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USS Fresno (LST 1182) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fresno (LST 1182). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 363 crew members registered for the USS Fresno (LST 1182).

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Page, Jamessn1974 – 1976deck divisionone of the greatest times of my life. still have some great memories of the ship and crew. wish i could here from my friend dallas grant. we had some good times.
Jones Jr, Elbert (Butch)EN 3rd class1974 – 1976M
Wood, CharlesSK-4Feb 6, 1974 – Aug 20, 1976Supply
Grant, DallasHM2Jun 20, 1974 – Sep 11, 1975OISad to see her decommissioned. Good cruise to WESTPAC, as "little Doc". Wonder about Capt. Mumford and XO. Where is SA Jimmy Page
Yeoman, Ira JEN3Aug 18, 1974 – Aug 18, 1978M DivisionI am a Boiler operator at Hill Air Force Base.Miss all the Super bowl parties and hanging at the beach.
Caldwell, MarkPETIE OFFICER 3RD CLASSAug 22, 1974 – Aug 22, 1977Oil KingI sure miss all you cockaroauches I'm workicg at Indian Island in Washington State. I have 4 more years tell I retire.Then I can start looking you guys up. So beware Rocky Turner.
Bahret, RobertE1Oct 1974 – Mar 1975engine room 1Hi to all you aging sailors! Just found this page by accident and i saw some names of guys i remember and just wanted to say hello! My service in the Navy was nothing to write home about but a great experience!
Turner, RockySM3Oct 1, 1974 – Jun 9, 1978OCWhat a rush! My Fresno years were the best years of my life! Sure miss all you guys. Best times were Olongapo and the Sierra Club.
Andrews, IanE-4Oct 29, 1974 – Jun 29, 1977EI had lots of good times and meet some good people,while on my West Pac cruise or in port. I will love to mee people I meet on board ship and keep tour friendship going. It been a long time. hope all are doing very good
Cisneos, Rick / CiscoIC3Nov 1974 – Jul 1978IC GangI started out in engine room 3 and then tested up to IC 3. I became a Golden Shellback in 1976. I was the person who painted all of those cartoons through out the ship and on the wind speed directional plains on the yard
Sharp, BarryPC3Jan 1975 – Sep 1975Post OfficeI ran the post office for a few months after Mitch left. I am looking to get in touch with Chief James Quiqley, who ran the Ships Office. Last contact, he was retired in Madison, Wisconsin.
Wood, Charles (Chuck)SK3Feb 6, 1975 – Aug 20, 1976SupplyI have reflected on my fond memories spent on the Fresno with my family and friends. Indeed, it was an exuberant experience.
Perez, RichardPC3Feb 15, 1975 – Aug 15, 1978AdminLiving In Fresno.Ca. Dig This My Personnel Licence Plate Reads LST1182 Work At the Post Office The Greatest Crew In The Nav Great Times.Awesome West Pac
Pennington, Richard/penn3rd class P.O./E4Apr 1975 – Aug 19782nd divisionThis was a very special time in my life I met my wife while I was in and had some very special friends like jiles,vanbalen,nelson,Juliano we had some good times
Garner, DavidRMSNApr 1, 1975 – Apr 7, 1977RadioGreat WES/PAC in 1976
Green, BillEN2Apr 26, 1975 – Dec 7, 1979A
Minton, JimMay 17, 1975 – Apr 12, 1978It was fun the entire time! A great experience with some good people. When I was on restriction, Pat Crippen brought my girlfriend up to me in the chart house for some recreation.. Way to go Pat! Yep right on the chart table....
Metcalfe, TomGMG3Jun 1975 – Aug 19763rdBest duty I ever had, and the best crew I ever served with, from the CO on down!
Guild, AnthonyRM3Jul 14, 1975 – Jun 28, 1977RadioWESTPAC cruise 1976 !! Great fun!! Good ole Mad Dog Mumford kept us at sea pretty much huh. Remember the Bermuda Trangle trip? Lights out for 1 minute, no compass... Crazy times! Had fun in the Radio Shack. Later , ASG
Reynaga, RobertHM3Aug 1975 – Feb 1976MedicalFirst ship, onboard just a few months prior to getting out of the Navy. I did return to serve on 3 other ships. I loved going to sea. I'm an RN now, thanks to my Navy training.
Mina, Emilio,SK2Aug 25, 1975 – Jul 20, 1978supply
Allen, JohnBM2Nov 20, 1975 – Aug 1, 19792ndA lot of great times aboard the Fresno...two Westpacs, got to work with a lot of great shipmates.
Adams, KenEN2Apr 1976 – Jan 17, 1980Engineering
Green, BillyEN2Apr 6, 1976 – Dec 7, 1979A GANG
Brown, RickeyEM3May 1976 – Sep 7, 1979EngI remember the fuel tainted water, outrunning the typhoons and tthe trip to Aus. I made two wet-pacs with some great guys.
Moss, Kennye3May 16, 1976 – Mar 15, 19773Had lots of fun on the fresno really liked Austrailia in 76 hey Trowbridge an Wash still living in McKinney Tx email me would like to here from someone
Dacosta, BretE1Jun 1, 1976 – Jul 7, 1977DeckNever knew I served with so many pole smokers. Frank sorry your in the shu we had alot of good times. Thanks for not trying to smoke my pole. lol. You still got that virgo tat from Brisbane?
Gilmore, KevinOS2Jul 1976 – Dec 10, 1979OIHello to all who have come in search of long lost friends. I've got a website at with a couple pages of photos from my time aboard the Fresno.
Barrett, Richard/rickftg3Jul 1976 – 1977w2
Covington, ThomasEN3Aug 5, 1976 – Jul 28, 1979A Division Captains Gig
Cohan, StevenYN2Aug 31, 1976 – 1978AdminSwapped off just prior to Westpac to USS Towers (DDG 9)
Brockway, Mike Aka ButchieEM2Sep 7, 1976 – Jun 4, 1980enghi there, remember the times on the boat like yesterday, smoking each other poles down in the e room,tea bagging our balls with the trannies in the p.i., oh those memories. i am currently a yonk in santa clarita.
Brockway, MikeyEM2Sep 7, 1976 – Jun 4, 1980ENGhI, I'ts MIKE BROCKWAY , was EM2, Smoked POLES for 4 yrs, caught Black Clap and Syphllis twice, got a Sex change in 1985 and now am Michaela Brockway, married my husband EM2 Ed Schreck in 1987. Caught the Screw on 1182.
Newhouse, GeoffYN1Sep 8, 1976 – Jun 17, 1980exec.hi everyone, ggod times back then smoked weed and did lines with ltjg hovis and partook of many benny boys and trannies in the p.i., ah the good greasey times. fond memories
Bartlett, GregENOct 1, 1976 – Nov 1, 1980EN-A GangHoly cow, can't believe all of these names. Haven't seen these in awhile. Glad to see at least some of us survived. Some of the best times in life abord the Frez, although I can't remember most of them.
Milewski, Skien2Oct 11, 1976 – Sep 1, 1980engineman hey guys a lot of partying on this vessel. 1st day smoking a joint with yeoman on the fan tale. lots off good memories the ones I remember still love to party just laying around . Hope to see people at the reunion
Milner, MichaelRM3Nov 1976 – Jan 1979OCHey Guy's aboard Fresno little over 2 yrs Had many good time's there got out first docking in Philippines on sep.Leave .Looking for my Radio Buddies Pat Webster and Vince Clark anybody know or info about them im lookin 4
Bennett, JohnSH4Nov 2, 1976 – Jun 25, 1980supplySee several ole shipmates on here.Started out with Johnny Parsons & Tim Abernathy in deck Ended up with Ronald Newman in supply.Did resriction with a few of ya!
Rhodes, JohnBM 1Nov 10, 1976 – Feb 15, 19802nd divisionLast sea command,No love lost
Wilson, Jeff (John Denver)E-1Dec 1976 – Apr 1977Ships grunt force...rescue diver squad

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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