Mar 1986 – Sep 1989OIO1I enjoyed my time onboard. Some of my best memories. Would like to say hi to all I sailed with. Hoping all is well.
Leary, SilvesterSK2Apr 1, 1986 – Sep 9, 1988Supply
Willis, ThomasHTC FNNov 1986 – May 1990RepairBest ship in the fleet at that captain. Bust crew. R Division was #1
Blalock, WayneYN3Nov 22, 1986 – Feb 1988OPERATIONSI served on the USS HARLAN COUNTY under Captain BURKE and Captain O'NEIL. I worked in the ships office as a Yeoman. I was very young but had some great experiences that I will remember forever. I went on the UNITAS
Poole, RobertHT 3Dec 30, 1986 – Aug 2, 1990RI am originally from New York City, now living in Greenboro, NC. Great times on the Harlan. MARG Cruise 1988 and WATC 1989. Just missed the Unitas 1986.

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