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USS Barbour County (LST 1195) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barbour County (LST 1195). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 335 crew members registered for the USS Barbour County (LST 1195).

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Awis, JohnE-31978 – 19801stI worked in that bos'n locker that later burned. That was while we were in P.I. It was hot down there! Any one remember BM 1 Taylor?
Powell, David profile iconRM3Jan 1978 – Jun 1980OPS / OCStarted out in Deck/1A, then went to OC to strike for RM... Had great time in both Divisions... Reported ONBD with Greg Spiliotis (Fred)... Where does time go? Would like to hear from ya....
Gossett, GaryHT2Feb 10, 1978 – Aug 25, 1981RTime Sure does fly. Miss all. Just found out that they sunk our boat. Did'nt expect that.What a shame that they could'nt find a home for her somewhere. A lot of memories went down with her. Good luck to all and God Bless. Continue ships work.
Burgess, Merlin (Lee)E-2Feb 22, 1978 – Oct 12, 19791BMy name is Merlin Burgess, I was aboard the USS Barbour County 1195 from June 1978 till Oct 1979 any body remember me...I'm sure you do E-Mail me at Friends called me Lee or Burgess.
Spencer, CarlMS3Mar 5, 1978 – Jul 10, 1981SUPPLYI remember all the good and bad times i used to hang with john agnone(deck) mike liverance(deck) scott barcroft , ray reamy(deck) , dean fitzgerald ( signal) we were known as the yit brothers any one remember me? e-mail me if you do
Roach, JohnBM3Mar 15, 1978 – Apr 15, 19811ST2 west pacs would like a 1980 cruise book any help ?
Roach, JohnBM3Mar 15, 1978 – Mar 15, 1981deck
Trettin, RussEN3Mar 18, 1978 – May 21, 1981mhad a good time in EMO2, even better time in the P.I. & thailand........... where is Dan Jonson?? Beatle Bailey?? Rick?? You guys still alive??
Wolfe, Mark (Wolfie)BM2Jun 5, 1978 – Jan 30, 19821st DIV AlphaIt was my pleasure to grow up onboard the BC. Thank you to all I seved with. My memory isn't what it was 30 years ago but I do have great memories of working with great sailors.
Hargett, RichardENC(SW)Jun 12, 1978 – Oct 1982MAlso served onboard 84-86
Brown, VictorOS2Oct 1978 – Nov 4, 1979OIOuch that smarted learning that the BC was sunk. I am sure it was for a good cause but am numbed in knowing this! Worked with some great humans during my tour and am thankful for there friendship. Life has been kind!
Wright, LarryE-3Dec 1978 – Sep 1980engineeringseen gary's name say hi
Ketcham, SteveMS3Feb 25, 1979 – Dec 17, 1980SupplyI'm just the cook! Went on 1.5 WestPaks. Great times! Went to many places, made alot of friends. It's been 30 years. I was the slush king loan shark in the Supply "puke" dept. Didn't make the Las Vegas reunion. Next time
Fitzgerald, JamesSNMar 1, 1979 – Sep 30, 1979TAD DET A-1-79 ACB 1Was very reluctant to go on the PAC @ 1st we lived above the boiler rm however the ships crew were true shipmates, Fowler made Shellback initiation something to remember P.I, Pattya, Hong Kong, what a way to C the world
Merritt(lum Cheong), GaryEM2Apr 1979 – Jul 1983ESeems like only yesterday, a very significant period of my life, wouldn't trade a thing, would do it all over again, too bad 1195 was sunk.
Sullivan, Ken (The Mick)GMG2Aug 1979 – Oct 1980I missed the Westpak fun you guys had. Would be great to hear from you.
Lonecke, BoatsBM3Nov 16, 1979 – Jul 10, 19811stWest-Pac 80-81, best cruise out of 8.
Margucci, JoeSeamanDec 1979 – Nov 1982Deck 1-bWas on ship from 79 to 82, I remember bmc Taylor, bmc lacey, john agnone, john roach,daemon devillez, john awis, ect. Went on one westpac.
Benisek, JamesSH3Dec 26, 1979 – Feb 22, 1982SupplyWorked on deck force, laundry and ran the ship's store.
Hulcher, RandyLTJG1980 – 1982FirstGreat (most good,..) Memories, from Mt.St. Helen's ash falling thru WESTPAC escapades and overhaul. Interested to hear from all shipmates-(especially Deck),shellbacks,wogs,incl USMC & those who enjoyd the "roachcoach making the approach&
Spiegle, JohnpnsnJan 1, 1980 – Mar 3, 1982ships officeHey there old timers bet u all remember that crazy immature on spiegle. 80 to 82. 19702325142. Loveland Colo
McGhee, KevinLT JGMar 1980 – Jun 1982DCAI am now a Pastor - but my sermons are often full of stories from my days when the BC went to the IO. I am so proud to have served with all of you!
Spiegle, JohnpnsnMar 1980 – Aug 1982ships officea couple of my most memorable yrs were spent on this ship. 2 this day i still regret my disrespectful attitude, but i can say that bcause of the men aboard the ship i learned 2 take responsability 4 my actions. tu all
Corvin, DavidHTFNApr 1980 – Apr 1983ENGINERING
Nelson, TravisOS 3Apr 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1982Hi All
Johnson, Scott "jet Ski"SEAMAN (SMALL BOAT COXSWAIN) BOATSApr 4, 1980 – Mar 9, 1983Deck - Both A & B, Small Boat CoxswainSo the BC is gone. As much as I hated painting her, I can't help but miss her now that she's gone. Just got to speak to Gunner Phil Woodward again, still looking for DeVillez, Crandon, Daley, Williams, Lacey, Blyze, ANYONE!! 714 353 9988
Shreves, FredGMG2May 30, 1980 – Oct 6, 19812ndDEC 1980 - MAY 1981 West Pac-Indian Ocean-Persian Gulf
Burwell, BobOS3Jun 1980 – May 1984navy
Crumpton, Dinobm3Jun 23, 1980 – Apr 15, 1984deckdont regret a day of it.Got more ass than a toilet in VA.go to san diego alot(inlaws)10 Capts.mass &1 court martial still got out w/hohorable RE 1 reenlistment code. cell#804-822-0202 anybody for a reunion?
Nelson, Dennis (Lefty)EN2Sep 7, 1980 – Dec 10, 1982m #2 Engine roommiss you guys sad they sunk her hope to hear from my shipmates
Baumann, JoeEN31981 – 1984MYard period at Pier 9, WestPac, IZOD, Was on the throttles in Main Control when we ran aground off the Strand in 84. Towed to Pier 9, then on to San Pedro. Guess she's in Eqypt now. hope she found a good home.
Hesson, JerryBM31981 – 1984DECK
MacIndoe, DanielLT1981 – 1983Supply15 months as Assistant Supply Officer, fleeted up to Supply Officer for 2nd 15 months. Relieved Dave England. Great memories. I wished I could find some old friends: PN1 Sullivan, Mike Edinger [DCA] Anyone here remember SPECOPS off the coast Russia?
Abel, Richard1981 – 1983A-GangDid a lot and saw Russia from the boat davits until we were spotted and had to depart rather suddenly. I was hurt and transferred to the Flt Hsptl at Cubi Point Nav. Air Sta. PI. Wow was that a tough 3 mths duty. Where are you ARDVARK?
Wright, JimmyEN21981 – 1983#1 engine room,agang, engineneer supply personalGot on her after dry dock and spent enjoyable sea time.Included one west pac. Srry to hear she was Sunk.Enjoyed time on the throttles (#1 engine room)and the Engineering personal was a great team.
Moreno, HectorEngineman1981 –EngineeringIt's been a long time and just wondering how a few shipmates are doing. While there I was assigned to Main Control. Efren Paca, Eddie Torres and McDowell were down in the hole. Also had a good friend named Fred Sierra.
Scanlon, MichaelRM21981 – 1983Operations
Mathews, KevinET3Jan 1981 – Nov 1982OpsBest time I had in the Navy
Bradley, ParkeHMC(FMF)Ret.Jan 1, 1981 – Feb 1, 1983X Division, MedicalHad a great tour of duty. My first ship.
Sarles, DennisEM1Apr 1981 – Sep 1985E
Nelson, Dennis (Lefty)E-5Apr 7, 1981 – Dec 10, 1982mmiss all the guys and the good times.
Jones, CraigE 3Jun 3, 1981 – Nov 15, 1985A GangBubu engine 3 Flounder,master, chief engine rm 2
Gambino, Time-1Aug 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1983engine 2Only name I remember is joe baumann! I had a habit of taking vacations when I wasn't suppose to take them! Oh well, I was only 17 and to inmature anyway so what the hell! What's done is done!
Cooper, Shannon MS3Oct 10, 1981 – Jul 10, 1983S-2 I am looking for any other shipmates that may want to get in contact with me. My EMAIL address is: or
Aaron, MichaelE3Oct 15, 1981 – Dec 1, 1983engineering
Gay Sr., KennethBM3Dec 9, 1981 – Aug 1, 1983Forward part of shipWe had some good times from 1981 til 1983, I served with Terry Johnson,Colin Thelwell,Moody Davis,King,Joe from Kentucky,1st class Hopkins,Esparza,and the rest of the crew.........Steam on Navy.....

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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