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USS Manitowoc (LST 1180) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Manitowoc (LST 1180). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 425 crew members registered for the USS Manitowoc (LST 1180).

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Kinnett, GeraldEN11983 – 1987A GANG
Holroyd, Danny1983 –
Love, DennisLTJG CURRENTLY CDR RET1983 – Nov 1986E OffYou always remembes the good times, and there were plenty of them.
Prunty, Jesseen1 (sw)1983 –m-div a-gangserved 2 tours on the mighty manny and loved it was hard at times but loved it still , miss my friends
Achilles, LouisEW21983 – 1985Operations
Garrett, TimEM21983 – May 24, 1987ElectricalI still wake up if it's too quiet, haha. I served with the best group of guys you could ever imagine. Paul, and the rest.
Holt, BenjyEM3Jan 1, 1983 – Aug 1983ElectricalAlthough a short tour; I will never forget those who helped me accomplish my goals.
John Spink, CorneliusL/CPLJan 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1985USMC AmtrackerDates not correct... Beirut 1st time and Beirut/Grenada last time. Both tours aboard the Manitowoc. Had a great time with the welding grew (forgot your names) on the Tank deck.
Murray, Malachy (John)MESSCRANKFeb 14, 1983 – Oct 18, 1985Deck/SupplyIt was the BEST of times, it was the worst of times. NOW GET YOUR HAT OFF IN MY CHOWLINE!!! I miss you guys, we had fun.
Brice, KenRM2Mar 1, 1983 – Jul 9, 1985OPSWasn't bad times.. About to retire now after 30 years. ITC Brice now.. Navy Reserves.
Wilhite, CharlesSNApr 1983 – Mar 1984hospitalhi everybody. I was the corpsman in training...remember me? guys were a gas...
Thomas, Terry profile iconBM2May 5, 1983 – May 4, 19872ndWas l.p.o. of second division. made a lot of mistakes,But met a lot of great people,had a wonderful time. Great memories,money couldn't buy. Thanks
Ortiz, JesusBM2May 23, 1983 – Apr 13, 1987BoatsOutstanding ship... Glad to have been part of the crew...
Brown, Barryqm3Jun 11, 1983 – Apr 12, 1985navadminThe best ship I served on!!
Woods, MartyEM2Jun 25, 1983 – Mar 6, 1986ElectricianBest ship and best time I had while in the Navy! Made some good friends and met my wife! Miss those days and the friends I made. Hope to reunite with them someday!
Rebholz, JerryMR2Jul 1983 – Jan 1987R, A-GangWho could ever forget 3.5 years on the Manny!!!
Polk, JonathanEN2Jul 22, 1983 – Jul 22, 1987Main PropulsionHad some of the best times of my life and enjoyed seeing the world. Hello Chief Gibson, Walter Trammell & Bob Bennett hope you guys are doing well?
Miller, Scott profile iconRM2Aug 19, 1983 – Aug 30, 1986OC DivisionFond memories from the "Mighty Manny" - From Beirut to the mighty Wando River. A quick shout out to my friends: Jim Sevier, Nelson Mieles.
Polk, JonathanAug 22, 1983 – Jul 31, 1987Had great times and enjoyed seeing the world. Hello Chief Gibson,Walter Trammell & Bob Bennett hope you guys are doing well?
Robertson, RobQM2Dec 1983 – Jun 1987
Corwin, MonroeET2Dec 5, 1983 – Sep 1, 1985OINever got seasick once!
Fleenor, P. J.PN/NC1Dec 7, 1983 – Dec 1, 1986XOne thing you can't say about serving onboard the Manny - that it was boring. Always something going on and almost always UNDERWAY. Made a great many friends though and seen a whole lot of neat places outside the U.S.
Varner, RandyEN21984 – Apr 1985A GangHad some good times and fun times sometimes good food Not counting that pizza soup Murrey.
Woodall, BenjaminMACE71984 – 1988Master at ArmsA truly great ship and crew. Remember well my good friend SK1 Stanley. I will never forget the Mighty Manny.
Larrimore, MattEn3Jan 1, 1984 – Jan 21, 1985M, Aft Eng. RoomA lot of fun, South Carolina, Little Creek, great crew. Smokers off Rota, softball and The Wando Store. Many good memories on the Manny and glad to be a, Manny Man!
Hubler, Mike(Hubs)EN2Mar 26, 1984 – Jan 9, 1989M division SnipesHad a great time onboard the Mighty Manny and ashore. Great Crew Mr. P.- Trammell- Wojo and all the other snipes that served during that time we had fun.
Jamito, Jun "jammer"SN (AMC RET 2003)Apr 1, 1984 – Nov 1, 1986FirstPleasure working and knowing crewmembers of the Manitowoc 84-86. Special mention to Boats/First Division/Deck crew Tim Gately and David Luna. Hello to all of you. Fermin Guinto how are you? Regards to all.
Gately, TimBM3May 22, 1984 – Apr 8, 1988BoatsA time I will never forget! I sailed and worked along side some good people especially Luna. I met a very good friend BMCS Mauzy on the Manny.
Snyder, PaulEM1Jul 1984 – Jun 1986ElectricalI made alot of good friends on the manny, enjoyed working with Mr. Love, Terry, Tim, Junior and alot more of the crew.
Calloway, RickyHT2 Ret. 97 HTC(SW)Jul 1984 – Jun 1986RepairHad some good times, HEY SNYDER WHATS UP
Kehs, Arthur Capt KirkEN1Jul 10, 1984 – Jul 13, 1989MFinest T in the NAVY KIRK OUT
Luna, DavidBM3Aug 1, 1984 – May 14, 1988DECKREALLY HAD A LOT OF FUN.
Fairburn, DaveBM3Sep 12, 1984 – Jan 2, 1986Boats!!I never realized how much I really enjoyed my time there.
Brown, KevinCPLNov 1984 – May 1985I Co. Wpns. 3/4Enjoyed my Med.float guys! Hated it when I saw she'd been decommisioned- sold to Taiwan and is now the Chungho... drop me a line fellow Manny jarheads!
Maguire, Terence Maguire (Terry)EM2Nov 1984 – Mar 20, 1989Best T in the Fleet! Great times with Brother Love, Lt.jg Hickey, Lt.jg Price, Paul Snyder, Junior Guinto, Paul Brem, Bong Mijares, Les Orgain, Matt (dammit!),and ENC Law and the rest of the crew... God bless you all, hope yer all well!
Sevier, JimRM3Nov 15, 1984 – May 13, 1988OPSIt was always an adventure on the Manny!! I have a lot of great memories and made a lot of great friends.
Castaneda, SteveE-6/SM1Nov 18, 1984 – Dec 9, 1986OSI would like to find out how to order a 1985-86 Cruise Book and the roster of the Operation's Department personnel.
Praegitzer, RichardBM11985 – 1989Deck
Watts, CAPT. James K.QM2 (SW/DV)1985 – 1987XDoing great. Have been living in Florida for the past twelve years.Wish all who served -best wishes and fortunes!!!!!!!....
Price, ClarkLT1985 – 1989A, E, Asst 1st LTI had a great time on the Mighty Manny and learned a lot from everyone there.
Flynn, PatrickLcpl1985 – 19863rd btn 4th marines
Helms, ChrisRM1985 – 1988OPSI will never forget the good friends I made while serving on the Manny.
Mapes, GlenQM1(SW)Jan 1985 – Oct 1986Navigation
Epps, ScottET3Feb 25, 1985 – Aug 3, 1989OPSGITMOs,MARGs,& MEDs, Oh My!! "Easy Ridin' T" Sorry to hear the old girl got decommissioned.
Jackson, Steve Bt2BT2Mar 10, 1985 – Nov 10, 1988M
Smith, JeffGMG2Apr 1985 – 1988GunsI miss all you guys and hope you are doing well
Stanley, DavidSK1Apr 10, 1985 – May 31, 1987S-1My final command..retired off the Manny in '87. Excellent ship and crew with an outstanding CO,,,,the XO was never a happy man,,,avoided him like the plague. Passed over too many times for full commander.
Wilson, KenENC(SW)May 1985 – 1987"M"A lot of good memories just from reading the names here. My worst nighmare was when I blew out my knee and had to be medivaced off the ship once we got to Sicily. The crew of the "Mighty Manny" was my best ever command.
Withrow, RobertBMCMay 1, 1985 – Feb 9, 1987DECKHope everyone is doing well.
Trammell, WalterEN-1May 17, 1985 – Apr 30, 1990M-Damm good riding T
Smith, JeffGMG2 (SW)May 18, 1985 – Sep 22, 1988GunsWhat a ride, shake ,rattle, and ROLL
Dunham, MarcusSNJul 1985 – Jan 1987deckHad some great times with some great people. remember hurricane Kate north of Burmuda? WHAT A RIDE, ROCK AND ROLL!
Henrichs, RobbyEN3Aug 1985 –
Guinto, Fermin "Junior"EM2Aug 1985 – Aug 1990EMy first and the best.....Lots of wonderful memories, Med 85, Med 87, UNITAS 89. Paul Snyder, Terry Maguire, Les Orgain, Mario Mijares, Ens Massey (should be a full bird now) where are you guys?
Cline, TonyEN2Aug 28, 1985 – Dec 28, 1988EngineeringHad alot of great time and some not so great. I would do it all over again though. Life is good, Family is great.
Weston, RanzyLTSep 14, 1985 – Mar 19, 1988OPSOn deployment with the MARG embarked on the LHA and performing plane guard duty for flight operatins. All the diesels were online and we constantly maintained station at almost 15 knots. It was the best of times and worst of times!
Jeffery, GregSN/AN/AZ3Oct 13, 1985 – Mar 9, 1987SC-1I was in Deck Dept and struck for an Aviation rating (AZ). Was on the Med Thanksgiving 1985 to June 1986 cruise. Does anyone know if our plane guard duty of Libya was ever recognized with the Guadacanal etc?
Diabo, Thomas JL/CPLNov 1985 – May 1986Marine Det.3rd BN 4th MARINES. It was fun
Bernard, RobertCPLNov 1985 – May 19863rd btn 4th mar reg11 day crossing of the atlantic in november....I think I still feel sick!!
Ellich, JohnEM3Dec 13, 1985 – Jun 16, 1989M then EStart at Barsallona Spain on MED in Main Control, left in the E as EM3. Had good times and bad. On deck when the Starboard Davit Broke and we had to go get the PL adrift, fires (Brem's leg) , & storms. 2 Meds CARIB & MA

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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