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USS Bache (DD 470) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bache (DD 470). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 36 crew members registered for the USS Bache (DD 470).

Clendenning, Carl, SteveSEA21944 – May 13, 1945Ryukyus IslandsUncle Carl served on the USS Bache DD-470 and perished (declared MIA) on May 13th, 1945. Interested in obtaining photos from anyone that served during this time or that can share information and ship experiences.
Holzhausen, PaulE-4Dec 3, 1944 – Nov 19457th Fleet
Pittman, John profile iconCaptain1945 – May 13, 1945"O" Division My great uncle was John Hamilton Pittman, Capt. of a twin 40mm gun amidship & starboard side. A kamikaze got through, hit the stack and turned into "Johnny's" gun! It was carrying a 500 pound at the time! I'm named after
Delworth, JohnSeamanFeb 1, 1945 – Aug 1, 1945Pacific FleetDad served as a radar man from early '45 to the end of the war. He was on the crew that returned it to Brooklyn Navy Yard after the Kamikaze hit. He had a hard time talking about that day. He passed in 2007.
Pearle, OwenRMC1951 – 1952XOMy father died in 2010; the Bache was his last ship; I think he was there for the decommissioning. He was a Radioman Chief and died at the age of 96.
Stimets, WendellLT(JG)1952 – 1955Medical Officer My father,died 3/20/08,was ships doctor and an avid photographer.He has a collection of nice color photos 500+ in all of MED cruise 1954.We have scanned the entire collection to CD, would love to share with those interested Ph# 8028684095.
Cybulski, HenryYN2Apr 1, 1952 – Oct 13, 1954OperationsFrom YNSA to YN2. Served Cdr JW Reed and Cdr JH King. Transferred to USS Eaton DDE-510 to serve Capt THW Connor Jr. COMDORTDESDIV22.
Simpson, JamesET31956 – 1956O Division E.T.S.M.I'm not sure how to fill out my dad's stuff, but he was on the U.S.S. Bache 470. I know that during this time, he did the Loundenbary Tour, and a few others.
Kessler, HenryRM 21958 – 1961282
Blaszczyk, Thomas (Ski)SOG2Jun 18, 1958 – Sep 12, 1960FoxI am the president of the USS Bache Reunion Association. I am interested in all who have served on the Bache and/or their family members. Call 708-798-8782 or email:
Glenney, WalterEM2Jun 25, 1959 – Dec 3, 1962RI'm Robert P. Glenney served as a EM2 on the USS Bache from June 1959 to December 1962
Wilson, JohnSK1Jul 1959 – Jun 1961S-1Leading SK. Learned how to Highline, man the 37 Director. J.J. Harden III learned to lock his safe or it would be full of cigarette butts and assorted trash. Tried to learn the flagbag. Bay of Pigs. Task Force 'A'.
Osborn, Thomas M.ETR31960 – 1960OperationsServed in Task Group A. Came aboard as a seaman from ET School. Served for 8 years on 3 ships and one shore station. Completed Nuclear Pwr. School as a Rx Operator. Now live in Warren, PA. I'm a widower.
Thurman, TomMM2Jan 1960 – Nov 1963Engineering Was assigned to naval hospital spring of 1962 to early 1963 then returned to the Bache
Becker, Robert (Little Becker)FNDec 16, 1960 – Nov 20, 1963MMy initial assignment was the forward engine room. After 6 months, I took over the Engineer's Log Room. The BACHE was a fine ship. Tough duty, but a fine experience.
Ouellette, ArmandSNSep 1961 – 1963deck
Deak, KenETN 3Sep 1961 – Sep 1963DesDev 282Lots of good times especially with the radio crew, Chaput, Abshire, etc
Heneisen, RalphEM 3Nov 1961 – Nov 6, 1963RDUTY OK GREAT GUYS. MADE NEW FRIENDS
Tschopp, Russell T profile iconE31962 – 1963Engineering
Bowman, EdwardMM2May 15, 1962 – Nov 20, 1963M Division Lousey duty but a lot of good people.
Litts, DougETR-3Jun 1962 – Mar 1963OperationsRemember being on the Cuban blockade and loosing a shipmate overboard during operations in the north atlantic. Is there a ship reunion?
Gilmore, LarryRD1Aug 1962 – Oct 1964OIGood crew. Horrible food. Rough rider in middle of Hurricanes. Reunion Oct 2009 in Wash. DC
Erb, TomEM3Oct 5, 1962 – Jul 30, 1965RReported aboard just in time for the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Bellamy, LarryRD31963 – 1966OISay a few words.
Veneziano, ErnestSNMar 6, 1963 – Nov 25, 1964BmGreat ship USS Bache DD470, Old converted double stacker, BM duty.
Allan, JerryTM3Mar 10, 1963 – Jan 25, 1967ASGreat times
Bacon, ThomasSTG-2Jun 1963 – Mar 1966Foxenjoyed this time on ship
Gamez, DavidBT2Aug 11, 1963 – Jul 1967M DivisionGreat old ship, came aboard as a FN and got off as a BT2, made lots of friends. Dan Schmidt from Ohio, G. Goff BT2,J. Manamay BT2, G. Garmon BT2, J Moore, j. Chrisman, etc..
Hobbs, Brient "Kent"CS3Nov 1963 – Sep 1966CommisaryHated it while I was there, But looking back I had a pretty good time.
Brady, GeorgeRD31964 – 1967OIFirst ship, great friends and a great time
Totoris, TomYN1Mar 4, 1964 – Apr 1, 1966AdminI am submitting this in remembrance of my dad YN1 Victor J. Totoris. April 27, 1926 - March 12, 1983. Served on Bache from 1964 to 1966. The ship circumnavigated the globe on the 1965 - 1966 deployment.
Christiansen, Jeff (Chris)STG2Aug 1964 – Sep 1966AS DivisionReported aboard in 1965 and was told you get 1 phone call we are leaving for Vietnam in 15 min. Did 2 tours there, our relief ship couldn't relieve us accident at sea.
Stubblefield, SamBT3Apr 1966 – 1968NorfolkI was on the USS Bache when it sank. Great memories of years gone bye and how the Lord protected the crew.
Simcox, JohnRD2Apr 1, 1966 – Feb 8, 1968OperationsGreat time. Arrived as a fireman and wound up in CIC. RD2 in September '67, reassigned to USS Brownson DD-868 in Boston as a survivor of the loss of the Bache. Great times. Great crew. Still in the Boston area.
Hoadley, Don profile iconMMFN1967 – Feb 1968EngineeringOn board for the end at Rhodes. Stood on the O-1 level in skivies and boondockers above Torpedo Room with MM1 'Pappy' Nunn at Abandon Ship Station. Was TDY to Nukie School, Bainbridge, MD. Currently in Mesa, AZ (2017)
Lohr, Forrest M. ( Chipper )FNNov 26, 1967 – Feb 6, 1968EngineeringI was on the USS Bache (DD-470) when it ran aground down in the after engine room. When the whole side of the engine room wall was ripped out and the water started coming in I thought this was the end of me.

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