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USS Annapolis (SSN 760) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Annapolis (SSN 760). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 125 crew members registered for the USS Annapolis (SSN 760).

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Ellis, MichaelMSCJan 2000 – Jun 2003MSGreat Boat
Johnson, BryanE-6/ FT1/SSJan 2000 – May 2001Fire ControlWhat can I say......the FT's and TM's helped me serve my 14 months of penance with fun and good times
Dana, MichaelSNFeb 2000 – Jul 2001Deck
Hammer, ScottMM2/SSMar 22, 2000 – Sep 27, 2004A-GANG...the only gang!!!Ah the good old Anal Police, what can I say that hasn't already been said. Great crew, with the few noted exceptions. Lots of fun times. So there I was............
Phillips, ChristopherET 2 (SS)Jun 2000 – Dec 2004NAV OPSANGRY MAN
Meadows, Bryan "Karl"ANNAPOLISJul 5, 2000 – Jul 29, 2004Machinery
Luther, BradCS2/SSAug 20, 2000 – Oct 1, 2005Food ServiceDoes everyone know that the steel window in the galley was always (by the cooks) refered to as "The Asshole Window", because that is all we saw when we opened it up.
Favolise, PaulET1Sep 15, 2000 – Nov 15, 2002
Priest, ScottCTT1(SS)Sep 20, 2000 – Oct 31, 2000RadioI was a rider and loved the crew. Those on board during that time will no doubt remember 'Ski' and I trying to get our fish.
Edmonds, CoreyEM1/SSSep 20, 2000 – Oct 15, 2004ElectricalI found this site searching for "USS Anal Palace". Funny stuff.
Bell, Andrew C.MS 1Oct 24, 2000 – Oct 19, 2004Supply
Kocis, FrankET2Jan 2001 – Jul 2005NavigationI thought that the boat life sucked, but then I came to the surface navy (AS39) for a tour and F@#k that, submarine navy is the only way.
Adcock, JameyE6/ET(QM1)Apr 4, 2001 – May 25, 2005Navigation
Madsen, Aaron (Billy)MM2(E5)Apr 7, 2001 – Sep 13, 2005A-GangGOOD TIMES, GOOD PORTS, GOOD CREW.
Blackshear, JodyETC(SS)Apr 20, 2001 – Mar 6, 2006RCI almost don't remember the hate. Almost.
Haskins, BrianMM1(SS)Aug 1, 2001 – Mar 13, 2006Machinery
Hines, KevinMMC(SS)Aug 15, 2001 – Jul 3, 2007MachineryCan't say that I'd do it again, but for the most part the people here are fantastic. I hope to see all of you again sometime in the near future.
Schaffer, ChristopherSK2/E5Oct 16, 2001 – Jun 15, 2004storesits hot down here
Smith, ChrisMM1Oct 21, 2001 – Dec 19, 2006RL
Mason, Rick (Crazy Eyes)TM2Oct 22, 2001 – Apr 2007When I am out in town in my dress blues and someone offers to buy me a drink to thank me for my service to this country, I have come to realize its not the job I do that they are thanking me for... its the bull sh!t I put up with
Chahanovich, ChrisSTS2(SS)Jun 2002 – Jun 2004SonarMember of the infamous "760 Hostage crisis of 2003"
Gookin, JamesET2Jun 2002 – Aug 2003NavigationWhy did I ever come to this shithole of a boat? Why did I stay in Groton? Why oh Why did we have a fat headed Nav? And the division of 'true colors' still reigns. Hostage situation of the shipyard. 3 man division and 'fired' quart
Patterson, BartSTSCJun 2002 – Oct 2004SonarNapoleonic Tendacies
Franko, GabeEM2(SS)Jun 26, 2002 – Jun 26, 2006E-DivSNOB: March-June 2006
Smelik, AndrewMM1(SS)Nov 19, 2002 – Oct 10, 2006A-GANG
Morgan, PhilMM2Dec 15, 2002 – Oct 15, 2006M-DIV
Kersey, GeorgeMM3 (SS)Jan 3, 2003 – Mar 31, 2006Auxilliary (a-gang)The good ship Annapolis was quite an experience for me. Our division was quite a force to be reckon with. We could have drank any division of any ship in any fleet under the table in our prime.
Marks, Josh "Bra"MM2Mar 12, 2003 – May 28, 2006A-gangMy favorite nicknames for the 760 were the Analpalace, Analpolice, and the Unhappolis. Just remember A-gang is the only gang. Later Submarine warriors.
Kennemore, PaulSTS2(SS)Apr 2003 – Mar 2007SonarLife lesson learned aboard 760: Never ever re-drill the base plate holes.
Thomson, JeremySTS3/SSJul 1, 2003 – Jun 17, 2007SonarI once stabbed Chewie in the foot with my shiv! The look on his face was priceless, thats what you get for cutting PBB's hair fooly-o
Love, HolidMM2 (SS)Nov 3, 2003 –A-Gang
Coulombe, "Doc"HM1Jul 11, 2004 – Jul 1, 2007Medical
Knighten, SteveET2(SS)Sep 10, 2004 –NAV
South, BrandonET3Oct 1, 2004 –Navigation
Smith, Joshua (Smitty)SK3Jan 1, 2005 –Ever wonder if a man can die by drinking water from a cup, what an electric current going threw your phalus feels like, or even to what manach feels like in your eyes. Well the navy has shown me just that. Thanks sonar! I will remember you.
Classen, Frederick Aka BobMM2May 23, 2005 – Jul 24, 2008AUXI will miss the people a lot. I will not miss working on Subs. That really grew old fast. If anyone who visits this wants my email its
Ladd, PatrickFT2/3Jun 12, 2005 – Jul 29, 2008Fire ControlThis is like analog Facebook
Spicer, BrentMM1Jul 6, 2005 –A-Gang
Okane, DanielCSSNJan 1, 2006 – Nov 21, 2006cs
Krueger, Mike (Tubby) (kruegnasty)MM3Jun 1, 2006 – Aug 1, 2007Worst Goddam Experience of my life. But i still miss every fucking Nuke on the damn boat!
Gonzalez, Esteban 'Gonzo'YN2(Submarines)Jul 28, 2008 – Jul 1, 2011Yeoman
Cygnarowicz, Mark (Cyggy)TMCJan 2014 – Jan 2016TMHow was I not fired?

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