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USS Schenectady (LST 1185) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Schenectady (LST 1185). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 375 crew members registered for the USS Schenectady (LST 1185).

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Conklin, Murray D , IIBM31979 – 19811As of 9/9/03 in Alaska working as Correctional Officer.
Lynch, DaleENFN & SH31979 – 1983#3 engine room and supplyskinny T was the best command that I ever served on in the navy. looking for shipmates QM2 cluff and HT ALTMAN and any others who served on 1185 so if you ever come thru las cruces NM come by and drink some beers
Conklin II, MurrayBMSN1979 – 1981FirstLiving in Redmond Oregon going to school full time at Central Oregon Community College. Jimmy Gatchell you out there?
Lords, DonYN1(SW)Feb 1, 1979 – Jul 20, 1982AdminThis is a trip! So many memories from all the departments. I laugh when I think about the Marine Colonel who tried to Court Marital me by handing me the papers to type up. Like that was gonna happen. EMAIL ME SOMEONE.
Morrison, Jesse/ HillbillyEN3Mar 1, 1979 – Apr 4, 1980M Got drunk got hancuffed to steel rail on tank deck.BIG change in my life now. would love to hear from Rat and the boys. I live in Broadway NC. look me up!!!
Morrison, Jesse / HillbIIlyEN 3Mar 1, 1979 – Apr 4, 1980M Would love to hear from some of my old shopmates. James Corson, Easley, Logan, Tulapana. Even ole Slaughter. Remember I got drunk, got stupid, got hancuffed to the tank deck. BIG CHANGE IN MY LIFE NOW I'M A BAPTIST PREACHER NOW.
Small, MichaelMS2 RETIREDApr 1, 1979 – Oct 29, 1984firstmy first ship, missing my old shipmates, especially roy p. oliviera and robert miller.
Gannon, KevinSMNJun 11, 1979 – Jun 11, 1983div 2YO, BACK IN PHILLY nice to see some people from the past
Gannon, KevinE3Jun 11, 1979 – Jun 11, 1983DIV 2
Sykes, ScottEN3Jul 3, 1979 – May 6, 1981M & A GangGreat ship, great memories.
Alexander, ScottEM2Jul 25, 1979 – Jul 24, 1984I walked off that boat in the summer of 1984 and haven't looked back. I am living in Hampden, Maine with a wife and three children. Just like to say hello to some old shipmates.
Davis, GaryE-6 ICNov 18, 1979 – Nov 18, 1985Just wanted to say hello to the E-Gang good days good time and glad its behind me. Living in Nebraska now 2nd marriage and 4 kids later. Hope everyone is doing good Would love to make contact and say hello if anyone runs across this note.
Bumpus, BartonQM31980 – 1983ONYou may or may not remember me. I wasn't the most popular member of the crew but I do think about some of you and wonder what you're up to. If anyone wants to drop me a line feel free.
Korchowsky, GeorgeLTJG - LT; Ret. O-6, 20071980 – 1981Deck DivisionGreat ship. Heckuva typhoon we rode on Westpac 81. I loved this LST!
Steffes, JamesENC1980 – 1982MI served with ENCS Carr, former instructor of LST-1182 Prop Tech C-School.
Braddock, BrianMS1(AW) RETIREDFeb 1980 – Oct 1983S1Had a great time.
Horniman, WilliamENCMFeb 15, 1980 – Jul 6, 1980CMC
Yarnall, MichaelIC2Jun 1980 – Nov 1983E DivisionJoined the crew of the Skinny-T while she was being overhauled in 1980. Two West-Pacs - Reftra's - a few fires - and a lot of good times!
Altman, JeffMS3Aug 1980 – Oct 1982SupplyWent onboard in the San Pedro Shipyards on Long Beach, Ca What a wake up call. Left in 1982 for HT"A' school. Skinny T was my first ship.
Carr, FrederickENCS(SW)Aug 18, 1980 – May 18, 1984Command Senior Chief and M DivisionVery proud of Schenectady's Battle "E", one of the few LST's operating on automatic pitch control, and all of you shipmates that made it happen. Retired as ENCM in 1988. Sailing ALCO'S on Great Lakes, Merchant Marine.
Bocskovits, MichaelE5Sep 1980 – Jan 1984MTruly an experience of a lifetime, hard ass work and hard ass play. Mid-watch with ENC Buber in main control, priceless. Not. I never forget the 81 & 83 Wespacs and my shipmates.
Gustin, KenE2 MS -2Sep 9, 1980 – Jul 25, 1984SupplyGood to see so many of my old friends course you dont remember all of my fine meals. or the appljack wine.
Loomis, StevenIC3Dec 1980 – Jan 1981IC-GangThe last time I went to sea on a Navy ship was reserve duty, late in 1980. Home port: National City. This was the first time I'd sailed under the Coronado Bridge. I'd been at Coronado for SERE training in 1970 and crossed over on LCVPs.
Beasley, Randye-31981 – 1983deck divisionhey guys, hit me up
Burnett, BillSK3Jan 1981 – Aug 1984SupplyAfter getting out of the Navy after my tour on the Skinny T I came back in and retired a SKC.
Bennett, KevinOS3Jan 1981 – Oct 1984OIO1Fond memories of the flat-bottomed boat. Wild times in Singapore, Albany Aus., escaping hurricane Ewa outside Pearl, was taught how to get the best $ exchange by Tom Mishenko(OS1)in Olongapo City. Am doing well in Nor Cal and no regrets.
Stokes, TimEN3Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 4, 1984Engineman
McElroy, "Mac" Or "doc"HMCS(SW) RETIREDFeb 13, 1981 – Sep 23, 1983Medical
Inlow, Harold (Stamps)PC2Mar 1981 – Oct 1983Admin/post officeSeeing a lot of old shipmates on here reminds me of how much mail I delivered to you all, and especially how much fun we all had together on the ole flat bottom b*****.
Quinn, JerryET2May 1981 – Sep 1984OPS-ET ShopMany fond memories of my time on the "Skinny T" Too bad she is no longer with us. Adjusted to "real life" after all of the West Pacs and partying - now living in Colorado Springs, married, 2 kids and retired from Utility Company.
Reger, Gilbert/sonnySM1May 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1984ocMan did we have fun on wespacs 81 and 83 bueber was a dick on my first ship in 75 uss vancouver so no wonder u leaked the fuel. Any way Mishenko retired in P.I. found BM1 Diez and HTC Mills anyone can contact me at
Nielsen, Victor profile iconHull Maintenance Technician Second ClassMay 16, 1981 – Feb 11, 1983Repair DivisionI had some good times and some not so good times on-board. I will never forget welding and fighting a fire/ flood at the same time plus deal with the wicked motion only a flat bottom hull can produce. I salute you all !
Reger, GilbertSM1Jun 20, 1981 – Dec 29, 1983ochello shipmates. hello buber i knewe you on the vancouver too. went on 81 and83 west pacs. she was a good ship. looking for osc mishenko. u guys can contact me at later shipmates.
Van Dyke, ScottENCMDec 11, 1981 – Apr 1998MDid Two tours on the "Skinny T" Just went over 23 years. I never thought I would ever say that.
Schmeling, HarlanOS21982 – 1987OIHad lot of good times, In the North Woods Of Minnesota
Hamilton, DanOS31982 – 1985OIHaze gray and under way!
Schrader, StephenBM3Jan 1982 – Dec 19841stGreat time, worked hard, played hard. Now teaching middle school math. Married with 2 boys. Dissapointed I can't take them on board for a tour.
Buber, DavidENCMMar 1982 – Nov 1985MI had all main machinery spaces during my tenure in the best duty station I've served in, in my 31+ Naval career. My shipmates as well as the "Skinny T" still appear in my sleep, Thanks for the memories, shipmates.
Farley, DonOS 2Mar 1, 1982 – Mar 1, 1986Operations InformationHad some great times on the skinny T
Diaz, Tombm1May 1, 1982 – Jul 1, 19841st
Lewis, KevinSM3Jun 13, 1982 – Nov 16, 1983OCShipmates...Skinny-Tee was my first Command and I had a ball. Checked aboard right before REFTRA 82.Made the 83 West-Pac, Fleet Week in Coos Bay. I missed mess cranking because I made SM3 less than a year onboard.
Adkins, StephenBM2Sep 15, 1982 – Feb 15, 19852nd
Griffith, Robert ( Bob )BMSNOct 1982 – Oct 19852 deckstill married to the same wonderful lady and we have a daughter that is 21. this was the best deck division ever. steve and mark everett. john miller, todd westerfer, kevin bowman and many more. thanks for the memories. ( the boys are back in town )
Dillon, JeffEM2Nov 10, 1982 – Nov 10, 1986e gangjust found this site. living in dayton ohio doing good. very fond memories of the skinny T grew up some and became a man while serving on that ship. great experience
Cain, JamesBMSNNov 15, 1982 – Nov 15, 19851st

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