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USS Boise (SSN 764) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Boise (SSN 764). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 188 crew members registered for the USS Boise (SSN 764).

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Travis, EmitteMM11989 – Oct 1993Plank owner, wasn't a bad tour. Had fun was we went to sea.
Emitte, TravisMM1Aug 1, 1989 – Oct 1, 1993Plank owner, Left the Navy after shore tour in Hawaii. Had a good time while on the Boise, have the christening photo, and my plank owner picture hanging in my office. still haave two bottles of the sparkling wine at my house.
Strehle, JosephIC3/SS1990 – Sep 18, 1993ICPlank Owner ,"Jack of Trades Master of None" IC2/SS Fuller's Bike Weight!!! Still on active duty as an AO2/SS and my best sea stories are from my syb days! I miss those sonar department road trips to Philly. Weekend warriors now!
Craddock, MarkSTSCS(SS) RETIRED1990 – 1993SONARPlank Owner- Sonar LCPO- My Last Boat, was a Great one! Miss the life. Worked for the Army my last few years in the Navy. Retired in Novermber of 1995. Finally ended up back in Norfolk in 2003, working at FTSCLANT (now MARMC).
Williams, BruceMM11990 – 1993A
Kulavic, MarkYNC(SS)Feb 14, 1990 – Sep 25, 2002ExecutiveLeading Yeoman Personnel/Admin Officer
Peterson, JeffFTC/SSApr 1990 – Nov 12, 1995Fire ControlPlankowner...I know that boat inside AND out!!! Was the LAST NON-NUC guy inside the RC!!!
Youngblood, MichaelMM1(SS)Jun 1990 – Jul 1993Reactor LaboratoriesSeparatee since 1996, degreed engineer since 1999 (CSE), interested in hearing from former shipmates!
Maldonado, DavidMMCSJun 1990 – Jul 1993
Hrynda, JeffET/E6Jun 1990 – May 1994RC DivisionI'm still hiding from Master Chief Scott;) Miss those after watch clean-ups
Seipel, RobE-7Jun 15, 1990 – Feb 15, 1991Reactor Controls
Carlberg, JayETC(SS)Jul 1990 – Oct 1993Reactor ControlsReactor Controls Chief Plankowner.
Ullom, Sean T.MM2/SSJul 1990 – Dec 1993Machinery
Similey, MarkMM1/SSJul 1990 – Nov 1993MachineryPlankowner!!
Gregg, MartinLT, SCJul 1990 – Jun 1993SupplyAs the first CHOP it was an honor to help establish the reputation of this great war ship. This was also the hardest job I ever had when I was in the Navy - extremely rewarding. Look forward to the day when we can have a Plankowner Reunion.
Canell, MikeYN2(SS)Jul 16, 1990 – May 5, 1993ExecutivePlankowner - loved my time there.
Haas, MichaelMM2(SS)Aug 1990 – Nov 1992I was a nuc machinist's mate. Your typical M-Div Slug. I got out in Dec. of 95, then went to college.
Roach, Martin "marty"YNCS(SS)1991 – 1993AdminPlank Owner - Great Crew
Zareno, JohnEM31991 – 1992ElectricalPlankOwner
Boylen, DanielFT1 (SS/SW)1991 – 1994FTOld bubbleheads never die, they just stay down longer!
Mueller, BobbyQM2(SS)1991 – 1993QMPlankowner
Heflin, James "Clint/stealth"MM3Feb 20, 1991 – Apr 1, 1994MachineryPlankowner
Riefstahl, JohnMM3 (SS)Mar 13, 1991 – Sep 13, 1994AI am plankower from the A gang. Right now I am a welder at shop that makes storage rack. I miss my day on the Boise and my fellow crewmen. May God Bless you all.
Stevens, SammySTS1/SS RetiredJun 28, 1991 – Oct 30, 1995SonarSeeking to notify all past Boise sailors of a 25 Anniversary of Commissioning Reunion - Nov 9 - Nov 12 2017.
Cullen, Paulsts3Aug 1, 1991 – May 15, 1993SonarWas one of the nubs that was a plankowner but didn't make it to commissioning ceremony. Those times in the Navy were definitely memorable.
Soukup, MichaelSTSCS/SSSep 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1993SonarSTS2/ss When on Board
Williams, Tony (Willie)STS2Oct 1991 – Oct 1995Sonar
Michael, Mark profile iconSTS2/SSOct 1991 – Jan 1995SonarPlankowner. I was the "Third New NUB" in the Sonar Shack. I truly loved the time I spent onboard and wished I could have been there for the first Med run.
Beane, TimEM2Nov 1991 – Jan 11, 1995electricalDoes anyone still have a Chief Quinn flashlight? I know Tom Cooper does.
Michael, MarkSTS2/SSNov 1991 – Jan 1995Sonar
Koperdak, AndrewSTS2/SS1992 – 1994SonarPlank Owner, reported onboard just after completion of Sea Trials. BSY-1 Tech, Photo Team LPO, Sound Silencing PO
Scott, ChristopherMS/SS1992 – 1996Supply
Butler, BruceMM ?(SS) E-?1992 –M BitchLower Level Lemonaid Anyone? Does anyone else know what primary coolant tastes like:)
Koperdak, Andrew profile iconSTS2/SS1992 – 1994SONARPlankowner
Heflin, ClintApr 1, 1992 – Mar 1, 2004EngineeringPlankowner
Cooper, ThomasEMCSJun 1992 – Jan 1996EI need a Chief Quinn flashlight, does anyone have that very famous flashlight. I know Tim Beane doesn't have one.
Wilson, TonyEM2 (SS)Oct 1992 – Sep 1994ElectricalThe last plankowner to join the crew, just weeks prior to the commissioning. Good times!
Ouzts, EricSTSCOct 27, 1992 – Apr 11, 1997Sonar
Yaryan, ShawnET2(SS)/ E-5Dec 1992 – Jul 1997Navigation Electronics TechnicianIt felt like we were ALWAYS "at sea". When we were in a port, we were having "a pretty good time." While inport "Wooyah" was born. Does anyone else remember "Wooyah"?
Shaver, MatthewSN1993 – 1995StrikerWouldn't trade that experience for anything! The boise was truly "a one ship fleet!!!"I'll never forget FT1 Peterson or Cmdr Lewis our Capt! Thanks for all the knowladge guys! You to HMC Wilson, HM was the way to go! I'm a regist
Stephens, RobertMM21993 –
Clayton, SeanFT2(SS)1993 – 1997Fire ControlJust wanted to find some of the guys I used to hang out with.
Butler, BruceMM21993 – 1998M Div
Plowfield, MichaelET1(SS)Jan 1993 – Aug 1996Reactor Controls
Nixon, WayneMM2Mar 1993 – Jun 1997Machinery
Valdez, AndresMM1(SS)Mar 1993 – Apr 1997MMAs Wayne Nixon siad it, "This place sucked balls!"
Wilson, Dwayne/ Big DMM3/MMFN/MM2 THAT'S A STORY IN AND OF ITSELFMar 12, 1993 – Mar 4, 1997(Were there otherPSA-1st Northern Run, we (Wayner, Matty, Bruce, Petey, Chevy (I got a kickstand through the cheek... tell that one again), and many others had some great times. Remember B.A.R.T? Where's Lurk at anyway? Life began at EOAS. No more feild day fel
Wilson, Dwayne "big D"MM2(SS)Mar 12, 1993 – Mar 5, 1997Machinery
Clay, DanIC3Apr 1993 – Jul 1996IC/DeckLucky enough to never have qualified helms/planes
O'Leary, ThomasET1/SSApr 1993 – Jan 1997RC LPODid the northern run, but left before the second one which turned out to be a Med run even though we trained for up north. Logroom yoeman after Plowfield slacked off there. Finish out in USNR (24 yrs total). Licensed civilian Rx Oper in PA.
McCalip, Michael profile iconFLTCM(SS) (retired)Apr 1, 1993 – Nov 30, 1995Chief of the BoatGreat boat! The best crew!! Thank you to all who served on BOISE!!! Was privileged to spend over 31 years in the Navy. Retired Fleet Master Chief (FLTCM).
Rolfe, KevinMM 2Aug 1993 – Nov 30, 1994Reactor Laboratories
Rolfe, KevinMM2Aug 1993 – Nov 30, 1994Engineering (ELT)I had a short stay but it was fun and I got a few good sea stories to tell.
Stephens, Robert (Squiggy)MM2 (SS)Nov 1993 – Feb 1996MI remember a med cruise, spending a lot of time in the bilge and painting almost everything on that boat.
Wilson, Rick "Doc"HMCSNov 1, 1993 – Feb 1, 1997Corpsman
McIntosh, BrianMM1(SS)Nov 23, 1993 – Jan 6, 2000RL01Just got there at the end of trials - 1st Med Cruise deployment, then a Northern Run, and then some other deployment. Followed up with a tour at NRMD Norfolk.

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