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USS La Moure County (LST 1194) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Moure County (LST 1194). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 435 crew members registered for the USS La Moure County (LST 1194).

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Al-moravids, FarajiRM31995 – 1997deck/Ops
Paige Jr, William VictorEn 31995 – 1999Engineman
Larue, ChoyceETC1995 – 1999CE
Hush, JamesYN2Mar 1, 1995 – Oct 30, 1997Admin
Bergjans, Bryan (Bj)RM3(SW)Sep 1, 1995 – Jun 22, 1998OPS/ DECKWOW it seems like yesterday I was hanging over the side with a paint brush and a bucket of haze grey and underway! I about fell off my chair when I saw that the county almost sank! See what happens when they let women drive ;0)
Wilkerson, DavidGMG3(SW)Oct 1995 – Mar 1999WEPSWould like to get in touch with SM3 Ward and DK2 Rouse and others from the county. Any assistance would be greatly
Todd, MatthewBTFR TO MM2Nov 1995 – Nov 2000M&BOne of a kind Ship and One of a kind Crew
Chadwell, RobertPNCNov 30, 1995 – Sep 19, 1997Personnel
Broadbent, Geraldfireman apprenticeJan 9, 1996 – Dec 13, 1997R DivisionI really enjoyed my time onboard USS LaMoure County. I was sadden to read about her being sunked.
Boyd, JosephE-3Mar 1996 – 1997Unitas 37-96It was the time of my life with the best group of guy's you ever want to be stuck with!
Rick, WilliamsDC1Mar 1996 – Jun 1999RepairAlot of memories and friends were made for me here.
Wyatt, DonaldLTJG/LTMay 2, 1996 – Jun 10, 1998M&B / WEPSI was the MPA for my first year, and then was the Wep-O for the remainder. I enjoyed UNITAS'96 (except for all the inport refueling). During the over 30 basketball season, we finished 2nd in the All-Tidewater tournament.
Cotter, MatthewE-1 TO E-5Jun 1996 – Sep 1999M & B
Marrero, MarcosSK1Jun 1996 – May 1998S-1Good times, made some really good friends. Would love to hear from you all.
Ribiero, ShaunpaulSH2 RibieroJun 1996 – Nov 1999S3
Tavarez, RobertHM2(SW)Jun 8, 1996 – Oct 1, 1999MedicalWhat's up everyone? It's great to see the LaMoure County is still alive. A reunion would be great....
Simmers, JasonENJul 27, 1996 – Apr 1, 2000M&BSending a shout out to all the M&B gang Yax, Lessigne, Jefe, Prak, Nelson, Billy Paige, Chip, Bob, Tony, Robles, Stan, Dallas and the rest of the guys I met, got drunk with, and spent some of the best and worst days of the Navy with.
McMurtrey, DanielE-5/EN2 (SW)Aug 3, 1996 – Dec 15, 1999Oil Lab
Tedder, LouisEn3Sep 1996 – 1997Engineer
Cross, Robert T JrE6/PC1Sep 26, 1996 – Aug 31, 1998SUPPLY
Springborn, SteveBM3Oct 1996 – Oct 2000DeckGlad I finally found this site, it's good to see all the names of shipmates and bring back all the memories. I live in Las Vegas now, and an Assistant Security Manager at Mandalay Bay so come out and visit me. E-mail -
Molina, HectorNov 1996 –
Dix, Antonio (Tricky)E4/ BM3Nov 11, 1996 – Mar 1, 2001DeckJust wanted to say Hi to everybody out there who knew me and I knew you. I really miss the County Days and all my partners and especially all the ladies. Right now I'm in Charleston, South Clik. So whoever, holla back...
Ward, JasonSM2Jan 15, 1997 – Jul 1999NAVGreat Times. Good Friends. Hope to get in touch with some of you that I have not heard from in awhile. I am now and MA1 stationed in Guam, so if you ever have a port visit here stay out of trouble.
Skulskie, ChrisE-6/ET1Feb 21, 1997 – Dec 3, 2000OE
Summers, DebraRM2Mar 1997 – May 1999CommunicationsUNITAS 1998
Winfree, JosephBM2Mar 20, 1997 – Dec 12, 2000DeckWow its been almost four years since the county i've had some of my most memorable moments on her meeting lots of new people (los coop sweat schink grady frost beale siler- CHEF lol-) but well meet again one day so tip your glasses for the county!
Babb, VernonMS1/E-6Jun 1997 – Jun 2000S-2/SuplyI really met a lot of good people on board. The cruise in '98 was great. Looking foward to hearing from the old crew.
Curran, DavidBMCSJun 17, 1997 – Nov 24, 1997DECKI was looking for old friends, and thinking of the County.
Holzapfel, JasonPN2Jul 1997 – Jan 2000Admin
Yagle (Stutzman), AprilSK2Aug 1997 – Feb 2001SupplyI miss everyone and would love to hear from you.
Alexander, NatashaEN2(SW)Aug 4, 1997 – Jul 25, 2000M&B/ OILAB / A-GANGI can't believe I missed cleaning up all that fuel, see ya'll at the reunion
Tillery, ReaganSNAug 29, 1997 – Jul 29, 1998DeckI miss everyone on the county after all these years. I have great memories of all my buddies and Unitas 98, I hope to see you all again someday
Hall, KivaITCSep 1997 – Dec 2000OC-01The "County" made me who I am today. I pray that you all are good and you all headed in good directons in your life's journey. Stay blessed and be happy.
Viggiano, RobinYN1Sep 12, 1997 – Jul 10, 2000ADMINThere were some great times with some great people. Hope everyone is doing well.
Nguyen, QuocEN3Nov 5, 1997 –M and BHey, Hey
Hernandez, DavidE-3Nov 13, 1997 – Apr 20, 2000DECKI'm the one who made the County interesting!!
Hill, Terron(druhill)IT2Dec 13, 1997 – May 14, 2001Deck/OperationsJust wanted to say that I'll be getting out the end of September and become a civilian but one thing's for sure, if the county was afloat today, I'd reenlist in a heartbeat. Good luck and God Bless. Later.
Curran, David1998 –
Devine, Shane profile iconEN31998 – 2000MHowdy yall and GOD bless. Survival of the worst loss was the beginning to a very rewarding career. 2018 Retired as a very humble and blessed Chief Engineman. Have relived the grounding more times then can count
Purdie, NathanielBM3Jan 1, 1998 – Jan 15, 2001DeckHope to see you all in the future.Maybe I'll see "yall" at the reunion, Winfree, Cooper and myself will bring the drinks!
Place, NateCS2Jan 1, 1998 – Dec 23, 2001supplywhats up all?
Conrad, CharleyQMCS(SW)Jan 1, 1998 – Sep 30, 1999NavigationI was a drilling reservist for two years. Retired off LaMoure County QMCS (SW) Good ship, great crew, good memories, excellent QM's .
Nguyen, QEN3Feb 1998 – Sep 2000M and BWassup Peeps.. just chillin in Orange County,
De Vega, SeanCTI2(SW)Mar 1998 – Nov 1998CDETI was onboard during UNITAS XXXIX and fondly remember my days on board. The COUNTY was a great place to learn the ropes of fleet life and surface warfare generally. Here's to her memory. *raises glass*
Lambert, DouglasBMCApr 1998 – Jan 2001Deck/WepsI'll just say this. I didn't see Men & Woman that day I saw Shipmate's I retired in 2001 I miss you all and god bless
Lotero, Jennifer (Jlo)OS1Apr 6, 1998 – Dec 31, 2000Deck Department/ OI
Lotero, JenniferOS2(SW)Apr 14, 1998 – Feb 2, 2001OIOut of 10 years in the Service, I met the best people at this command. Ill never forget that Sept. best Ever~!
Devine, ShaneEN3May 11, 1998 – Dec 31, 2000M&B 3 ENGINEROOMDALLAS, MONEY, RAPACON, GALBRAITH, KOSTIHA, HIGGS, BLAYLOCK, CONRAD, MEJIA, AND THE LIST OF THE US NAVYS TOP NOTCH ENGINEERS GOES ON! Hey cant you hear those alco turbos spinning up right now! rest in peace M&B!
Garrahan, ThomasMSSNJun 1998 – Jun 2000SUPPLY"Remember me" Hello to everyone!!!! I had alot of fun on the 1998 Unitas. It's to bad I missed the last one. I met some great people. Give me a shout!!
Ruetch, DanCPLJun 1998 – Nov 1998Comm DetAlways fond memories of my summer on La Moure County. One of the best tours of my career.
Knowles, Eric (Grassy)LCPL / E3Jun 1998 – Nov 1998 UNITAS
Curran, DavidBM2Jun 27, 1998 – Nov 22, 1998DECKHello to all of my old shipmates, I think of the County all the time. She was a true BM teacher!
Grinnan, ThomasSKCJul 2, 1998 – Feb 14, 2001Supply S-1 Wow what a crew, alot of work, but also alot of play!! I miss my shipmates, drop me a line.. County lives
Delaney, JenniferFC2Sep 1998 – Dec 1999Weps
Palmer, BrianCS2Nov 1998 – Jan 2001SupplySup guys had a great time on this steel gator...Here now in Pearl Harbor...Holla Back
Williams, Travis (Chill Will)PO1/ENDec 29, 1998 – Jan 16, 2001M&B/OIL LAB I have to say that it was my best crew ever. Everyone was a family and we all did our best to keep the lady Lamoure afloat. I'm back in Virginia so if anyone who want to look up and old county friend hit me up at

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – now

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