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USS Alexandria (SSN 757) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Alexandria (SSN 757). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 126 crew members registered for the USS Alexandria (SSN 757).

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Johnson, Harold W.SKCS(SS)Jan 1993 – Apr 1994S-1
Cumberland, KeithSTS1(ss)Mar 1993 – Mar 1997Sonar and Deck Div.Fun times and good people.
Allard. Sr, Kevin. (Diehard) profile iconE4 MSSSJun 23, 1993 – Dec 5, 1997Mess specialist....Chief RossSome of the best days of my life, what a brotherhood. New on the boat...I thought was tough, but In the long run saw it was for my own good and the safety of fellow brothers. The day I was pinned E4 was an honor. Thanks
McGarry, NuggetIC2 (SS)Aug 1, 1993 – Jul 20, 1998EngineeringBig Time Rolling! Last of the "Rubble, Rubble" IC Man in the division. Met some of the best people in my life. Now a high school history teacher and a licensed electrician. Still playing the bagpipes. Did 4 deployments. Don't miss fie
Taliaferro, MattLieutenantDec 1993 – Dec 1996OfficerAmazing crew. Great times. Great memories with lifelong friends.
Kemp, QuinthusFT2/SS1994 –
Delgado, Joe DFT2Jan 1994 – Jul 1998Fire ControlI can't believe all this time has passed and I still find myself telling Navy stories. Simply the best time of my life. It was hard work but the guys were great. I wish you all the best.
Finley, Nicholas "Chinley"ET2/SSMar 10, 1994 – Jul 1, 1998Electronics Forward
Finley, Nicholas (Chinley) profile iconET2/SSMar 10, 1994 – Jul 1, 1998Electronics Division/NavigationMy watch station was primarily in CSES, but I was often sent out to control to man the GEO plot. Now living in Southern Illinois. Priest at Orthodox Christian parish of Royalton.
Sturgill, MarkMM2Aug 1994 – Oct 1998A-GANGHad a lot a good times and bad times. That boat made Men. Steve are you still putting grapes in Microwaves? A moment of silence for Holms. May he rest in peace.
Archambault, GlenMM2Nov 1, 1994 – Jul 14, 1998M
Sasseen, JohnSTS1 (ss)1995 – 1996SonarGreat Crew !
Gejoff, ThomasYN1(SS)Jan 1995 – Jan 1997AdminThe 5th boat I served on, and by far the best.
Kenley, HankMMCMMar 1995 – Oct 1997
Dennerlein, EdMM3May 1, 1995 – Dec 1, 1997A-GANG
Lloyd, AaronET2(SS)- ROMay 15, 1995 – Jun 8, 1998Reactor Controls
Gaul, DavidEM2/SSAug 1, 1995 – Apr 1998Electrical
Freeman, Joel "Ace"STS3(SS)Sep 1995 – Jul 1999Weapons
Christy, JohnMM3Sep 1995 – Jul 1999TorpedomanAnother moment of silence for Marcus Holmes may you Rest In Peace you are severely missed.
Chance, JamesYN2(SS)Sep 1995 – Jul 1997AdminOne of the best experiences of my life. Met some awesome people on that ship that I would die for in a heartbeat. Rest in peace MS3(SS) Marcus Holmes. We did all we could to take you home. I'm sorry brother. :-(
Hodurski, Michael "hobob"MMFA1996 – 1998A Gang
Lewis, PaulSK1/SSAug 15, 1996 – Dec 10, 1998SupplyEnded up being the SKLPO when the previous (shall remain unnamed) was 'escorted' off the boat. What a shock! Wow, we did a lot of OPS.
Borders, JohnETC(SS)1997 – 2001Nav/Ops
Shaw, WilliamFT3May 7, 1997 – Feb 3, 2001Fire ControlWhats up all drop a note.
Dau, Stevene-5Jun 17, 1997 – Aug 19, 2001rc
McCabe, Matthew (Big Mac)MM1-SSJun 25, 1997 – Oct 30, 1999A-Gangretired
Noble, RobertEM1/SSAug 8, 1997 – Jan 8, 2002ElectricalTwice as Strong, but smell wasn't everything! Ramrod-hummer (France-98) Rattle-X '99 (Northern run that just would not start!) Served under the "Emperor" Dec '98- Jun '00. Med run '01..Poop river through middle level (
Warner, KentTM2(SS) MM2(SS)Dec 1997 – Aug 1999TorpedoMet some great guys. France was cool. But it was the worst 2 years of my life. No respect for the blue shirts.
Brister, Bubby (Johnny)YN2(SS)Jan 1, 1998 – Dec 1, 2001
Neely, AndrewET2(SS)May 1998 – May 2002NavigationI have a ton of memories from that boat, some good some bad. I'm now teaching English back in my home town, what a long strange trip. Best of luck to the current crew. How are the ANWIC batteries holding up? That PM was always fun.
Marshall, MichaelMM3Nov 10, 1998 – Mar 12, 2003a-gangwhats up with the shit pump
Glade, Mike (3pon)MM3 (SS)Jan 1999 – Jan 16, 2002TM
Wilkerson, WilkieMM3(SS)Sep 1, 1999 – Sep 1, 2004A GangShipmates, Crazy half-way night when that streaker ran through the race. All you crazy shithooks. Sliding down the passageway. Getting my fish. Bluenose. Dry-dock in Portsmouth was outstanding. Making life-time friends
Watson, ChadET2/ssSep 1, 1999 – Sep 9, 2000CommsAlexandria was my second boat and by far the best.
Hawes, DerekEM1(SS)Dec 17, 1999 – Dec 2, 2003E
Raines, EdSK12000 – 2001Supply
Morse, ScottMM2Apr 2000 – Feb 2005M Division
Lau, WaiET2/SSApr 1, 2000 – May 25, 2004Nav
Vinson, MichaelET3Aug 2000 – Mar 2002Nav ET
Gates, MichaelTMC (SS)Sep 2000 – Nov 2003WeaponsCombat Systems Department LCPO Torpedo Division
Weber, ChrisET2/SSOct 2000 – Jun 2004RadioGood times, bad times, I miss it all the same.
Hornedo, JoseanE5, MMDec 18, 2000 – Jun 1, 2005A-GangA-gang all the way. Great times and memories here. My english was bad then, but I could of fixed and get anything done by claping my hands two time, look at me, its done. Donnedo82(at) facebook me

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1992 | 1993 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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