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USS Scranton (SSN 756) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Scranton (SSN 756). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 166 crew members registered for the USS Scranton (SSN 756).

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Slavin, MarkMM2 (SS)1998 –
Cameron, JeremyE5Apr 23, 1998 – Jun 12, 2001RadioThis was my favorite command.
Wolle, ChadE-5/STS/SSJul 8, 1998 – Jun 13, 2003SonarThe Beach Boys rule! If ever there was more then 3 in a bar at one time, it was considered an international fire hazard. I'll go to see with you boy's any day!! Wish you all the best.
White, The ColonelE5/STS2(SS)Jul 8, 1998 – Oct 28, 2002SonarBest time of my life even though I was drunk thru most of it. I love everyone of you for serving on the steely eyed monster of the deep. Best crew EVER. You know who you are. 4 Battle E's. Dept. of Shat still lives and we will find you.
Reese, Thomas(fieldmarshal)FT1(SS)Oct 1998 – Mar 2003FTThey tried to keep me down, but you can't stifle the Dept of Shat. Like the Colonel said, we know who you are. I am in Kings Bay now, 401-477-4576. Any Dept Shat members that want to do what we did best give me call if you are in town.
McCracken, ScottE-5/STS2(SS)Oct 9, 1998 – Sep 23, 2002STIt was great while it lasted, but I'm off to better things.
Rick, WhiteETCSJul 7, 1999 – Aug 29, 2002NAV/OPSI enjoyed working with a great crew that was dedicated to the mission at hand.
Hundley, JoeyETC/SSAug 1999 – Sep 2003RMLots of memories from a group of awesome people!
Morgante, Samuel A.MSC(SS)Sep 9, 1999 – Sep 16, 2001SupplyWe were only the second Mess Specialists to win the Edward F. Ney Memorial Award for Superior Food Service. We took runner up for small afloat.
Lawrence, TrevYN1(SS)Mar 20, 2000 – Nov 1, 2002YNWe held it down. Through four LPO's, Lawrence and Church carried the load. We ran the office through a change of command with no LPO and all I got was a CO LOC for my end of tour. Death to "Shorty Green"
Brimer, JeffMM2Apr 2, 2000 – Jan 13, 2005A-Gangit was fun but so much better on shore duty in HAWAII ha ha just seeing what my old shipmates are up to drop me a line sometime....yeah you
Racey, ColmanETCMay 2000 – May 2004Navigation
Koehler, John/baby KMM2 (SS)May 1, 2000 – Oct 1, 2003A GangI miss my Brothers of the Deep. learn a lot from most of you.
Keenen, JohnnyE-6/MM1(SS)May 11, 2000 – Aug 2004M
Rowland, J.r.MM1/SSMay 20, 2000 – Jan 18, 2005I had to much fun sometimes for my own good. You guys stay safe on deploment. M-Div stay strong. Shore duty is better but never forget the showers in condensate bay!
Ambrosino, ChipChiefOct 1, 2000 – Jul 25, 2002Supply1
Woellert, BenE-7/MMC/SSNov 2000 – Apr 2005M
Meeker, MikeLTNov 1, 2000 – Nov 1, 2003O GangLots of work, but a lot of fun, too. We had some good times. . .
Gorman, JohnE-6/MM22001 –MI heart Jerm!
Schirmer, Kevin "Scooter"MM1(SS)Jan 1, 2001 – Mar 2, 2006M
Zaidi, BrandonEM2Feb 15, 2001 – Nov 15, 2005Electrical
Reese, Nicholas "fat Kid"MM1/SSMar 16, 2001 – Jan 6, 2006
Reese, Nicholas KMM2/SSApr 2001 –M
Venable, NicholasE5/ET2Apr 15, 2001 – Oct 15, 2005
Zenner, Timothy "Gizmo"MM1/SSApr 17, 2001 – Mar 1, 2006Machinery
Gardiner, MarkMM2May 2001 – Aug 5, 2005A-gangFondest memories When the radar mast disappeared underway. All the people who complained then reenlisted. When the engineer asked what we were doing about the oil leak and I said when we run out of oil the leak will stop
Radzyminski, Travis (Radz)EM1Jun 14, 2001 – Apr 6, 2006EE01
Curry, StevenET3Aug 2001 – Feb 2002ETI made some really bad mistakes in my life and the alcohol related incidents I had back then were really dumb. I wonder if I would still be in the Navy had I been smarter and not got in trouble. To this day I remmeber my time aboard fondly.
Moore, LeonE-5/ET2Sep 2001 – Aug 17, 2003COMMS
Rasmusson, Bruce (Assmuscle)MM3Sep 1, 2001 – Nov 23, 2005a-gang
Thoreson III, Robert (Thor)EM2 SS/ EM3 SSSep 20, 2001 – Jul 14, 2003This was my first boat, but i had the most fun on this one, and the crew was pretty cool, even though i was a shithead at times. I miss it kinda
Elder, TreverE5/ET2(SS)Sep 24, 2001 – Mar 1, 2006COMMS
Bates, Jimmy RayMM1/SSSep 24, 2001 – Oct 6, 2005RL/M
Rasmussen, CoreyMM2Jan 4, 2002 – Jul 3, 2006A-Gang
Nichols, Jeremy Aka JET1/SSMar 25, 2002 – Mar 1, 2006RCBig PITA, but met good friends. Very happy to leave and not be a part of the DMD for Spring 2006
Kern, WillMM1/SSApr 2002 – Jun 2006A-Gang
Dill, ChrisET1SSApr 2002 – Oct 2006RadioNo email for you, and if you need me I wil be playing cards or in the rack. Soon I will be transfering to CIVLANT like all the rest of the shack back then. Oh yeah, and Estes remark is why that is.
Ledbetter, Anthony LbE6/CS1Apr 8, 2002 –The Best : CS
Chacon, DocHMCApr 17, 2002 – Apr 28, 2004ExecTake two motrin. Hows it going Anthony "The Hitman" Ledbetter?
Meyer, Craig "Tum Tum" profile iconMM2Apr 18, 2002 – Jan 7, 2007TMI'll never forget the nukes who pretty much ran reload teams, Houston, the constant firing of TM chiefs, Murphy always shaking his hands, the way Kee talked, BGW, and how it always seemed to get worse the longer I was there.
Bullard, AlanETCS(SS)May 2002 – May 2004NAV/OPSNODEA
Bullard, AlanETCS(SS)May 15, 2002 – May 31, 2004NAVOPSNODEA
Ashbaugh, GeorgeSKCJul 2002 – Dec 8, 2003I dont knowThis is his son. I am creating this for my dad so i might be able to reconnect with some people he knew. RIP George Ashbaugh 1965-2003.
Futch, Kenneth/kennyET2(SS)/E-5Jul 1, 2002 – Oct 18, 2004COMMSI miss you guys, I wish that I'd made the Deployment, but wish me luck, I'm getting out soon and am going to get married and all that good stuff. That's right, KENNY's settling down!!
Blalock, AndrewSTS3/HM3(SS)Sep 20, 2002 – Mar 17, 2005sonar/deck/medicalto my shipmates on deployment good luck!
Houston, DaveYN1(SS)Oct 1, 2002 – Sep 28, 2006EXECReese update your rank, jack azz
Courtney, KevinSTS3/STG3 (SS)Oct 4, 2002 – Mar 16, 2005SonarBlalock, "they got me!"...Deployed Feb06. Good Luck guys, glad you made it back from Deployment.
Gregoire, Sean "frenchy"EM1/SSDec 2, 2002 – Jan 20, 2008EE01It was a very long 5+ years, but I gained some pretty good electrical knowledge, gained some life experience, and gained some life long friends. May God grant all of you many years.
Sturgill, StevenCMDCMDec 20, 2002 – Aug 16, 2005ExecI wish the best to all previous and present crewmembers. The time I spent aboard will always be the best memories of the Navy. I still go to sea but only on weekends off Cocoa Beach FL. and normally just to fish. Retirement is relaxing.

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