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USS Schenectady (LST 1185) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Schenectady (LST 1185). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 375 crew members registered for the USS Schenectady (LST 1185).

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David, AllenGMG1983 – 19873rd
Howerton, Chuck "Howy"EM21983 – 1986E divsome of the best times of my life was onboard the "Skinny T", wouldn't change a thing.
Sullivan, LesterEM2Jan 1983 – Mar 1987ElectricalTHE ALABAMA ANIMAL HAS RETURNED!
Martinez, Walter profile iconEM3Jan 1983 – Oct 1986ETo all my E division brothers & shipmates, May we all be well I have wonderful daughters & a wonderful son,
Kirkpatrick, Ed (Kirk)BMSNJan 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 19872ndWhat's up guys?
Riley, MarkHT2Feb 4, 1983 – Jul 15, 1985R DIVhad good times on skinny t 2 west pacs lots of freinds will never forget
Siegel, KenEM3Mar 1983 – Jul 1986E divisionGood times and good friends
Bishop, MikeEN3Jul 1983 –ENInteresting flashback! I can believe VanDyke made it to ENCM, good guy. Sorry for spilling all that diesel fuel in the sleeping 1/4's, I guess the next time someone told Bueber he was tired and sea sick he listened:) Engine room #3.
Dlug, Tomic 2Jul 1983 – Aug 1986e divbest time of my left would n t change a thing served with ic1 dalke mike hammond wilson friends with EM howerton dillon floyd martinez ALABAMA ANIMAL lester sullivan REAL good friends with encm van dyke
Hammond, MikeIC3Nov 21, 1983 – Nov 21, 1987ElectricianHad the BEST time in my life!! Any know where I can get one of our old ship baseball caps??!!! If so, drop me an e-mail at
Kuhl, KenRM21984 – 1987I'm living and working in Essex, England now, believe it or not. So they sank the Skinny T for target practice? What a way to go!
Odor, TimEM31984 – Sep 1986Electrical
Galvan, GerardoBTFN1984 – May 1986EI was proud to serve on the Skinny T
Mahoney, CaptainCAPTAIN1984 – 1987BridgeGlad to see so many Super T men still at their stations after all these years.Saw the video of the ole gal going down, she died hard,but those of us who served in her knew she would You have braging rights at the bar shipmates- proud of you
Studer, DavidEn31984 – 1988A-gangJust looking up some old shipmates/ friends of mine! Serving on the skinny-t was an amazing time of my life!, GalvanE-31984 – 1986EngineeringHere to chat with shipmates
Delano, MichaelEN3/5Jan 20, 1984 – Apr 15, 1985"Main Engine"WOW! What blast from the past! Old names i havent heard in a long time! Van Dyke CHIEF! very cool. Dillon, Hammond, Mike Bisop, Subic Bay was a blast! Chief Buber the Chief's Chief you will always be a name i'll remember
Jordan, FrankDK3Mar 26, 1984 – Mar 26, 1988SupplyAnyone still around from the late '80's s**t-next-to-me crew?
Blanchet, Robert A. BlanchetBM2Jun 1984 – Mar 12, 19871st
Harmon, JamesQM1(SW)Jun 15, 1984 –NavAdminRetired 06-2004. Remember Mahoney's men? Best memories in my 21 years. What's up redneck? Best 3 deployments anyone could ask for. Brinn (SMC)get a reunion started.....
Sheffield, Scott/sheffRM3Jul 1, 1984 – Oct 4, 1986It is refreshing to say the least to see the crewmates from the past. Ken Kuhl your still too cool. I wish all of you the very best. I am in NJ with 3 kids.
Chavez, MichaelBM3Jul 7, 1984 – Apr 18, 19882ndtoo all drinking buddies, i hope everyone doing fine.whats up in california working in the desert.making good money as a prison guard.keep in touch. aka joey
Draper, MichelOSSNJul 13, 1984 – Apr 1, 1988Good times, good people, great ports, fair winds and following seas.
Jim, GoE-3Aug 22, 1984 – May 1988RHad some great times on the Skinny T, seen one West Pac after being in dry dock after one year, then we had the big fire on board. Married for 21 yrs with two great kids and own fast food franchise in Indiana.
Colon, CarlosPN2(AW/SW)Oct 16, 1984 – Dec 10, 19871st/ NavAdminMy First Ship The funniest memories as well as tragic ones too. Skinny T was the place where I became a Man and learned leadership, camaraderie and diligence to the Navy. Capt mahoney was the best CO I had...1st Div/ Nav
Smith, Terry Smitty Mr2mr 2Oct 17, 1984 –a
Smith, Terry SmittyOct 24, 1984 – Oct 2, 1988m / a gangsorry to see her go had a lot of good times on that ship and we set some of the records on that ship also
Smith, Terry SmittyMR2Nov 6, 1984 – Oct 3, 1989and agangsorry to see her go had alot of friends and good times thier
Hurt, DouglasEN 3Dec 1984 – Apr 1988M & ALiving in ST Louis MO , Would like to hear from old ship mates if they ever come across this site
Rowland, CraigBM2Dec 1984 – Jul 1989 retired from us navy in 2004 now living in thailand
Gordon, PerryMS31985 – 1990SupplyIlenfeld, Mahoney, Myertholen, Three Skippers had I on the Skinny T. Those of you who remember me will no doubt remember me best from the Wardroom Mid Rats. Shouts out to all my shipmates.
Tarr, BillBT FN1985 – 1988MLots of fun on the skinny T, parties, friends, what can I say glad to be out but it was the time of my life. Kalber, Pearson, Casperson, Schaftner. Casperson lives 5 miles from me, we fish all the time. love to here from all.
Fowler, BrianE31985 – 1987oil Lab
Adkins, John / JohnnicoEN3Jan 1985 – May 1988MEnjoyed the friendship of Wadell and Harris.
Bozentko, WalterENCJan 1985 – Jul 1990?
Sheldon, James//big Pa PaE-4/GMGJan 1985 – Jan 7, 19883rd Division GunnersmateIt was A different time back then I remember we all complained but it turned out to be the best years of life. And my friend Ledee glade to see you went and got e-4. I always wonder what happen to the rest of us.
Love, DannyEN1Mar 1985 – Mar 1990M Main 1
Martocci III, Lewis (Lumpy)EN 1Mar 5, 1985 – Sep 1989EB-14 EvaporatorsI served on the Skinny T and was damn proud of it. Nice to see names I reconnize. I'm out for Heart problems in 1992 and work as a Reovery Agent
Barrett, JamesEN2Apr 1985 – Feb 1989M
Jordan, WestleyMS3Apr 1985 – Oct 20, 1986supply
Hollins, WilliamRM3 RadiomanJun 14, 1985 – Jul 15, 1989communicationsI'm specifically looking for other radioman I worked with. Casey Tyler, Earl Burgette, Mcmanus, Ricky Hunt, Bobby Black and Richard Ramos among others. Greg Irigoyen also.
Smith, JamesSH3Jun 22, 1985 – Mar 10, 1988MR. BONARHEY ALL FELLOW SHI[PMATES
Cox, RonSep 1985 –
Ledee, Stevee-4 gmgNov 1985 – Jul 19893 rdwhat an experience , 2 west pacs , was a great place to grow up. back in the motor city on the assembly line for ford motor

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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