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USS Saginaw (LST 1188) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saginaw (LST 1188). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 224 crew members registered for the USS Saginaw (LST 1188).

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McFarland, JerryYN11980 – 1981X & Admin
Dunn, KennethBM2 (SW)1980 – 19831stServed with some Great people aboard this ship. I hope all my former shipmates are doing well.
Durfee, RobertBM31980 – 19841A life time onboard. wow can not began to say what it was like. Lots of good people . Would be nice to see them.
Tomlinson, BillHT21980 – 1984Repair
Mazzullo, TommyBM31980 – 1981CB'SWas with CB'S handleing causeway sections and warping tugs. ANYONE have any details on our North Atlantic Deployment on the way to Hammerfest/Tromso/Germany/Scotland? Wondering date , time, and position, when blue nosed.
Black, RexBT-31980 – 1983M/EMO-9This was a great ship and had a great crew that knew their jobs and how to enjoy the great ports we hit. Often think about some of my shipmates and what they're up to. I'm still operating boilers to this day. Thank you!
Lee, WilliamEN3Mar 20, 1980 – Mar 20, 1983M I had the best time.And greatest freinds on board the Saginaw.Would like to here from anyone who served onboard.
Pistek, EricEN2May 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1982MLooking for David Ballard and Steve Lee
Pistek, EricEN2May 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1982MLooking for David Ballard, and Steve Lee
Courtney, DonaldSep 1980 – Jun 19842NDShe was a good ship with a great crew and life long friends.
Ledford, Russell J.GMG2(SW)Nov 4, 1980 – Jan 2, 1989GunneryI served 2 tours on the Saginaw and loved every minute of it.
Clark, MikeMS3Dec 5, 1980 – Aug 28, 1983S2
Whisennant, DaveEN2Dec 12, 1980 – Jul 21, 1983Main PropulsionFuel Shop, Main and other spots...
Shelffo, RonET21981 – 1984OperationsAs I look back, Some of the best times of my life were my 4 yrs on the Saginaw. Anyone else remember water skiing behind the Captains Gig? How about Hammerfest Norway? 65 cent drinks at the Helm Cub! Remember calling home using our Mars Radio?
Comer, CharlesEN3Feb 1981 – Oct 1984A GangI remember the best places such as Hammerfest, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands. Hung out with HM3 Taylor, RM3 Scott, PC3 Anderson(where is he?) FN Gatson, SN Troupe MS3 Slocumb, and SK3 McCoy who has passed on.
Finerty, Dana/ FinEN2 (SW)Feb 15, 1981 – Feb 15, 1983A GangOcean View, the Brass Rail, 52 degree rolls topping off the chilled water tanks in the signal shack, got a pic of the f flag Capt Mcguire flew, he was the best. He also ran us aground when the tugs would not come out
Conrad, PaulEM3Jun 1981 – Oct 18, 1984EWhat great times on the Ol' Sag. Yeah, the Brass Rail was one helluva place. Beirut 82 and 84, North Atlantic 83, GITMO, and some other fun places. Australia got one good ship. Fair winds and following seas Saginaw.
Burton, BirdieHT2Jul 18, 1981 – Aug 22, 1984rit,s been along time since i heard any of these names.but it brings back alot of good memories.
Langenkamp, AlanEN3Aug 20, 1981 – Aug 20, 1984MWorked in #1 Engine Room, Main Control. Oiler!
Dewald, BuzzardHT2Oct 15, 1981 –r divHow ya'll doin?
Dewald, James/buzzardHT2Nov 1981 – 1984where are u turd chasers any way
Cooley, GordonEN31982 – Jan 1984Fuel shop
Lee, KiYN3Jan 1982 – Sep 1985X
Klak, J.MS2Apr 1982 – Dec 1985Flight quarters being set early on a Sun. morning, Nov 82 to fly me out to re-enlist at the Beirut airport. Happy hour at The Brass Rail(Little Creek, NOT San Diego) $5 all you could drink PBR on tap everynight from 1700-2100
Withers, MichaelOSC(SW)Apr 30, 1982 – Jan 31, 1986OI
Knapp, RogerSM2Jun 12, 1982 – Jun 6, 1984ocThe Saginaw was my second ship but felt more like home. I made some friendships that have lasted a lifetime.
Wagner, ThomasJul 18, 1982 – Mar 29, 1984En3 worked in Main Control
Hollingsworth, HollyE5Nov 11, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986Ship's OfficeHello to my fellow shipmates from 11/82 to 08/1986. Presently, I reside in Seattle Washington.
Troupe, KraigSKSNDec 7, 1982 – Jul 9, 1986supply
Fearon, HarryMay 1983 – Jan 1986decksome fond memories
Fearon, HarryMay 1983 – Jan 1986deckhello to all. just had a small get together with Dino Barratt and Pat Whalen in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend 2006. planning on having them every several years ot so.
Kean, DocHNJul 1983 – Jul 1985XHello my ol' shipmate brothers! readin your entries brings fond memories. remember 84 med cruise, AlexandriaEygpt, Pyramids! AntaylaTurkey! 0300hr LVT launches. I had some good times hangn with U guys on liberty.
Hower, MikeHTFNAug 1, 1983 – Oct 1985repairi was told to get on it so i did and stayed there until the job was done.
Wigginton, RichardE2Sep 1983 – Dec 1984PersonnelHello all, I really enjoyed my year on the Saginaw before transferring to CA and then to an air squadron in FL. I am currently living in Raleigh and I a emergency room nurse now. Would like to hear from others onboard during 83-84.
Summerville, DeanHNDec 1983 – May 25, 1986Medical
Klein, DarinFNDec 1983 – Dec 1987Hi all Remember the Brass Rail? Hey mike where are you,drop me a line.
Klein, DarinFNDec 1983 – Dec 1986Mhey Mike Hower where are you? I really need to find you
Evans, ScottEN3/E-41984 – 1988M-DivisionGood times.. Good friends ..Worked hard & played even harder. Remember the wooden indian caper ? And the fire ?
Aleman, MichaelEN 3Jan 1984 – Aug 1985Machinery
Paine, RobertBM1(SW)Jan 1984 – Mar 1989LPOoutstanding ship,an crew. outstanding in the rain, snow,wind, an sun. But fun times were had buy all especially down on unitas 85
Rohn, NormanEN3Jan 1984 – Jul 1985M division
Donaldson, Jeffrey / DonFNJan 6, 1984 – Jul 3, 1987A GangHad alot fun. I will not forget RIO
Person, DavidBMCMar 24, 1984 – May 19, 19862nd2nd Div. LPO/LCPO
Scott, Robert ScottieHT1Jul 1984 – Jan 1988R1I have seen very few remarks from my old HT shipmates, although I have years of fond memories from those 4 years I also have a lifetime of rage as it was the closest thing to insanity that I can think of during that tim
Simmons, AnthonySH3Sep 1984 –Supply
Warmkessel, JerryRM2(SW)Nov 1984 – Aug 1988OC
Paine, RobertBM1swNov 1984 – Mar 19891st division (the best)
Young, William JEN2 (SW)Nov 4, 1984 – Mar 3, 1988M Division

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1979 | 1980 – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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