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USS Hartford (SSN 768) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hartford (SSN 768). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 143 crew members registered for the USS Hartford (SSN 768).

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Hasting, Stevee51995 – 1997Sonar
Likens, BrianET2Mar 1, 1995 – Dec 3, 1996Reactor ControlsGreetings!
Wong, MikeEM2/SSNov 9, 1995 – Feb 11, 2000Who is gonna ride the gauntlet after morning muster today?
Wiley, Jonathan "Coyote"ET2Nov 21, 1995 – Sep 29, 1999RCHello Everyone! Coyote is here!
Siegel, AndrewETC(SS)Jan 1996 – Oct 1999NAV
Abrams, AdamMM1Mar 1996 – Feb 1999RL
Weber, PaulYN1Apr 19, 1996 – Jun 1, 1999ExecutiveRetired now and do not miss the Navy! I did manage to leave submarines and ended up onboard the USS HARRY S TRUMAN (Got my SW) and transferred to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28 (got my AW too)!
Hutley, CarlosE5/ET2(SS)May 5, 1996 – May 1, 1998NavigationToo much fun to have in one tour....
Taylor, MitchFTC(SS)Aug 30, 1996 – Oct 14, 1997Fire ControlSlick Boat, All the weapons....FUN!
Morrow, MikeSTS3 (SS)Sep 1996 – Apr 2000Sonar
Gonzales, Mathew "Gonzo"MM1(SS)Oct 1996 – Nov 2000RL
Arnold, JasonOct 1996 – Oct 2000MS
Fordham, SeanSTS1Oct 1996 – Jul 1, 2001SonarGreat experience and some of the good people. Hyde where are you
Arnold, JasonMS3 (SS)Oct 7, 1996 – Sep 18, 2000MS
Spragno, Joseph SpragnoET2/SSNov 19, 1996 – Feb 13, 2001Navigation Electronics
Landry, JasonFT3(ss)1997 – 1999FT.
Ronau, JasonMM2(SS)Jan 10, 1997 – Jan 4, 2001AUXILLIARY
Ronau, JasonMM2Jan 10, 1997 – Jan 4, 2001A-GangTwo northern runs - six months gone One med run - six more months gone Not running aground - priceless
Grube, KevinSTS2/SSMay 1997 – Jul 18, 1999Sonar
Cutillo, JamesMS1 (SS)Dec 15, 1997 – Oct 3, 2001Supply
Schmidt, AchimMM1/SS1998 – 2001RL
Fernandez, ChrisSTS2Mar 1998 – May 2001Sonar
Gallagher, JamesET1(SS/SW)Apr 1998 – Jan 2000COMMS
Hostettler, PaulSTS1Apr 1998 – Feb 2000SONARYou all know who ran that show and it was not PU
Bromme, RalphFT1/SSAug 1998 – Aug 1999Fire Control, TorpedoThis boat scared me. I had never heard "Don't let knowledge get in the way of qualification" before and I am sure it had to do with the grounding. It was a great way to make sure it was time to get out of the Navy though.
Gates, MichaelTMC (SS)Oct 1998 – Sep 2000Weapons TorpedoTM-Div LPO, TM1 to TMC
Somero, RogerEMC/SSDec 1998 – Apr 2002E
Zwilling, MichaelE4/ETDec 1, 1998 – Jul 10, 2001NavWhat's up???? Z-Dogg is back...I can't believe our crew partied like we did, and WE didn't ground the boat BUT someone else did!...ETC Adams can investigate rudder noise while underway, outside the people tank...but life is good now.
Simon, DarrellMS4Jan 1999 – Feb 2003CULINARY SPECIALIST
Brown, KevinSTS1/SS/DVJun 24, 1999 – Jul 6, 2001Sonar
Gonzalez, RamiroET1(SS/DV)Jul 1, 1999 – Jun 1, 2003RC
Knight, WilliamET3Aug 19, 1999 – Jul 15, 2000radiosmall time on board, big lessons learned.
Wren, Jimmy (John Deere)ET2Aug 25, 1999 – Jan 7, 2003RadioThank all of you for your service.
Johnson, MitchMM22000 – 2004MLots of good times to remember (a few to forget). I hope everyone is doing well. I'm in SC now
Thompson, TonyMS2(SS)Jan 2000 – Oct 2003mshad a great time onboard lots of great guys and did plenty of crazy things.good to see names of buddies. tony
Rackley, R.MM3/E4Jan 2000 – Mar 2000RLGetting off that effin' boat was the best thing that ever happened. Villani, your gay; Gonzo, go carve something in your arm (wack-job). Crosby was cool; the rest of the crew can blow a goat. So, eval this (insert middle finger HERE).
Crosby, ThomasMM1/SSJan 7, 2000 – May 5, 2004RL
Sprankles, JaphethE5Mar 1, 2000 – Mar 1, 2006
Buckley, Tm1TM1Apr 1, 2000 – Apr 1, 2007TorpedoWithout Torpedomen it's not a Warship! Corpsman are meant to be in charge of bed pans , not a sub crew.
Marrero III, RafaelSTS 3 SSJun 2000 – Aug 2001
Curry, TobySTS2/SSJun 14, 2000 – Jul 21, 2001SonarOH I can hear you now
Adams, Jason "chop"LTAug 2000 – May 2003SUPPLYAH..if I could only go back to when life was simple! I miss the boat. Give me a shout if you know me.
Hicks, BryonMM1Aug 24, 2000 – Jan 28, 2005"a-gang"Chicago sucks!! Miss ya guys!!
Wiley, Michael "Buck"E5/MM2Sep 2000 – Sep 13, 2004MechineryIt was real
Curry, TobySTS2/ssSep 2000 – Jul 2001Sonar"Joe, take that watermelon, they won't mind."

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1994 | 1995 – 2000 | 2001 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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