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USS Baltimore (CA 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Baltimore (CA 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 43 crew members registered for the USS Baltimore (CA 68).

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Fink, CarlRear AdmiralJul 1940 –USNThe Youngest Admiral Present in the attack on December 7th 1941. Very Proud to be related to man that was so dedicated to the US Navy. Love to see and go over all the memoirs left by RADM (LH) Carl Fink.
Matteson, JamesGunner1941 – 1944NavyMy grandfather was Jim matte son. He lied about his age and enlisted at 16 11 major battles before he was 18. Would love to hear from anyone that was on that ship
Jeffery, AlbertPO3Feb 1942 – 1946Uss BaltimoreHi I'm Al Jeffery's grandson I didn't really get to know my grandpa that much but I know a few battles that he fought in with you guys I hope you men know who was and what he did. My dad Cliff probably knows much more
Ryan, MartinLt.Jun 1942 – 1946uncertainI am posting this for my father, John Carroll Ryan. He served on the USS Baltimore in WWII. I have a couple of photos he took while stationed on the Baltimore that I would like to share.
Rafferty, DanielRM2/CAug 8, 1942 – Dec 6, 194510I am the son of Daniel who passed away in 2016 at age 94. He talked little of his time only in the last 10 years, but he was proud of his service. I found all his papers related to enlistment and separation recently.
Gagnon, WilliamBOATSMAN1943 – 1945My father served on the Uss Balitmore with pride he past away on march 28th 2006
Roy, Roland1943 –My father served on this ship approx. 1942 to 1945. He died a sudden death in 1979 he was 55 years old. I heard many stories growing up, he was very passionate about the usa.
Samaha, Lloyd Or Sammy1943 –my father also served with pride.he passed away in 2007.I have somr baltimore items he would have loved to give to a crew member.(250)314-0035 my name is lorne samaha i live in B.C. CANADA
Stasko, RichardSeaman 1st Class1943 – 1946GunneryMy father Richard passed away in 1990. He was a wonderful Father and Husband. He served as a gunnery mate ( 40 mm) for 3 years. He returned to his boyhood home ,Streator Illinois,after the war.He married in 1947 (Marian)
Yates, CaltonGunners Mate1943 – 1945GunneryMy uncle Calton Yates served thrugh out the war. He is still living (10-2012) and remembers many details of the action. He remembers FDR's visit.
Guyton, JohnPetty Officer 2nd class (Yeoman)1943 – 19453rd DivisionMy Dad, John Guyton served on the USS Baltimore during WW2 from the time she was commissioned in 1943 until June 1945. He was a yeoman and kept the ship's logs. I have a draft copy of the battle records from WW2
Wimberly, Francis (Frank)LCDR1943 – 1945EngineeringChief Engineer (1945) and Welfare Officer. Died July 1998. He was my father. I was born at Chelsea Naval Hospital in Boston a couple of weeks after the commissioning of the Baltimore.
Eno, PiermarinicookJan 1, 1943 – Jan 1, 1945davmy dad also was on board the ship when fdr was on board and often mentioned that he had to walk his was a cook and had many diners (5) after leaving the ship. he passed in 98 leominster ma.
Buddendorf, WilliamJan 10, 1943 – Apr 15, 1947Looking for anyone who served on USS Baltimore CA-68 during WWII approx. 1943-1947.
Agan, ChuckSeaman 2nd ClassApr 1943 – Jan 19454Sure didn't like when the kamikaze plane crashed into the Franklin. That was way too close. The typhoon in December of 1944 was a scary experience. It was interesting when we took Roosevelt up to Alaska.
O'Roak, Walton1st Class SeamanApr 1943 – Mar 10, 1946Fire controlmanMy dad spent 35 months aboard the USS Baltimore CA68 based at Pearl Harbor. 1943-1946-Secret mission (FDR), Japan..He fondly remembers his navy years and navy mates and would love to make contact. Presently 92 yrs. old
Grenier, Ernest O GrenierS/1STApr 15, 1943 – Dec 17, 194510 7th10 div Sky look Out 1 year first loadder on 40mm anty aicraf gun
Stearns, George/paddyS/1stApr 15, 1943 – Nov 29, 1943GunneryMy dad proudly served on the USS Baltimore and past away recently on September, 12, 2009. I would be interested in chatting with anyone that remembers him as a young man.
Moshofsky, GeorgeLIEUT. (JG)Jun 30, 1943 – Dec 29, 1945Gunnery Watch Officer, CIC OfficerOur Dad died 3/1/1997. He used to joked about having to give up his bunk for President Roosevelt. He had 9 children and was married to Jeanne for 52 years.
Romeo, FrankQM 3RDJul 1943 – 19463rd Division
Dranginis, WalterSeamanJul 23, 1943 – Mar 9, 19463rd Fleet Strike Force 40mm Quad GunsWalter just turned 90! He is very proud of his service with the Navy and has many great stories of the President's time on board.
Heck, Richard R.3RD CLASS PETTY OFFICERSep 18, 1943 – Dec 5, 1945RFirst battle engagement was at Gilbert Islands where I witnessed the USS Liscome Bay torpedoed by Japanese submarine on Thanksgiving morning in 1943. There were 641(72% of the crew) lost. I met some of the survivors at a naval reunion.
Grudee, DonaldLt. JGMay 1944 – Feb 1946USNMy Dad served aboard the USS Baltimore as Lt. JG during WW2 and was a gunnery Officer sometime after 6/44 and served aboard her until 1946. Dad passed away 9/14. Among his keepsakes was a dinner menu from Christmas 1946.
Ferrandino, Peter profile iconLt. (jg)Jun 27, 1944 – May 16, 1946Gunnery DepartmentDad passed away in 2000. He loved the days on the Baltimore, meeting FDR and taking on a typhoon! I have the book 'History of the USS Baltimore' (circa late 40's). Dad used to shoot hoops w/his shipmates in the downtime.
Wilson, CharlesSeaman 2nd Class CookOct 25, 1944 – 1946USS BaltimoreLooking for someone who knew my Grandfather. His name was Charles W. Wilson. He never spoke of his time on the ship. He died before I was born in 1972. He was 17 as a cook when he came on ship in San Francisco.
Thompson, James R.GUNNERS MATE1945 –My father served on the Baltimore in WWII. He passed away 2-8-90. I wish I had more info on exact dates but I don't.
Doran, Richards1c1945 – 1946BaltimoreI am adding this for my father, who passed away in 2011. Not only did he relish his time on the Baltimore, he proudly served in Washington DC and the European theater during Korea.
Duerr, SidneySeaman 1stJun 1945 – Jun 19468th DivFollowing wars end, worked with mission to Hiroshima
Gadon, HermanLT. JGSep 24, 1945 – Jan 12, 1946In Camp Pendleton, training with Marines for invasion of Japan, as Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer. War ended and was assigned to USS Baltimore
Webber, Richard (Dick)SEAMAN 1/CDec 1945 – May 19465Was a gun striker 5 inch 38 cal. mount 1. Ray Bruner was mount captan.
Long, Lewis PickettJan 1951 – Feb 1955
Vanwagoner, DavidSEAMANMay 15, 1951 – May 16, 19556th
Lentes, Thomas LentesUnknownNov 28, 1951 – May 23, 1955UnknownTom died in 2011 and is interred at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. He was very proud of his days on the Baltimore and kept a journal of all the ports from 1951 to 1955. Tom was a friend of mine. Doug Duggar USMC
Ward, PatriciaBT3Dec 1951 – 1955unknownLooking for someone that knew Lloyd C. Vasterling
Miller, Jamesrm21952 – 1954cr
O'Brien, HarryFTSMDec 6, 1952 – Sep 20, 1954fox
Cline, PaulCaptainApr 23, 1953 – Jun 16, 1954M divisionGreat ship! Kyle G. Christie, and John B. Taylor we the cammanding officers.
Geertgens, Laurel (Larry)JOSNOct 1953 – Sep 1955EXJournalist striker while on board. Wrote the daily sheets for news for the crew and the bienneal paper for bupers.

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