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USS Columbus (SSN 762) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Columbus (SSN 762). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 142 crew members registered for the USS Columbus (SSN 762).

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Rychlec, TimE7/MM1996 – 1998AUXILLIARY
Adams, MatthewET21996 – 1999Reactor Controls
Zach, RyanET3(SS)Jan 15, 1996 – May 15, 2000ESMWorked in probably the best part of the boat! I can't say I miss it, but we had good times! Working for Nikon now and getting well overpaid! I have the Navy to thank for that! Maybe I should get a college degree before I get fired, Ha!
Decaprio, MikeMM2Feb 1996 – Feb 2000Glad everyone is doing good. Worked at a commercial nuclear plant for 5 (which was cool)went to school. Now back in Hawaii working as Engineer for the Hawaiian Electric Company.
Ford, RichardChief of the BoatMar 20, 1996 – 1998ExecWow, a session that was. Great boat. First deployments, all the awards, and the torture too. How about the Philipines etc... Retired after 30 in 04. On bride number three. You were all SUPERHEROS!.
Stasio, RichardMMFA A GangJun 6, 1996 – Feb 28, 1997Engineering
Gutierrez, Derek (Gut)MM2Nov 1996 – Sep 2000A-GangBack in New mexico working in the oil field
Holliday, ChristopherSTS3 (SS) STRIKERJan 9, 1997 – May 23, 2001WepsBeing on board "The Bus" was the best thing that ever happened to me. I met great people and the experance made me the man I am today. I am still in Hawaii and got out of the Navy in Aug. 2004. All you "Old Timers" Drop me a line!!
Fischer, T.a.CAPTAINMar 14, 1997 – Sep 24, 1999Commanding OfficerBest boat on the water front!
Gordon, JeromyeEM2May 1997 – May 30, 2001Electrical
Bowles, ScottSTS3 SS/DVJun 1, 1997 – May 1, 2000ST/DVIm working for SAIC in San Diego as a commercial diver. I still have submarine dreams frequently. The experience gained on the Columbus have certainly helped me with my career.
Hall, DanaSKC(SS)Jun 7, 1997 – Nov 15, 2000storekeeperAbsolutely the finest crew I served with in 20 years.
Kennedy, RichFT2/SSJul 5, 1997 – Oct 12, 2000FT/IT
Hagler, MichaelMM1Jul 7, 1997 – Aug 10, 2001MCurrently finishing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Boise State University. I will begin graduate studies in the fall of 06. Working for the material Science and Engineering Dept. on Magnetics research. send me a line
Ermish, GaryLTAug 19, 1997 – Sep 30, 1999Supply Officer
Sabol, JasonMA2/SSSep 13, 1997 – Apr 15, 2001DECK / A-GANG
Corrigan, Brian (The Mick)STS2Oct 17, 1997 – Dec 13, 2004acoustic warriorsMoved on to kicking butt with my red rope up in great lakes. not all of my recruits will get to ride the bus but they wish they could... HOOYAH Warriors!!
Sulich, RayETC(SS)1998 – 2001NAVBest division I've ever had the pleasure of serving with !
Stephenson, Eugene (Junior)ET2(SS) / E-5Jan 16, 1998 – Aug 12, 2002Communications (RM)You have questions, we have answers... Radio Shack!
Moreno, Jorge MogleyMM3Jun 10, 1998 – Jun 10, 2001A-GangHey all whats up. Working at Corpus Christi Army Depot.
Price, Christopher J.MM3/SSJun 25, 1998 – Dec 12, 2000TM
Myers, MitchellEM1(SS)Jul 8, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002EngineeringSeems like everyone is doing well. I am currently working at a natural gas power plant in San Francisco. Will finally finish my bachelor's in May 2008. Hoping to make it back to Hawaii.
Manning, JoshuaET2/SSAug 1998 – May 2002RADIOMiss those RMC Bell/RM1 Stone days......Throwing crap off of the 16th floor of Seawolf barracks...Now I'm living in Vegas doing field service installing/maintaining high speed bottling and packaging equipment for a German company....
Nelson, Nicholas RFT2 (SS)Sep 1998 – Aug 9, 2002Fire Control
Patterson, CliftonET1Nov 11, 1998 – Dec 1, 2003Nav
Redmann, GregoryEM2May 8, 1999 – Jun 26, 2003EStill at UVA and enjoying the good civilian life!!! Drop me a line if you want.
Livanec, DonRM2/SSAug 15, 1999 – Mar 31, 2003
Axley, Jason/ KooterMM32000 – 2004A-Gang
Garcia, A.g.EM1-ELPOJul 15, 2000 – Oct 27, 2003EHad a great time on the "Bus" learned many things. Hope you guys are doing well on the west coast. Give us a ring, am on the Santa Fe now. Keep Charging. Hooyah.
Gallagher, TommyMM2/SSSep 2000 – Sep 2003A-GANG
Woodliff, Steve "The Tank"EM2Nov 14, 2000 – Aug 5, 2004ElectricalDown at the University of Florida and then off to law school.
Ferguson, Tim Aka Fergie2001 –Married and living in NC with my daughter.
Oldberg, Big Fat DaveMM2/SS2001 – 2004MLoving life in civ nuc world. Getting OT pay is great! The ShortBus was a strange ride, & I'm glad it ended, but I worked with some of the best men I've ever met. Some of the worst too, but to hell with em. Missing HI in OH now, but the
Gilmartin, James ( Gerbil )E5Jan 2001 – Mar 2004SONAR
Kanai, BrianET1(SS)Jan 1, 2001 – Jun 9, 2004RC - LPOFinished my MBA - Finance (High Honors) in Dec 2006, and am now working for Bechtel Plant Machinery as a logistics analyst (Fleet Support Dept).
Grimm, JoshuaMM1Jan 18, 2001 – May 1, 2003M
Tejeda, DavidYN2Apr 2001 – Oct 2005YNDamn - spent 1/5 of my life onboard! What was I thinking? ;) Had a great tour & served with some of the best men around. Good luck to all who come N go. The BUS sure does leave an effect on ya. Sorry for everyone who still has to serve with BOND
Lehrmann, JasonE-5Apr 1, 2001 – Sep 1, 2006ATo all my homies that are leaving me behind was fun times serving with you on the BUS and hopefully we will all get the good deal shore duties.AKA " the longest guy to serve on the Columbus." Cant wait to meet up with you all again..
Newton, Scott " Da Juice"MM2Apr 28, 2001 – May 4, 2004A Gang Shore Duty Rocks!!!
Utz, EdwardLTMay 30, 2001 – Apr 28, 2004Weapons and SCUBAHooyah Columbus, wishing you the best in your new homeport. LT Utz - Boston University NROTC
Weiss, KennethFT2(SS/DV)Jun 29, 2001 – Mar 1, 2005FIRE CONTROL/FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE
Casby, CedricMM2/E-5Jul 16, 2001 – Nov 13, 2005Auxiliary/Engineeringthe first place i have been when i found out THE MAN isn't as dominant as he is cracked up to be. i could only hope that anyone in the old frame of mind finds what i have found: a moment in life when you realize you can chart your own course. DAR
Robbins, RonnieE-5/ET2 (SS)Jul 19, 2001 – Jul 19, 2004RadioSuperman is in the house. GREEN C Division Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars, Glory...Lasts Forever
Gibbs, RussellET2/SSAug 20, 2001 – Aug 20, 2004Radio
Hanson, JoshSTS3Aug 23, 2001 – Jul 15, 2005Sonar
Harris, MattTMC(SS)Sep 2001 – Jun 2003TorpedoMy last (6) months onbd were the longest of my life....It did not kill me so I guess the BUS made me stronger. For the current and future COLUMBUS Warriors: Keep on drivin' the big ole bus o freedom! To all the TM's: Keep the bus ready to figh
Crowl, Tom ( Tc Caucasian)TM2 (SS)Sep 25, 2001 – Oct 3, 2005TorpedoMiss you fuckstains. and remeber....Camp....Dink nubs sink subs

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1995 | 1996 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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