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USS Springfield (SSN 761) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Springfield (SSN 761). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 131 crew members registered for the USS Springfield (SSN 761).

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Neely, JoeSK21999 – 2002supplyMoved back to Florida after a short tour in San Diego. Would like to say Hi to everyone I used to BS with! Working for a distribution company in Pompano Beach doing, you guessed it, inventory management. is the site. Later!
Holder, WillE6Jan 3, 1999 – Jul 7, 2002MSMy family and I are back in Highland By God Texas, and I bought my Dad's auto repair shop. I tryed the reserves for 1 month, but was quick to remember why I left! ha! I do miss ya'll! Email if you get a chance.
Stroede, JakeMM3/SSJun 20, 1999 – Jun 20, 2001A-GANGWanna talk? Email me back home.
Stevens, CraigICC (SS)Oct 1, 1999 – Sep 25, 2000NavigationGreat Ship and Great Crew..Couldn't ask for a better ship to retire on.
Swanders, RyanMM1 (SS/DV)Mar 7, 2000 – Jun 16, 2004Krack is FAT, and a felon from what I hear. E-div is a bunch of pus5ies, M-div will kick all of your asses! In CO, with the rest of M-div. We still kick ass.
Robinson, ArthurEM1May 2000 – Mar 2003EWill be reporting back for 2 more years of fun onboard after 4 years of work onboard the USS Hawaii SSN776.
Douglas, DavidSTS1Aug 27, 2000 –Sonar/Deck/MICA great boat with a bunch of great guys.
Downey, WayneET2Sep 11, 2000 – Nov 8, 2004RCStarting a Nuke job at Indian Point, NY soon. God, never thought I'd be doing that again. Some things never change, I guess, like Krack being fat for instance, and Baltzell being a waste of life.
Congdon, JayMMC(SS)2001 – 2003MachineryNothing like taking something that is on the bottom back to the top again!
Townsend, MarcusSTS22001 – 2003SonarGood times on this command as well as some bad, but overall good. Still in Ct. Look me up. God bless to you all!
Top, JoshuaEM2Jan 2001 – Apr 2005E-Div
Top, JoshEM2Feb 21, 2001 –electricalKrack's Fat.
Murphy, Arthur P.MM2(SS)Apr 23, 2001 – Jul 7, 2005MLiberty House rules! Vic and Swanders went to the store. Real quick before you go, roboKrack IS Fat. Ok, bye bye boats!
Dewolf, JerryEM2(SS)Jul 3, 2001 – Feb 18, 2008EKrack IS fat, not for fake, or joking or kidding around or pretend or anything like that, for real. Ediv rules.
Johnson, JasonEMC (SS)Aug 15, 2001 – Oct 9, 2005ElectricalMaintenance supervisor for Steel Dynamics Inc, Engineered Bar Products. Looking for a few good electricians or mechanics. Email me if you are interested. Great pay, great benefits.
Johnson, JasonEM1Aug 27, 2001 – Oct 9, 2005ElectricalWell let me just say that the Springfields attempts to reduce attrition from the Navy failed.
Miller, Otis "Country"ET2Aug 27, 2001 – Aug 28, 2005ICRun!Run! Fast as you can ,They're trying to keep me on the Event Horizon!!!!!!
Alberque, RyanMM3(ss)Sep 11, 2001 – May 30, 2002A GANGI'd go back to that pig anytime!!!!!
Johnson, JdFT1Dec 7, 2001 – Mar 1, 2007Fire ControlGood Boat, did good things. Wouldn't change a thing if i had it to do all over again
Halverson, TravisSK32002 – 2005SKKrack fat? He was rude. Maybe because I was a Coner. I'm repairing espresso machines now. SKs can learn to do more than count o-rings after all. Thanks to everyone who signed my qual card in exchange for parts!
Peterson, AaronLTFeb 2002 – Jun 2005RL/E/A-gang/RLROTC instructor at Tulane in New Orleans . . . rough duty!! I miss the crew already, but definitely NOT EB! Krack is definitely NOT skinny.
O'Donnell, Jr "Od"STS1Feb 22, 2002 – Apr 15, 2004SONARDay after Duty Dawg!!!
Krack, TomEM3/SSApr 24, 2002 – Oct 6, 2004EI hate precipitators and MGs. I'm gonna hit the rack. Top is gay. Dewolf is a drunk. Murphy is a mechanic. Jager is a recruiter, so he must be lying.
Roberts, Dread PirateET2/SSMay 15, 2002 – May 17, 2006RCGo Tigers! Krack is Fat!
Gookin, JamesET2 (SS)Jun 2002 – Jul 2004Navigation/Operations
Kostrna, BrianMM1/E-6Aug 20, 2002 – Sep 11, 2006RLKrack is fat...and I am gonna need your TLD's
Parsons, RobETC2003 – 2004NAV ET
Abernathy, DocHMC(SS)Jan 3, 2003 – Nov 29, 2004MedicalBest bunch of guys I've ever served with. I must add though, Krack is pretty fat....
Moser, RyanMM2 (SS)Feb 2003 – Mar 2007MKrack is so fat that there is a monthly PM to grease the tunnel so that he could get back to the ER to stand watch. Also, Burns is an old salt. He drinks straight brine. His brothers are Adm. Rickover and Davy Jones.
Miller, Petecapt2004 – 2006o
Miller, PeteCAPTJan 2004 – Jul 2006Proud of all you guys.
Jarchow, RickENSApr 4, 2004 – Mar 1, 2007A-GANG
Reynolds, Jon "RJ"STS3/SSJun 22, 2004 –ST/DeckFINALLY out of DMP! now the real games begin. WITHOUT Krack's fat ass.
Wescott, StevenYNC(SS)Jul 2004 – Jul 2006YNHell of a boat and hell of a crew. One of the best experiences of my life. About to move to Louisiana to work in the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department. Look me up if you're in town.
Hoang, CuongMM3Aug 28, 2004 – Dec 18, 2008i am hoang. hear me roar
Stewart, ScottET2Sep 2004 – Apr 2006NavDown Ladder! Falling bridge-boxes HURT!
Schuetz, MichaelET3Sep 14, 2004 – Sep 15, 2008NavigationKrack had already been kicked off when I reported onboard. But I heard he was pretty fat. Also, Reynolds is a douchebag.
Smith, Ernest (SmittyE-6/YN1(SS)Sep 29, 2004 – Mar 24, 2007Leading YN
Boord, JeremyETC(SS)Mar 3, 2006 – Mar 3, 2008ET NavigationGreat boat, horrible of the most boring I've ever been on. Made chief on the Springfield....great Goat Locker...wish we had the same comraderie in recruiting. Look me up if your ever in the Saratoga NY area.
Anthony, WesleyMM3/SSJun 1, 2006 – Sep 13, 2010Torpedo Man
Jackson, DaveET1Sep 22, 2006 – Dec 31, 2010NE01None
Temple, GarrettFT2/SSMar 29, 2007 – Sep 18, 2009Fire Control
Botkin, AndrewMM32008 –M-Div
Ozment, DustinSEAMAN SONARJul 8, 2008 –sonar
Cygnarowicz, Mark (Cyggy)TMC/3MCOct 2016 – Jan 2017TMWorst/best booze cruise ever

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1993 | 1994 – 1998 | 1999 – now

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