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USS Fresno (LST 1182) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fresno (LST 1182). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 363 crew members registered for the USS Fresno (LST 1182).

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Kessler, EdmondSK21968 – 1972SupplyProud Plank Owner. It was an honor to have served aboard and help put the Fresno into service. Never forget "having" to spend two weeks in Hawaii on our first cruise to fix one of the generators.
Eberwein, NeilPC31968 – 1969Post officeFrom Fresno on the Fresno
Peterson, JimEN31969 – 1972MMember of the nucleus crew, commissioned her in Long Beach following sea trials.
Pendergrass, KennethM1969 – 1972I waas aboard when the ship was commissioned.
Ream, SteveEN 31969 – 1971A GangAssigned TDY to National Steel and Shipbuilding where she was built. Plank owner. Stood my watches mostly in # 2 engine room, and worked daily with Corkey Whalen in A Gang.
Kleppe, GeneQM21969 – 1972I remember the good times with Mike Revevalee, Mike Legerski and all the shipmates I went to Vietnam with. God bless you all. i am also a plank owner.
Bradley, JackRD21969 – Apr 1970OPSplank owner- balance crew
Loos, JerryYN31969 – 1971OI DIVI'm trying to put together a plank owner and first cruise reunion in Chicago on Nov 22 2015 for three days would like to tour the navy base . At Palmer House 119.00 a night .
MacKey, DwaineSN1969 – 19711stPlank Holder 1st Division Deck Force Assault Boat Coxswain Ran Gear Locker Ship DJ Played 3rd base on softball team Chief Carter called me "Duck" Good friends, Denise Hale, Billy Ortiz, "Obligation", Best 2 years.
Norton, GaryHM31969 – 1972Medical
Brackhahn, Tom profile iconSH31969 – 1971Supply
Shook, GaryEN2Jan 1969 – Apr 12, 1972MI Reported right from EN "A" school as part of the nucleus and commisioning crew. Did one WestPac and one turn around cruise. Great ship and crew.
Roe, RogerDC3Jan 21, 1969 – Oct 7, 1970R DivisionHad a great time, great ship, great crew!
Bulmer, JerryLST 1182Mar 1969 – May 1972engineering btwe did 2 westpac looking back probally the navy would not been a bad choice to stay in would have been out and retired by now. turned 21 while wer were in guam would not trade my experince for anything
Anderson, Larry WayneDC1 DAMAGE CONTROLMAN FIRST CLASSMar 1969 – Feb 1972EngineeringI went aboard Her while she was being built at National Steel ship yard. I was a member of the balance crew. I was in charge of training all personnel in Damage Control.
Reach, BrianRM2Apr 1969 – Jun 1972Operations
Ortiz, BillySNMay 12, 1969 – May 4, 19711 stI was a assualt boat coxswain for the capitan and crew. I am also a plank owner,those years I spent on the fresno were one of best times of my life.
Barnes, WalterQM3Jun 1969 – Jun 1971original plank owner. enjoyed westpac, several vietnam tours. greatr crew, great ship.
Brackhahn, TomSH3Jun 15, 1969 – Jun 1971SupplyMet with Don Allen and Harold Luna in Austin for a nice visit and remembered the commissioning days.
Kehm, KerryEN3Jul 1969 – May 1971Living in Emmaus, PA I'm a plank owner and I have alot of great memories.
Wilson, CurtisFTG3Jul 1969 – Jun 19713rdI am a plank owner living in Northampton, Pa.
Barstad, ColinRM3Jul 15, 1969 – Jan 4, 1971operations/radioplank holder. Came on board as pre-com at National Steel in San Diego, commissioning in Long Beach and left when in repair facility in Guam., HaroldE-3Jul 21, 1969 – May 5, 1971SupplyWorked with a great Crew, would love to get in touch with any Crew member. I live in Austin, Texas
Cooper, SteveDKSNJul 22, 1969 – Jul 20, 1971Supply I am a orginal Plank Owner. Reside at St. Rt. 124 Latham Ohio 45646. Would Like to hear from someone concerning Vietnam and Agent Orange.
Gonzales, Richard LGMG-3Jul 29, 1969 – Jan 21, 19713rd Gun gangHi,I am a Fresno plankowner. Was assigned in July 69, 2 wespacs. Met alot of good guys, Had some fun times, sure would like to here from some of the old gang,(Pat my buddie Watkins, Martinez, Larry Brooker,I was Tansfered to HC-5 Hilos.
Echavarria, Miguel (Itchy)EN3Aug 1969 – May 1972Deck force A gangmade a lot of freinds on the whole ship. will always remenber good times. the football team, guam
Watkins, PatGMG3Aug 1, 1969 – May 15, 19733rdWhat a great time of my life. Thanks to the Navy and the Fresno, I saw some awesome places and met some great guys. It's a shame that we have lost touch over the last 40 years...
Doshier, Anthony PupSEAMANAug 22, 1969 – May 22, 19711st Deck ForceWould like to hear from old shipmates. Enjoyed serving with everyone.
Ornelas, DanielE-3Sep 1969 – Dec 1971deck division 1st.Ran with Gomez , A. Cardial, R. Voguel, B. France, A. Cardial and I were known as the boys from East L.A.
Manriquez, FranciscosnSep 1, 1969 – May 15, 1971deck force 1i am looking for shipmates that were working with me when we were at DA NANG, Vietnam in 1970. When we were unloading cargo at deep water pier. Please contact me or email me at
Doshier, Anthony PupSEAMANSep 18, 1969 – May 22, 19711st Deck ForceI really enjoyed serving on the Fresno and remember all the wonderful people I served with. Hope all are well. Would love to contact others who served during that time.
Legerski, MichaelGMG 3Oct 1, 1969 – Jun 18, 19723rdI am a plank owner. I was on board for 4 years,I loved this new ship. I live in wyoming let me hear from all you old salts.
Legerski, MichaelGMG3Oct 18, 1969 – Jun 18, 19723rd gunnery i was a plank owner i enjoied all on board her, I loved shooting mount 31 with pat waklns we made several west pac. trips miss all my old buddies
Petrocelli, John/countryBoatswain E3Nov 1969 – May 1971deckWas assigned right out of bot camp when she was commissioned in November of 69. started to be a cook and worked the bakery ended on the deck running the paint locker ran with Jim Hatton Pat McDoogall and Booger Farrell
Allen, DonSK-3Nov 2, 1969 – Oct 6, 1971SupplyI am a plank owner. I reported for duty on the Fresno on 2 Nov, 1969 and I was discharged 6 Oct, 1971.
Smith, Ronald BSHS#3Nov 22, 1969 – Sep 5, 1972SUPPLYI'm Plank Owner. I ran Soda Ftn.,, Store, ended up in offc., was Mess Deck Master at Arms. I miss crew members Luna, Ortiz,& Brackhahn especially CJ McCarthy, LTJG. Love to hookup - have daughter in Austin, TX !
Robinson, JohnRD31970 – 1971Shipped with some good sailors most of which were plank owners at the time
Rodriguez, RoyBM3/2Mar 11, 1970 – Jul 6, 19731STSTAYED FOR THIRTY. RETIRED IN 1999, NOW LIVING IN TEXAS
Evaldez, FrankSD1Oct 1970 – Jun 1972S-DivisionUSS Fresno was my last ship I had served the 20 years US Naval service during the Korean campaign and Vietnam war with pride and dignity to depend our freedom, liberty and our American democracy. My family served 80 yrs.
Evaldez, FranciscoSD1Oct 30, 1970 – Jun 16, 1972Wardroom S5Such a fine fighting lady. I have a wonderful and memorable times I had served her with a fine crew member on board.
Brooker, LarryEN3Nov 1970 – Feb 1974MMade many good friends while serving, Gonzales,Bowman,Halverson,Martinez and still in contact with some of retired and currently living in NY

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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