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USS Helena (SSN 725) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Helena (SSN 725). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 183 crew members registered for the USS Helena (SSN 725).

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Archer, Mike, ButtheadMM1/SS1985 – 1989MHad some fun , First on Last off Miss some of you guys
Estes, JamesFTG1May 5, 1985 – May 1, 1991FTGHi to all the plank owners. Living in Corpus Christi, TX. Hunting and Fishing and getting by.
Dumont, Roger DumontMMCS (SS)Oct 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988A-Gang/3-M Coord/Command Career CounselorFirst A-Ganger to Report. Live back in Maine where I grew up. Spent 34 years in USN Ret in 2000 as CMDCM. Submariners are and always will be the best Uncle Sam has. God Bless each of you You are all my Heroes. Straight Board---Zero Bubble
Solis, BobbyTM3(SS)1986 – 1990TMLife is good ! Peace
Brennan, EdwardFTG2/SS1986 – 1989Living in southwest Florida and working for the county.
Leblond, Jack / Jj / Blondie1986 – 1990SonarPlankowner and creator and holder of "the book". HAHDF
Worthington, Tom (Cal)STS1/SS1986 – Aug 18, 1991SonarMost days truly sucked. However, it was a duty I strongly felt needed to be performed and I would do it again.
Eckard, JohnMM1(SS)Jan 1986 – 2019MachineryPlankowner. Have website for first boat at
Spells, JimmyEM1(SS)Jan 1986 – 1988Precom/Plankowner
Beneke, StevenMM1Jan 8, 1986 – Jun 16, 1988M
Latimer, LarryE-5 SONARJan 10, 1986 – Oct 16, 1991SonarI had a good time on the Helena;however, it sure has been nice to be a civilian all these years. Anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Stewart?
Sabo, JerryMM3/SSJan 21, 1986 – Oct 9, 1990A-GANGERLast A-Gang Plankowner, prelaunch crew, pics of towed-in 1400 n.m., & coined words: "Heil Vitler, Chow Bacon (chip tossing, hay stacking, red neck, son-of-a cracker...we had a few), Momma, Marma Duke Fa Fa Fa, Milkman Mike, Love Doc of passion
Boulden, MarkLTFeb 1986 – Jun 1989
Wuebben, Mike - SportoMM2/SSFeb 22, 1986 – Feb 21, 1990HAHD,F!! Funny - I don't remember having a bad day in the Navy. I had them, I just don't remember them. I miss most of you guys. Plankowners rule!!
Kincaid, KerryET2/SSMay 1986 – Jan 1990Reactor ControlsPlankowner
Aschauer, MichaelHMC(SS)Jun 1986 – Aug 1988Doc
Simonsen, JonET1(SS)Jun 1986 – Oct 1990NAVETCurrently an ETC(SS) in the Reserves. Hope to retire in 2007.
Weaver, PresETCSJun 1986 – May 1990ET
Church, EricQMC(SS)Jun 6, 1986 – Sep 3, 1990NavigationIt was a great experience being the plankowner A'NAV. If you are ever in the Philippines I live here look me up.
Browning, JeremyMM2Jun 11, 1986 – Jun 11, 1990MI?m sure I don?t miss the boat. I?m sure I miss the people. I sure do have fond memories of younger days.
Stypa, MikeRM2/SSJun 26, 1986 – Oct 12, 1990CommunicationsHey all you so called worthless Plankowners. How the hell you doing. H.A.H.D.F.
Wheeler, WheelsRM2 (SS)Jun 30, 1986 – Nov 16, 1990RadioI see alot of familuar names that bring back fond memories. I hope the world is treating each and every one of you great.
Arkle, BrianMM2/SSJul 1986 – Jun 1989A-GANGPlankowner, brought sub from Conn. to Hawaii.
Brown, Michael BuddahFTG1(SS)Aug 1986 – Dec 1990FTH.A.H.D.F
Aschauer, Michael/mike/docHMC (SS)Aug 1986 – Aug 1988MDR
Dillard, Walter (Brian)SNAug 12, 1986 – Jun 7, 1988DeckPlankowner....HAHDF
Shurter, RaymondE4Sep 1986 – Apr 6, 1990ICMANHey guys, I have great memories serving on the Helena with you. Proud Plankowner. Life is good. Beautiful wife, 3 great sons. Would love to hear from anyone I was on with from 1986-1990. Solis, email me. Take care!
Doubleday, BrianSK2 (SS)Nov 1986 – Apr 1990SupplyPlankowner and the very first Battle Stations & Maneuvering watch helmsman to take her out for Sea Trials. Panama Canal transit and the first WestPac were highlights that I'll never forget
Fogarty, BrianETC(SS)1987 – 1991RC
Mueller, BobbyQM3(SS)1987 – 1991QMPlankowner
Iverson, DarrolFTG2(SS)Jan 1987 – Jun 1989WEAPONSPlankowner, brought the ship from conn to hawaii..... got off just before the missle dropped!!
Travis, EdMS3(SS)Jan 1987 – Mar 1989Supply-Galley/MessDecksI am looking for " Pa" Paul Pearson. Paul Pearson was my Sea Daddy and I am getting married. I wish to give him an invitation to the wedding. Paul was a NUKE and a ET1(SS) worked in the Nuclear Reactor engine room.
Vandiver, ThomasET2(SS/DV)Mar 1987 – Aug 1989Electronics
Mueller, BobbyQM3Mar 1987 – Jun 1991QMStill working navigation
Delisle, SteveETC(SS)Apr 1987 – Apr 1988Reactor Controls
Fields, DaveLTMay 21, 1987 – Sep 30, 1990All except SonarPlankowner, canal transit, Shellback, Hawaii, dropped missile, first WESTPAC, I was the midshift OOD for the reduction gear 1000 mile tow and OOD for first VLS launch DStorm prep. Great crew, lifelong memories, cheers!
Sanders, GregET3 / SSOct 10, 1987 – Jul 25, 1991Reactor ControlsNotice the EAOS (7/25)
Sloan, JeffMMCDec 1987 – Sep 1991Auxiliary
Coffee, RobertE6/E71988 – 1991EWhere you guys at? Living in Thailand Now, Email me!!
West, BrianSTS3Jan 10, 1988 – Apr 26, 1992SonarH.A.H.D.F
Walburn, John 'Kevin'YN3Apr 8, 1988 – Aug 9, 1991Ship's Office
Walburn, KevinYN3 (SS)Apr 12, 1988 – Aug 9, 1991YeomanGod, the memories. Drills, drills, drills, being a non-qual, the dinq list (yuk), getting my dolphins tacked on, and my chevron (my arm and chest still hurts I think). Can't say I'd do it again, but, miss you guys. Thanks for the memories.
Lesperance, JohnMS3May 1, 1988 – 1990SUPPLYi had a blast in HI with you guys would like to keep in touch.
Brill, HarryIC2(SS)Jun 1988 – Jul 1991IC
Brill, HarryIC2Jul 1988 – Jul 1991
Hagen, Clifford/ "Ole"STS3Aug 19, 1988 – May 25, 1993SonarAnyone remember the first two years in Hawaii. Sun, Beaches, Play time. Oh Wait a minute I forgot, we never saw the sun nor the beaches nor did we get to play as we were under way all the time. Ah those were the days
De Armond, VinceQM2(SS)Sep 1988 – Jan 1992QM/NavigationHello to all Helena sailors, and the few names on here that I remember. Hope all is well with you guys! Vinnie

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1988 | 1989 – 1993 | 1994 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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