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USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Santa Fe (SSN 763). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 101 crew members registered for the USS Santa Fe (SSN 763).

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Williams, ChrisET31998 – 2000ET
Memmer, JeffEM1/SSJan 2, 1998 – Feb 12, 2002ElectricalCongrats on school Martinez! I hated sitting at the outboard as much as you hated sleeping at the anchor during maneuvering watch!! Adam, whatever happened to Ron T? Platt? I have a ton of vid from WESTPAC 99 & 01 - YouTube - JWMEM763
MacLean, CaseyMM1Mar 17, 1998 – May 15, 2002Machinary
Moretz, Benny The StatueSTS3/SSJun 22, 1998 – Oct 15, 2001SonarYour Killing me man!
Martinez, GilbertoMM3Aug 20, 1998 – Oct 8, 2001A-gangFor those who doubted me, I graduated from SDSU with dual majors.
Blevins, MarcusFT2/SSSep 1998 – Dec 2002FT
Meetze, JerryMM1Sep 1998 – Oct 2002AHi guys had a wonderfull time on the Fe. Give em Hell
Turner, DouglasE-5/FT2Jan 1999 – Jun 2002FT
Loporto, Anthony (Tony)MS3Jan 10, 1999 – Jun 13, 2003SUPPLYI miss a lot of you... A big part of who I am today is because of the Santa Fe and my experiences in the NAVY. I'm a digit!! And Jersey rocks! I would'nt hesitate to do it all over again if I could.
Pacheco, JoseYN1May 1999 – Jun 2000YNI was only on SANTA FE for just over a year, but it was the best time of my Navy career. I almost reenlisted because of the great crew here. Hope everyone is doing well.
Dennis, TedMM2 (SS)Aug 1999 – Jun 30, 2003
Pitts, StevenET1(SS)Sep 1999 – Jun 2003RadioHad a great tour... I made Chief a couple of years later and decided to get out
Dennis, TedMM2Sep 19, 1999 – Jun 30, 2003Machinery
Gilbert, PhilEMC(SS)Nov 1999 – Jun 2001EDMC
Castillo, RSTS3Dec 1999 – Dec 2003SonarHello Submates - I had a great time working with all of you. As time goes on I just tell myself, "If I've never done it I would of never been the person that I am today." You guys take care - God bless you all! K.I.T
Hofmann, JustinET3Dec 13, 1999 – Jul 26, 2002I have made some stupid decisions in my life and getting out of the Navy was one of them. I miss the boat very much. Would certainly come back if I could. I had the time of my life while onboard the Santa Fe.
King, JimmyET2Jan 19, 2000 – Mar 17, 2004et
Powell, DaveETC(SS)Aug 2000 – Oct 2001
White, RandallMMW2/SSJan 5, 2001 – Sep 11, 2001Torpedosent TAD in march to USS Pasadena for medical. while ship went on westpac. Sent to NSSC for subdiqual cause med. 386-935-3799 call, lets catch up.
Gutierrez, ShaunFT3May 2001 – Sep 2004Fire ControlGave my life to Jesus on the U.S.S. Santa fe (January '02). Best desision I ever made. He changed my life and continues to change me. I still live in hawaii and continue to serve God. God bless guys! (2010) This was a cool division!
Welling, GlennLCDRMay 1, 2001 – Aug 1, 2004WardroomOut of the Navy; Working for ExxonMobil in Houston
Brett, ZeiseET2May 7, 2001 – Dec 17, 2004Radioit was alot of fun. fair winds and following seas guys.
Hale, AndyCDRNov 22, 2001 – May 8, 2004Wardroom
De Perro, PeteE-5/ET2Dec 10, 2001 – Jul 15, 2005CommsI miss all the great times I had with all the friends I made while I as onboard, but I sure wont miss needle gunning inside that rusty sail on midnights in drydock. Fair winds and following seas.
Cagle, KevinSTS2 (SS/DV)Dec 13, 2001 – Mar 20, 2005ST
Willig, BarryET2Jan 2002 – Jul 2005RadioMan it was a long couple years but I can appreciate my time onboard. Def some of the best times in my life but still glad I got out!
Bricker, AriFT2Jan 10, 2002 – Jan 10, 2007Fire ControlWow! What a trip!!
Styger, "scuba" SteveFT2Oct 1, 2002 – Oct 15, 2006FTIn case you thought I was dead, I am not. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "if your a racist, I will attack you with the North."
Turney, TeddyFT2Dec 1, 2002 – Dec 12, 2006FT"Just as I planted this seed in the ground, so I will plant my seed in you." Turnxx survives against the backdrop of tryanny and oppression.
Jackson, JoeFT2Dec 1, 2002 – May 15, 2007Fire ControlWhat a ride! Push him out fire control, before the captain sees that!!
Bounyavong, ThonySK2Jan 1, 2003 – Mar 31, 2007SupplyMostly on Deck
Williams, NathanialET3Apr 2003 – Nov 2006Navigation
Reyes, JohnMM3Sep 5, 2003 – Aug 9, 2005A-GangWas on the boat for 2 years
Hooper, Cory A.k.a. HoopaloopMM1/SSJan 31, 2004 – Jun 22, 2008TMLPOSome of the best (and worst) memories of my life! ABSOLUTELY the best friends ever. There are some that i will forever be friends with!
Agagon, Rubiar "Bud"MM1 (SS)Feb 14, 2004 – May 5, 2009RL DivisionThe half crazed nuke that people either loved, hated or...whatever. I miss you guys, yeah even the coners too.
Agagon, RubiarMMN2Feb 15, 2004 – Mar 18, 2009Reactor Laboratories
Geis, StephenET1Mar 9, 2004 –Reactor Control
Andreasson, ShanderbeastYN2Jun 2004 – Jan 2008YNI would rather be gang raped than to ever set foot on the Santa Fe again. It is an evil piece of floating metal, with some real morons on it. Never again.
Langley, ChristopherET3Oct 12, 2004 –Reactor Control
Sherman, ChadSTS2Oct 24, 2004 – Sep 23, 2007Sonar
Gonzalez, EloyFT1(SS)Dec 2004 – Sep 2009FTIf you ever though that a 15 year 1st class would never get out five years from retirement, you never served aboard the 763. Living proof right here!
Perez, Rafael "the Cob"CMDCMDec 22, 2004 – Dec 5, 2007THE COBEven though you have some complainers about how bad it was, there were times that we laughed our ass off and i would go to war with everyone of those guys again. I miss you all.

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