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USS Montpelier (SSN 765) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Montpelier (SSN 765). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 111 crew members registered for the USS Montpelier (SSN 765).

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Beethe, JamesET1/SS1989 – 1996Reactor ControlsPlankowner - Reported aboard while still on 3rd floor of Newport News Shipbuilding New Construction building. Still have fond memories of bringing the reactor online for the first time. And later-Guy Jackson's cigarette hanging off his l
Elliott, JohnMMCM(SS/DV)May 1989 – Apr 15, 1993A Gang and Ships DiverGood Ship, good crew
Dillard, PeteEM2/SS1990 – Apr 20, 1994EPlank Owner
Bivens, MarkJan 1990 – Jul 1993YNI enjoyed bringing her to life. Commissioning Crew
Brest, RobertMM1Nov 1990 – Dec 1994RLInitial Manning / New Construction LELT. Post PSA M-Div Leading First.
Roper, MikeEMC (AT THE TIME)Dec 1990 – Dec 1993ECan't believe it's been over 10 years since we built the Mighty Monty. Still living in the same place.
Meier, TimMM2/SSDec 1990 – May 12, 1997MPlankowner and the last initial manning person to leave the boat. I miss you guys, lots of great memories!
Lasker, Charles/chuckMM2/SSDec 1990 – Dec 1993Machinery
Fiebig, VictorCDRDec 1, 1990 – Jul 23, 1993Commanding Officer - Plank ownerMy most satisfying and rewarding time during my 28 years in the Navy. All around great crew and true professionals. Everyone who road the boat - including ADM DeMars (SEA 08) and the Commodore- spoke glowing.
Rarrick, TomRM2(SS)Dec 31, 1990 – Jun 5, 1995RMPlankowner
Williams, RichFT2/SSMar 1991 – Aug 1995FT
Neben, KenYN2 (SS)Mar 1991 – Sep 1993ExecutiveNice to see old shipmates on here. Been a long time. Nearing 25 years since Commissioning.
Abney, VirgilE-1Apr 7, 1991 – Sep 20, 1993Supply Division
Kramer, DougFT1Jun 1991 – Oct 1994FT
Griffiths, WaltET3/SSAug 1991 – Feb 1994ESM/NAVPlank Owner
Lindsay, SpongebobE4/QMOct 18, 1991 – Dec 30, 1994NavigationTo the PreCom Crew who set her out to see for her first dive......and you know who you are, and to all who serve on the USS Montpelier. " ALL AHEAD FLANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Johnson, RobertEM1(SS)Oct 18, 1991 – May 24, 1995ElectricalLot of memories ... especially the last run I was on in the Med..
Mooney, DennisMM2(SS)Dec 15, 1991 – Dec 17, 1995A-GANG
Wilkinson, ScottET1May 1992 – Sep 1994Reactor ControlsHated new construction in the shipyard, but great shipmates. Commissioning a hanger in the worst storm ever is definitely memorable. Playing softball was a lot of fun to.
Botello, TonyTM2Feb 23, 1993 – Jun 11, 1997TM
Pearson, Jerry Aka PepeSTS3/SSMar 1993 – May 1997SonarMiss the brothers I had.
Russell, KeithMM2(SS)Mar 13, 1993 – Aug 20, 1995Plankowner. The last one, I believe.
Moore, BobSK2 (SS)Apr 1993 – 1996SupplyThere were times that I cursed the boat and the sea and yet I miss them both and look back fondly at the times on the Monty. No finer set of sailors, men and friends.
Hullak, FrankMM2/SSMay 1993 – Mar 1995MMy time on board was too short. I miss the friends I made and the adventures we had. Any remember the Crew Member's Night Orders.
Jackson, GuyEM1(SS)Aug 1993 – Sep 1995EIt was a tough decision to get out, but I will always remember the good times I had. Awesome crew to work with, even the forward pukes were good (just kidding guys).
Walker, SteveMM1 BACK THENSep 1993 – Jan 1999RLWhere's the sock?
Thomas, JakeEM1Sep 1993 – Jan 1996EGuy......You still owe me some skin on my face.
Meno, AnthonySTS2(SS)Sep 1, 1993 – Mar 22, 1997Sonar
Zimmerman, DavidMM1(SS)Oct 1993 – Mar 1995A-Gang
Oliver, DuaneET1/SS1994 – 1997Reactor ControlGood time with good people!
Wade, BrianET2/SS1994 – Jan 19, 1999ESMGreat times. I miss it. Still working on making my own RC sub so I can be my own commander. I would love to be back on a sub. Gettin to old now.
Figard, Scott "fig"RM2 (SS)/ET2 (SS)Mar 1994 – May 1998CommsI didn't know it then, but it was the best time of my life. I couldn't wait to leave and now I wish I was back onboard the Monty!
Booth, MichaelSTS2(SS/DV)Jun 1994 –Sonar
Booth, Mike / JwSTS2Jun 1994 – Mar 28, 1998SonarI thought it sucked at the time, but looking back you forget most of the bad stuff. There are a lot of good memories with some great guys!
Jarvis, MikeSKCS(SS)Jun 14, 1994 – Oct 16, 1996SKThe Monty was just too cool! The Med runs were awesome and the crew....? Crazy to say the least. I miss the boat and the crew. My last boat was a Trident! Yuck!
Brady, DustinFR/E2Aug 14, 1994 – Jul 24, 1995Deck
Steel, FredMM1Oct 24, 1994 – Oct 1999M
Dalrymple, Chris "Chowder"E5 / MM2Dec 1994 – Oct 1998Auxilary
McCall, JohnMT11995 –A-GangGreat ship and crew, I had a good time. I Should have stayed and changed rates. Learned alot, helped me get the job i got as a refrigeration mechanic. Retire this year 07.
Casbohm, Ryan "Bomb"EM 2Jan 15, 1995 – Apr 20, 2000ElectricalThere is not a day that goes by that I don't think of some experience I've had on board. For the guys I served with, thanks. For those still aboard, don't take what you are doing now for granted. Cherish the moment.
Nelson, DarrinMM1/SSMar 1995 – Feb 2002Machinery
Anton, DeanEM2(SS)Mar 1, 1995 – Mar 3, 2000
Seipel, RobE-7Apr 15, 1995 – Jul 10, 1998Reactor Controls
Damon W. Burnette, Damon W. BurnetteMM2Jun 1, 1995 – Apr 19, 1999RL
Campbell, WayneSTS2/SSAug 1995 – Nov 1998Sonar
Johnson, EugeneSTS2(SS)-STS1(SS)Nov 20, 1995 – Jun 15, 1999SonarBest deployments Med run and Northern run

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