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USS Newport (LST 1179) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newport (LST 1179). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 250 crew members registered for the USS Newport (LST 1179).

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Palmer, LorenGMG1Jan 1976 – 1979FoxHad a lot of memorable times on the Newport, enjoyed the comradery of many sailors and marines. Mt. Cpt. of Mt. 32, two memorable Med cruises and many other deployments.
Oesterle, JohnBM3Jan 1976 – Nov 30, 1979boat divisionI miss my Brothers on board, Steve Sowers,kevin beard,LT. GILCHRIST, bm2 STILES IS STILL AN ASSWHOLE,Steve schultz.. I hope your lives turned out for the best. Get ahold of me,lets talk.816-833-1336...
Rupp, MikeBM3Jan 3, 1976 – Sep 25, 1979First Div.Med cruise in 1976 and 1978 great guys to work with ,Kevin Beard ,Bob Crawford ,Gerald Flagg,Bob Satterfield , and Georg Langert.The best experience of my life .Evacuated Lebanon
Dixson, Richard-richETR2Apr 1, 1976 – Oct 7, 1979Fox the CI arrived as an FT and cross rated to an ET. I really enjoyed my time aboard and the 2 Med crusies. Left the Navy and went to work at Bell Labs in NJ. Now work at the Naval Base Kitsap in Silverdale, WA. Beautiful part of the USA!
Schum, William ScottENCSMay 1, 1976 – Nov 30, 1979M Senior Enlisted AdvisorCommand Senior Chief
Jackson, LarryETN3May 5, 1976 – Jun 1979ElectronicsSome of the best people I ever worked with. Enjoyed 2 Med cruises.went on to work electronics for Army for over 30 years and retired in 2011. (770)608-9774
Krevdo, DougFNJun 1976 – Dec 1979A-GangWorked A-gang and was engineer on captains gig for last year on board
McGuire, Anthony profile iconIC3Jun 1976 – Feb 1977E
Spencer, EddyMS2Jun 15, 1976 – May 15, 1977s-2Looking for MSC McCormack
Lynn, DavidRM3Jul 10, 1976 – Nov 23, 1979oci have wonderful memories of the newport and all the people i have had pleasure to have served with.
Herrick, Paul (Doc)HM3Jul 15, 1976 – Jun 17, 1977IServed with HMC Riihimakki and Bob Rochette.
Lohr, RickE4Aug 1976 – Feb 19, 1980Spent some of the best years of my life during my time on the Newport with a great group of men.
Parrett, JbLTJGNov 17, 1976 – Dec 20, 19791st/Fox; Aux/Elec; NavigatorMy first ship after USNA, and still my favorite. Rode back from a Med; aboard for the flooding off Little Creek; another Med; overhaul in Newport News; several Caribs. Really great seeing familiar names here. Now live in NH.
Ribikauskas, RobertSH2/SH1Dec 14, 1976 – Jun 12, 1978SupplyI'm surprised that theirs not more comments about the ship nearly sinking near the bay-bridge-tunnel prior to the Med cruise in 1978. Had a great bunch of guys working for me, also a few no so great too.
Butler, CarlSH2Dec 28, 1976 – Aug 11, 1980Supply
Robetor, ChuckBT2Mar 29, 1977 – Oct 1980M division
Haregsin, DavidMR2Apr 1977 – Jun 1979A GangGood Times. In some ways it does'nt seem so long ago. Glad someone else remembers trying to sink her off Little Creek.
Lawrence, John / DocE-4/HM3Jun 1977 – Sep 1979OperationsJunior corpsman on the Newport. Served with Chief Riihimaki (great guy) and Chief Lagasca (not so great a guy). Stuck it out and did my 20. Spent 12 years of my career with the FMF (Marines). Retired in December of 1995
Hoyt, WarrenEnFnJul 1977 – Jul 1978A GangMy third ship in a four year hitch. Enjoyed a cruise to Gitmo and the Virgin Islands, then a Med cruise.
Spencer, EddyMS 2Jul 28, 1977 – Aug 20, 1978supplyI enjoyed this ship an the med cruise I made on it Looking for Chief Macormick
Surprenant, Robert (Nut)Aug 1977 – Feb 19792ND
Scales, DanielETSNAug 16, 1977 – May 1, 1981
Hurst, KennethEN-2Sep 9, 1977 – Jul 9, 1979A-GangSome interesting times. got to know some interesting people, lost touch with Oily (William P. Reed) hope your out there still kicking. swim call in the middle of the med. made my only med cruise on the Newport.
Cook, JohnEM21978 – 1981A great experience. Lot's of haze grey and under way.
Powell, Ernest (Ed)RMC1978 –OCThis was my last sea tour before transfer to NAVCOMMSTA Norfolk for my twilight tour.
Romilly, PaulHT1Jun 1978 – Sep 1979RMade a difficult decision to leave active duty, however, spent 18 years in the Reserve retiring as a DCCS. Worked at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine as an Industrial Training Specialist.
Winkel, JeffreyBT-2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981B
Heath, CuylerHTCNov 1978 – Mar 1984RSpent 1/5th of my 30 yrs on Newport. Came on in 78 as HT1, made HTC in 79 and left in 84. Was Married on the flight deck during Harbor Fest in 81. Retired in 98 as CWO4 after several DCA tours on other Amphib Ships.
Winkel, JeffBT2Nov 10, 1978 – Jul 31, 1981"E" DivisionHad a good time with some great guys. Learned alot and grew up quick. Remember my time like it was yesterday - an experience you'll never forget.
Sobel, Daren1979 – 1982"Deck Ape" Was a deep cover Cold Warrior. Teamwork '81 Med Cruise. Saved the ship in Norway from Soviet diver saboteurs who tried to destroy the bow thruster. Almost killed in Naples, then in Malaga/Torre Molinas. Never recognized for contributions.
Roderick, WilliamE31979 – 1982first div deckhandmiss those old days lots of memories
Morabito, JoelBM2Feb 1, 1979 – Jun 10, 1981deck
Yaun, JefferyHT2 (SW)Apr 1979 – Oct 1982R-DivWas onboard during Gitmo Reftra, hull cracks # 2 Eng RM incident, Flood JP-5 pump room, rescued shipmates from Mogas pumproom, OSL for fire in No. 3 Eng rm Berbera, Somolia, unforgettable times for sure.
Bradley, Charles E.(Brad)ETR3/ET2(SW)Jul 16, 1979 – Nov 2, 1982OCMy first ship. Met a lot of good people. Currently work with T. Counts at the Norfolk Commissary. Had a lot of good times. Most memorable event was fire in Berberra Somalia
Rushing, J.r.Jul 19, 1979 – Dec 20, 1982OpsYour first is always the most memorable.... From the Newport News shipyard to the Med..... The Signal bridge was always my calm in the storm. It was all great.
Sobel, DarenBMSN1980 – 1982Deck
Heald, StephenBM2/1Jan 1, 1980 –1stHelllo All, Retired as BMC in 95. Stay safe all. Lots of memories.
O’dell, Stretch / OdSNFeb 9, 1980 – Mar 12, 1980DECKassigned to wait for my T to get back from deployment, still learned a bit about the ship and found good folks who were also waiting to transfer to the GoldenGator (LST1196)
Mayfield, CraigBTFNMay 21, 1980 – Dec 28, 1983M DIVISIONwent thru pegasus and somalia fire and got battle E FROM GITMO. was proud to be a crew member towards the end of my tour, Lt. john henderson came on board with a attitude that made us best of LST fleet!
Vogle, BillE-4Oct 1980 – Jan 19841833 Assault amphib vehiclesA lot of us Jarheads spent a lot of time on this ship. I was on it heading for Noway when it got it's blue nose. It could have used a little larger movie
Pettry, TerryBM2Oct 1980 – Jun 1984Deck
Arroyo, DanielSNOct 15, 1980 – Mar 1, 1982X DivisionBased on the crew List I must be the oldest so far. I was a striker and after pulling Deck Div and Galley Duty worked in sick bay. Went through three CO's, one fire and running aground. Real fun times!
Burden, Robert (Tad)LIEUTENANTDec 1980 – Mar 14, 19842nd/ CIC/ GunneryI served most of my time in the Navy aboard the Newport. We operated in the Atlantic, Med, Caribean, North Atlantic and Red Sea. We tried to go into the Indian Ocean in March 1982, but caught fire in Berbera Somalia and had to return to the Med.
Lannoo, JeromeEN2Dec 1980 – Jul 1984"A" DivisionWOW the fire in Somilia. 1 day in port and I had duty. Ended up fighting the fire. Those EMD turbochargers were a pain in the ass. I was WCS "A" Division. Does anybody remember the Chief Engineer John Henderson?
Whitaker, JeffreyQMCDec 19, 1980 – Nov 1985QM -NavMy first 5 years of service was on NEWPORT!! Had a blast onboard at sea and during port visits. Went to submarine duty in 1988 and retired in 2002.

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