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USS Hampton (SSN 767) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hampton (SSN 767). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 96 crew members registered for the USS Hampton (SSN 767).

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Engle, RobbMM2(SS)1998 – 1999ELT
Lloyd, JasonMM1/SSFeb 18, 1998 – Mar 28, 2002RLI had some good times on the Hampton. SRO qualified on 4 different civilian plants. Currently supervisor Nuclear Chemistry at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant at TVA.
Klinger, KaseaSTS2/SS E-5Jun 1998 – Nov 2002STWell to put it short I was the best damn cards player the boat ever saw, and still am. Also the boat never has or had a better ST than myself. Lastly hello to all the former shipmates.
Brown, Travis( Do-do)MM1(EOD/SS)Jul 8, 1998 – Sep 4, 2002MachineryAs a former snob I would like to tell all you future snobs that life in the Navy outside of being a NUKE is great. If any of you are interested in EOD just email me. sincerely, The Lord Of The Engine Room.
Doss, Jeff "bobby"STS3/SSAug 1998 – Jun 2001SonarSection 1....Hands down the best sonar watch section ever. Just remember kids....Up with hope...down with dope!!
Wire, KenMM2Aug 6, 1998 – Apr 15, 2000
Armijo, AlbertFT2(SS)Sep 2, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002Combat SystemsBest damn FT to sail on that pig (except Michalko). Doing recruiting now so I'll send you all new shipmates that snake stuff. If they ask you to extend, well I don't think I have to answer that. I beat Gebo at spades. COMMENCE FIELD DAY!!!!
McCauley, ChuckET2 FOR LIFENov 1998 – Nov 12, 2002Reactor ControlsI was simply the best RO ever to sit the seat not named Rich, Don, Randall, or Shaun Michael. Miss those crazy Hampton times; Obert streaking, over 40 porn, the Mathis motivational speeches. Russell you still owe me for gettin you out early.
Kidd, MichaelET3/E-2Dec 31, 1998 – Oct 10, 2001RCWow... RC Div... Then bombed at the RO panel.. Thank god Skip got screwed a lot worse than I did. Had a great time Drilling and scamming. Now, Sr Systems Engineer with General Dynamics. Ahhh, Civilian life is Oh So Sweet!
Smith, Chris, ShittyMM3SS1999 – 2001a gang
Daab, DabEM1/SSMay 5, 1999 – May 30, 2003ElectricalYep, take everyone else's advice, get out. The freedom and possiblities are great. I should have gotten out at 6. Did 12 but I don't regret it. I got some things out of the Navy and they got some things out of me.
Jinright, Brian/juiceE-5Sep 13, 1999 – Jan 2, 2004a-ganglucky to stay away from the green table.the critque master.member of the elite trump towers II .almost won northern run talent show w/ strip show.
Thompson, JimET1/SSJan 2000 – Feb 2002RadioPriveledged to be the LPO for the "self-proclaimed" best radioman, and the "infamous" Squirrel. Fonder memories hath no man. Currently the Contracted Site Mgr for all NW Iraq maintaining intel assets for the Army. Anyone wanna make so
Hunt, Christopher (Trump Towers)ET1Jan 2000 – Oct 2004NE01The best spades player onboard. Played with the best teamates Gebo and Jinright. Yes we beat Klinger and Armijo more than once just check the "RADIO LOG".
Stickle, Thomas (Tom, Aka Jackass)LTJan 1, 2000 – Nov 1, 2002Combat and EngineeringBusted, O1 again, in med school, navy paying. Glad I did all of it, neurotic due to you guys. Rank no matter, drop a line, I want to hear from you, (Visser, Armijo!). Don't trust Obert, always a sea lawyer, LOL.
Linton, LarryYNCS(SS)Apr 20, 2000 – May 31, 2003YN
Reece, BenMM1(SS)May 12, 2000 – Jul 3, 2004MachineryAbsolutely, the best Engineering Department during my 4 years. Period. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. Dan Rizza, Marty Malone, Herbie, the Norville brothers and of course Brad Casteel...good, good men.
Myrick, MarlonFT1Oct 6, 2000 – Oct 15, 2002Fire Control
Blount, RussellEM2(SS)Oct 10, 2000 – Apr 12, 2003Engineering (Electrician)I truly was the Good Deal Petty Officer. I can vividly remember the day that my poor hearing put me in the book of eternal scrutiny... My life is terrific and always has been, but I often think back fondly on the days that I spent serving the US.
Antwain Jarido, Flaw-lessMM2Dec 19, 2000 – Mar 12, 2003A-GANGTo everyone that served with me thanks for all the fun I am enjoying Guam now on the good ship 711and if anybody knows where YN2(1) forrrest is at let a brother know
Walker, CoreyMM1/SSDec 22, 2000 – May 5, 2005MachineryMy time on the hampton was by far the best and most miserable time of my life. The high point must have been when i defeated hampton for the world 10k championships and retired as the best ever.
Obert, StevenLTJan 16, 2001 – Dec 23, 2003Combat SystemsGreat memories from the good ship Hampton. I'm now at law school in DC -- heard there was an opening for an a-gang public defender.
Stahl, SamSTSC(SS)Mar 1, 2001 – Mar 31, 2004SonarSonar Chief, LAN Admin, Weps Dept. Chief
Blount, JamesMM1Apr 2001 – Aug 2005I'm with Corey on the best and worst of times. I'll never forget watching Brown fold a fire hose at 150 psi or the times in england with Robb, Marty, Brad, and my bro. A word of wisdom, don't do recruiting.
Johnson, ChanET2Apr 23, 2001 – Apr 16, 2005Reactor ControlsSpent most of my time trying to avoid work. Yep, I knew my shit but I just didn't want to do anything. I guess this is my formal apology to my division. I'm enjoying civilian life. I'll vouch for Chuck in saying that he's the best,
Lough, JasonMM2May 15, 2001 – Oct 16, 2005A-ganstaI'm still an asshole, in case any one was wondering......
Jaranyi, BenjaminMM2(SS)Jul 2001 – Nov 2005Let's see, a guess I'll miss being a SNOB, Senior's Drill Team bitch, working that last year for the SK's, and Tequila in Crete...but the rest you can have *grin* Working for Siemens Building Technologies in DC now.
Tisdale, KeithE5/MM2/SSJul 23, 2001 – Jan 20, 2006Torpdoman
Shaw, Kelly / KelzMM1 (SS)Dec 12, 2001 – Feb 15, 2006M-DivDon't miss the hours....miss the people.
Cunningham, Curt "Richie"MM2Feb 2002 – Oct 2005A-GangTo all of my friends I have not seen, I miss you guys, and to those of you all who live within an hour and a half of me, hope we can get the group together time and time again!
Carter, DaunteSK3Jan 14, 2003 – Jul 26, 2006Deck/ now SK3I had a great time on the Hampton Plantation, now I am currently serving in Iraq for six months.
Hammack, MattEM2/SSJan 29, 2003 – Dec 19, 2006ElectricalI have to agree with Ben Reece, college live is everything its cracked up to be.
Coloretti, RobertFTSNFeb 20, 2003 – Feb 10, 2006combat systemse-mail will be forwarded by my uncle
Thoreson III, Robert (Thor)EM3 SSJul 15, 2003 – Jul 14, 2004My second command, crew was pretty cool, had good times. My chief was a dick though, but my LPO wasnt bad. Wished I would have stayed in longer, but i like what i do know, cause i make twice as much or so.
Adleman, GeoffreyETC(SS/DV)Oct 1, 2003 – Apr 1, 2008RCChuck was the best, but I broke the mold at the panel after his time. I did have the glove for my final 2 years on board. I owned that watch station.
Lewis, ChadMM1/SSOct 23, 2003 – Apr 11, 2006I had a great couple years and made a bunch of great friends. Just sorry I had to leave so soon. Also glad I didn't spend to much more money at Hot Tuna! Though it was like my second home!
Perez, RicardoEM2(SS)2004 – 2007ELECTRICAL
Bell, RobertEM22004 – 2004E-Div
Johnson, EugeneSTSCS(SS)Feb 24, 2004 – Aug 25, 2006SONAR LCPOGreat bunch of alcoholics I've every served with. Good luck.
Bell, RobbieEM2(SU)Mar 2004 – Nov 2004After the way things ended up with me, I'm sure I'm not the most popular person to have ever served on Hampton, but I did enjoy my time there. Despite all the difficulties that came my way, there were quite a few stand-up guys on Hampton
Moreno, EricMar 3, 2004 – Sep 6, 2008i had a good time as a a-ganger w/ MMCS Germany and MMC Hastey as my chiefs and after i transfered over to TM-Div had a blast with TMC Walker learning the new job
Powell, James "jay"ET2Mar 20, 2004 – Jan 12, 2007NAV BABYI had a blast! I met some really cool people and had a lot of fun. I was the battestations Planesmen AKA the slave drivers along with my man P-EASY!! Overall it was cool though I would do it again and again!
Kerchner, John "special K"ENS, LTJG, LTApr 19, 2004 – Dec 19, 2006NAV-ET, RL, RADIOHad a blast. Missed the ICE-EX and WESTPAC. Worked for some great divisions and alongside some talented individuals. Worked for the best ENG a newbie could ask for. Miss y'all.
Devore, JoshuaETOct 16, 2004 – Dec 23, 2005NAV
Germany, JoeE-8/MMCSNov 24, 2004 –A-GANGA-Gang runs the boat as always. I have never been around such a good group of guys.
Worthy, JustinMM1Jan 5, 2006 – Jun 23, 2010MIt was the best time! So many great people.
Smiddy, JasonET3/SSMay 17, 2006 –RADIO
Jones, Jabaris/ GrinchSK3 (SS)Aug 14, 2006 –SupplyHoly cow yeah what a deployment. Wow I don't know what to say.
Hurtado, RichardE-6/YN1(SS)Aug 30, 2006 – Dec 31, 2009YEOMANGett'n ready to transfer to DSU in S.D. I was briefly back in Nofuck from Aug '06-Feb '07...until deployment/homeport change (thank god!). Saw a few of the old salty mugs from those great yrs earlier in the decade.
Walker, Melvin "tmc Dynomite"Sep 25, 2006 – Dec 6, 2008TMNo better group of raggedy Muthaf*&^as around. From the cone to the screw, I will never serve with a better group of men. We went to hell and came back with buckets of ice water. Whoo-Ya
Neil, Nick "Nitro"SKSNJan 2007 –Supply
Sabillon, Allan SabiMM2/ssFeb 1, 2007 – Aug 18, 2012AuxiliaryBest time I ever had! Best A-gang on the water front, wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.
Andrew, JeramiahMMFNMar 27, 2007 –A-GANG
Penhallegon, JoelE-3/MMMay 13, 2008 – Aug 16, 2008A-GangWe OWN the boat!!!!!

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