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USS Columbia (SSN 771) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Columbia (SSN 771). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 120 crew members registered for the USS Columbia (SSN 771).

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Lance, KenMM1/SS1992 –MPlankowner
House, GaryEM2/SS1992 – 1997ElectricalPlankowner
Sanborn, RickyLT1992 – 1996Sonar
Schmidt, Achim1993 – 1996
Jaynes, CaseyET2(SS)1993 – 1996RCPlankowner/precom crew in RC division
Crisman, Kevin "Animal"E91993 – 1996EDEA
Hughes, EldredETC1993 – 1998RCPlankowner
Zurosky, StanMM2/SSApr 1993 – Aug 1997A-gangPlankowner
Smolinski, ChrisMM1/SSMay 1993 – Sep 1997RL DivisionFirst Plankowner, Last Slider at EB, Commissioning, Groton to Hawaii, Pananma Canal, Turkey Day in San Diego. Miss all you guys I served with!!
Sutton, Craig (Turbo) profile iconE5May 1993 – Sep 1996M / RLFantastic Newcon crew. Smokin' Joe, Achim, Steve, and Smo. Was TAD to Hartford (SSN 768) on shift work until Columbia went on shift to start system acceptance. All the way through PSA. Left just before she went to Pearl.
Keesee, StephenMM1Jun 1993 – May 1996M
Cockram, TedE5/RM2(SS)Jun 15, 1993 – Jan 24, 1997CommunicationsPlankowner
Morrison, Gregory "Doc"HMCM(SS)(RET)Aug 1993 – Jun 1996Medical"Last to Slide, First in Pride" Thanks for the memories, Shipmates! Remember the boat parties and the Green House?
Sherman, WilliamEM1(SS)Aug 1993 – Jan 16, 1998E-Div
Brayley, MatthewSTS3Sep 1993 – Sep 1996
Siegel, SamET2/SSSep 14, 1993 – Sep 13, 1999ESM/COMM
Graham, JeffreyEM2/SSOct 1993 – Jan 1995ElectricalInitial manning.
Knight, JayLTDec 1993 – Dec 1995SupplyPlankowner
Perrin, BradLTDec 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1997EngineeringPlankowner. First JO. RCA, DCA, then Sonar Officer. Cool being RCA with new I&C but a lot of fun with A-Gang as DCA. Great ride til just before heading to Pearl.
Speicher, JimLT1994 – 1996NAV/OPSPlankowner - Navigator. Great crew!
Cunningham, RobertE-61994 – 1997NavigationOne of my best times of my life.
Moyer, StephenET21994 – 1998Navigation
Laser, JesseMM1(SS)Jan 1994 – Jan 1999M
Tubbs, MichaelMM1(SS)Jan 1994 – Feb 9, 1998MPlankowner - From the days at EB...from Groton to Pearl on "Dale and Eugene's Bogus Journey"... through that first failed ORSE. Great Times. Great Crew
Magle, KristopherMM2Jan 1994 – Feb 1995Plank Owner
Smith, ParrishEM1(SS)Jan 1, 1994 – 1996ElectricalInitial Manning, new construction. Transferred during PSA to SSBN 743.
Geier, PatrickMM1/SUJan 4, 1994 – Apr 1995M-DIVInitial manning. Honorary plankowner... rode her down the ways, but left before Pearl on med. Sad day. Great crew. Still have plaque from our undefeated flag football season at SUBASENLON. Son is on 771 now since '14.
Wenzel, JohnLTMar 15, 1994 – Sep 30, 1997Engineering
Lyon, LantzFT 2(SS)Apr 14, 1994 – Dec 15, 1999Fire control
Laiben, DanTM3(SS)May 15, 1994 – Dec 17, 1997weaponsI'm a plankowner. I servered under Cmdr. Govan. Loved the bridge when the sun was falling. Thanks for the friends an memories.
Shepherd, FrankSTSC(SS) PLANKOWNERJun 1994 – Jun 1998SONAR DIVISION LCPOWent TAD to USS Springfield SSN 761 and USS Toledo SSN 769. Probably one of the hardest tours, teaching 12 junior sonarman how to stand watch at sea.
Lebron, Dioni profile iconSk1Jul 7, 1994 – Apr 10, 1999Stores
Malone, CharlesETCS(SS)Aug 1994 – Aug 1997NAVETLaunch Crew and Plankowner. Last sub to slide down the building ways at EB. Nav Dept LCPO and CoB for a couple months on the way to Pearl Harbor. Retired in Pearl - not a bad way to go out the door...
Aden, DavidSTS2Sep 1994 – Dec 12, 1997SONARPlankowner
Smith, JohnIC/ET3 (SS)Sep 1994 – Jan 1998IC/ETPlankowner. Pre-Com to Pearl. Great group of guys to work with!!! Miss wokring with them all!!!
Aldrich, MichaelET3/SSSep 1, 1994 – Feb 21, 1997NavigationI'm a plankowner on the USS Columbia.. Other people in the Navigation dept were Perry, Stiles, Cunningham and SCPO Hoskins..
Moen, KennethMM2(SS)Sep 12, 1994 – May 17, 1997A GangGreat times! Best Boat!
Bolling, LeeSTS3Sep 24, 1994 – Jul 19, 1997Sonar
Bolling, LeeboSTSCOct 24, 1994 – Jul 19, 1997Sonar
Foster, AdamMMFN1995 – 1996A Gang
Sheatsley, JohnSTS31995 – 1998SonarFrom PreCom at EB to midway through the first WestPac-I got out in Singapore after we did our business in the gulf. Still live in CT and I drive past the base. Man I don't miss standing topside watch in winter. Cold!!
Banasiewicz, RobLTJan 1995 – Dec 1997EngineeringWe survived some trial...but looking back after retirement this was my favorite boat to drive and the tightest crew I've ever seen. Wish I got to stay for that first run.
Shiffer Jr., RichET2 (SS)Mar 3, 1995 – Mar 3, 1999Reactor ControlNewCon (plankowner & shipyard commando), Order of the Ditch (bad sunburn!) & the good (and bad) times with the best RC Div on the waterfront (going critical early!)! WestPac 98 ... sweet ride and seeing the world with a great crew! Drop me an e-ma
Smith, DougET2Apr 1995 – Feb 2000
Ackerman, MichaelMSApr 1995 –Supplyhad a great crew plankowner
Quilenderino, Johnny "q-11"MM2Apr 10, 1995 – Jun 14, 2000A-gangWhat is going on with the old crew? Now that I am O-ganger I miss the easy life, turn a wrench and go home!!!!!
Humbrecht, DavidET1/SSJul 19, 1995 – Sep 19, 2000RCI agree, El Jefe... great crew. We had some fun. I've been in touch with a lot of you guys, and would welcome an email anytime. Hey... Martin... drop me a line, dude. Let's talk Jesus.
Bendas, DannyMM3 / SSAug 1995 – Jan 1999AuxiliaryPlankowner
Peterson, StevenMM2Oct 1995 – Oct 12, 1999RL
Watkins, BrianYN4Oct 4, 1995 – Feb 27, 1999YeomanBest Battlestations & Maneuvering Watch Helmsman/Planesman we have ever had.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1995 | 1996 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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