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USS Miami (SSN 755) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Miami (SSN 755). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 167 crew members registered for the USS Miami (SSN 755).

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Sutton, Craig (Turbo) profile iconE51991 – 1993M / RLWhat a great boat to get my start on. Old school all the way with Ditpig, Wado, Marshall, Sonny, Whip, Sluggo, Kilo, and so many others. We were such a mess when Steve got there. And Lou was the best Div-o ever!
Graham, JeffreyEM2/SSJan 1991 – Oct 1993ElectricalLooking back now upon my time on board the Miami I cherish the experience I had. My children love hearing stories of my time aboard both the Miami and the Columbia. Thanks for all the memories.
Ilch, James W.ET1/SSJun 1991 – Jun 1996
Embry, JamesFAAug 1991 – Feb 14, 1992DeckI only spent a few months on board. Went to the Navy Band program and toured the world playing RnR. Now I`m an international corporate lawyer living in Japan. I still tell people about the short but great time I had on the Miami. contact me
Miles, HowardMMC/MMCSAug 1991 – 1995M-DivThe best boat I served on. I really miss those times now and the guys I worked with. What a great bunch of guys.
Lawrence, JasonET2/SSAug 12, 1991 – Jan 4, 1996RadioA great experience I'll treasure always
Glass, JimMM1(SS)Sep 1991 – Mar 1992RL
Murvay, KevinRM2/SSOct 1991 – Jan 1994RADIOI would love to hear from my old Shipmates!! Give me a ring!
Rinker, DaveMM2Oct 1991 – Jul 1995M
Ramsey, TerryEM1(SS)Oct 1, 1991 – Dec 15, 1995EGood times. Lots of underway.
Turvey, AdamSTS2/SSNov 1991 – Jan 9, 1996SonarI was blessed with the privilege of serving with the finest crew the US Navy had in those years. It was an honor working alongside each and everyone of you.
Schoettner, AdrianTM1(SS)Nov 30, 1991 – Aug 28, 1992TM/WEPS1992 Bluenose
Snyder, RichardE5/MM21992 – 1995MMGreat to see all these names. Doing great, work at NASA as an engineer.
Farmer, MattIC 2 SS/DV1992 – 1996
Kazup, Danielmm21992 – 1994moh to go back and do over
Davis, Paul (Luther)MM1(SS)Jan 6, 1992 – Jul 1, 1996The MIAMI was an unforgettable experience for me. M-Divison was MEAN Division back then. I truly miss all the guys and all the "roadies" we took together. I can't wait for a reunion. Feel free to email me.
Trumpower, BrianQMSNFeb 1992 – Feb 1995Deck, QMNever thought I'd miss it, but I do. A great crew. Wish I stayed in. Just wish those QM's were as good a group of shipmates as the rest of the guys.
Hollis, MikeETC(SS)May 1992 – May 1994RC
Krpata, Thomas (Tom) profile iconMM1(SS)Jun 20, 1992 – Nov 6, 1992A GangHad a great time on board, even though it was a short time. Made a lot of life long friends.
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Small, ScottEM2(SS)Jul 1992 – Jun 1995ELearned a lot of valuable lessons on that ship.
Bagwell, Robert (Bags)MS1/SSOct 1992 – Dec 1994SupplyRetirement (Dec 1994) Boy what a 20 year ride would not have missed it (now that I look back on it) Feel free to email me
Gates, MichaelTM1 (SS)Oct 1992 – Oct 1996Weapons Torpedo
Farmer, MattIC2 SS/DVNov 1992 – Aug 1996IC/ DIVE
Young, Jeff (Crazy)TM3/SSNov 1992 – Feb 1996TM/WEPSYes I am still alive.
Brooker, BrianFT11993 – 1996FTFinishing MS Finance
Schrack, AndyMM1/SS1993 – 1998M divAre things still all schracked up
Mohlenbrink, MikeMM2/SSJan 1993 – Apr 1997A Gang - KnuckledraggerNice to see so many "shippy's" here hehe. The Miami was was pretty much Satan and Jesus all rolled into one. Made some good friends and got some good sea stories from that boat. Brasseaux, that belt is mine!! Feel free to e-mail me.
Brasseaux, ZacharyMM1 (SS)Apr 28, 1993 – Apr 28, 1994MachineryHad a great time on the Miami. We started midget wrestling. I still have the belt.
Hill, SteveET1Feb 24, 1994 – Jan 5, 1998RCCaustic
Pearson, Jeff Aka 'Pecan'ET1/SS NUKE ROMay 14, 1994 – Aug 31, 2000RCWell whaddya know........hope you boys are doin well in CIVLANT, I know I sure am, do miss the crew though, and yes, the dates served are correct.....over 6 years on the WARPIG........some good, some bad......but hey, wouldn't trade it for the wor
Pearson, Jeff AkaET1/SSMay 14, 1994 – Aug 31, 2000RCthe good ol' double nickel, was the mighty 'warpig' when I was there
Hedges, AnthonySTS2/SSMay 15, 1994 – Apr 28, 1998Sonar/Deck LPOI wish everyone a safe and enjoyable journey aboard
Capps, BradMM2 (SS)Jul 1994 – Nov 1997RL
Beutler, BillEM1/SSJul 1994 – Jan 1999E-DivPecan, Smutt fairy, Double-Nickel, little man, last 6 pages of a smutt mag, chunka, Bobby, raindeer pelt in the engine room?, bag of goodies under the pilot cell, Amsterdam, all of my favorite things.
Newton, Grant "The Gord"MM2/SSJul 5, 1994 – Sep 18, 1998MBack on the mighty Nahwohl, greatest war fight'n' platfoam evuh created, killin' moms & dogs ev'ryweh...aaaaap!
Wagenman, JohnRM2Jul 10, 1994 – Oct 5, 1994RadioI was just a rider, but it was the best time I ever had on a sub.
Hoskins, BradMMCSAug 1994 – Aug 1998A GangIt was sad to learn of the Miami's fate. But a submarine is nothing more than a sewer pipe with fins. It is the crew that makes her! I was blessed to be apart of the USS Miami and her great crew!
Thomas, RandySTS1(SS)1995 –SonarFirst to fire, twice to fire!
Snook, ShawnMM2(SS)Jan 31, 1995 – Jun 15, 1999RLMiss you guys, not the boat. Went to prototype in New York, and got out after that.
Messenger, BobbyEM2Apr 15, 1995 – Mar 11, 1999EM NUCWe were some seagoing fools during this time. We saw and did some amazing things. The experience was one that I wouldn't trade for anything, but do not want to repeat in this lifetime.
Wade, Andy/casperSTS3May 1995 – Jun 1998SonarI wouldn't mind hearing from some of the people I served with.
Duke, DjMM3May 1995 – Sep 1998A - gangI wouldn't trade my years on the miami for anything. Feel free to email me.
Lapointe, RonE-5 / MM2 - NUC MECHANICJun 5, 1995 – Aug 17, 1999MI guess it was a lot better than it seemed at the time. I got out right after the 98-99 Med Run. That was one wild deployment. I had fun with you guys and I'll never forget the good ole' Double Nickel. Feel free to email me.
Stonebraker, Brian (Stoney)MM2Jun 28, 1995 – Jul 18, 1999MDo I miss it? No. Do I want to go back? No. Do I regret my descision? No. Do I miss everybody? Yes.
Bertoline, DocHMCSJul 5, 1995 – Apr 17, 1998MedicalThe MIAMI was my last sea tour before shipping over to shore and retiring in 2002. Truly the best boat I was ever on and the best guys! Tell Doc Mitchell I had the Medical "M" before I gave him the Medical Dept...
Aron, JamesLTOct 1995 – Mar 1998Supply
Kelley, JeffE3/STSNov 1995 – Jan 1998Sonar/ Weapons
Croston, ScottE-5/MT2Nov 20, 1995 – Dec 31, 1996TM
Croston, Scott D.MT2Dec 15, 1995 – Dec 31, 1996TM

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