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USS Honolulu (SSN 718) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Honolulu (SSN 718). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 187 crew members registered for the USS Honolulu (SSN 718).

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Rasic, Alan HTFN (SS)Mar 15, 1987 – Mar 15, 1991DeckI miss you guys! Have a GREAT life!!! MAKA ALA MAU!
Schott, AllanMM3/SSMay 9, 1987 – Nov 25, 1990A-GangGot on board the day before the first West Pac. Had some great times ... I am now working in Puget Sound Shipyard and watching them cut her up. At least a part of her might live on as the front part of the San Fransisco.
Fedec, MattMM1(SS)Jun 1, 1987 – Sep 30, 1991MMy fondest memories were of the XO always being behind me when I was saying something negative. PDL is wrong about the paint. He forgot all the time spent with the needle gun chipping it off.
Towndrow, NormQM2Jul 3, 1987 – Jul 3, 1990QMAh Yes, Many fine West-Pac memories. Great boat, Great people. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Would I do it all again (Hell No!) What was I thinking...Although the travel was great, Hawaii even better.Nice to be dry again. Drop me a line
Harford (Adams Now), Brad "Hardrock"MS2(ss) Now LS1(ss)Oct 1, 1987 – Oct 31, 1990SupplyEnjoyed my time on the Hono. We had the best food on the harbor and you guys even came back for seconds and thirds for my Pork Loin :) Pursued State Patrol and photography after getting out. I owe some of you a BJ.
Jenkins, Roland (Jinks)RM1(SS)Nov 16, 1987 – Jul 16, 1990RMLPOWas a Plank Owner of the Hono. Great memories but glad there are in the past. Finished out my Navy Career as a CMC of Comsubpac Staff. Now in Mexico, Guadalajara living the life. Later Roland.
Rankhorn, TerryET3 ET2Jan 1988 – Jun 1991ETThat's a real shame that she was cut up. I had hoped to take my kids on her one day for a tour.
Richard, KrisE6Feb 1988 – 1992
Stinson, JamesMMCS/SSMar 1988 – May 1991A - GangCame on board during the SRA right after MM3 Ashley killed himself. Damned shame, good auxiliaryman. Great bunch of A-gangers. Lot's of good times until Enright and Milhoan f*%#ed things up. Couple of losers, they were. Need more TurboTom's
Groenheim, BurtSTS3Apr 6, 1988 – Jun 24, 1991SonarWas not on board for long time but made friends and was injured shortly after west pac
Bugash, GaryMS2/SSAug 24, 1988 – Dec 9, 1992MSEnjoyed cooking for this great crew. Was that really shoe polish in Lowden's hair? Went to decom ceremony in 2006 brought back lot of great memories.
Leary, PeteMM2/SS/DVNov 1988 – Dec 1992MachineryThat paint back in the engineroom must be about 5 inches thick by now. I know I added about 40 coats myself.
Wright, BrantTM2Nov 28, 1988 – Jan 25, 1992TMLoved drinking with the guys. Would like to have more with you guys and shoot the shit! Also looking for Eric Gross, if anyone can help.
Pontious, JamesRM2/SSDec 1988 – Dec 1992Radio
Pelham, JeffET2Dec 1988 – Jan 1993RCDid y'all see Greenert's now a Vice Admiral?!?
Bevan, ScottFT2(SS)1989 – Aug 1992Fire ControlGreat shipmates, and some good times!
Fowler, BrianSK3/SSJan 1989 – Jun 1991Supply
Bolton, JonMM3Apr 1989 – Mar 1991M
Obendrauf, ObiewonMM1(SS)Apr 15, 1989 – Jul 22, 1992RL
Oney, ScottEM2/SSJun 1989 – Jan 1990ECame on board at the end of my Navy tour. Left my name in the bottem of the battery well (as SNOB) during battery changeout in January 1990. Did anyone ever find it?
Kaus, JonMM2 ELTSep 1, 1989 – Dec 3, 1995RL
Lashley, JosephRM2 (SS)Nov 1989 – Aug 1993CommunicationsHey it's good to see some of you old timers. Stan, Jim, Sam, Mark! We survived Easy ED!!!! Terry it's great to see you too.
Stachowicz, JeffreyMM1/SSMar 1990 – Jul 1991MEven though my time onboard was short it was the best boat and crew I served with. MAKA ALA MAU
Miller, StanRM1(SS)Apr 23, 1990 – Apr 28, 1992Member of the BEST RADIO GANGS in Submarines!!!
Moe, AlanET1Dec 15, 1990 – Sep 20, 1994RC"Wonderous" Moe.
Singer, DarrinTM3(SS)Jan 1991 – Jul 1994TM / Deck
Wheadon, CurtLieutenantJan 4, 1991 – Dec 20, 1994M, DC, Weaps, CommsWas a superb experience, despite too much time in the shipyard. Will never forget my years on the USS Honolulu and in Hawaii.
Weiss, MarkMM3Jun 9, 1991 – Jul 10, 1992machinery
Meehan, MichaelEM1(SS)Aug 1, 1991 – Dec 18, 1993ElectricalGot stuck an extra 4 months on the boat because my Chief got Court-Martialed. Because of that, instead of doing my last sea tour on the Kamehameha, I wound up on the Tunny with Velky for a COB....AAAAHHHH!!!!
Arbour, RobertET3Nov 1, 1991 – Nov 1996reactor controls divisionmemories come and go but always fun when they come back to you
Burr, RandallRM2 (SS)Nov 20, 1991 – Jan 30, 1996RadioI arrived here completely ingnorant of what I would face on USS Honolulu. It was one hell of an experience. After earning my fish, one westpac, two eastpacs adn two rimpacs, I learned a lot. learned not to say never again, but hell no!
Shelton, DannyMACS(SS/SW)1992 – 1995TMI had a great time on the Hono and I served with a lot of good people. I was a TM2 at the time. I would love to hear from anybody that I served with. Im on navytogetherweserved or email me at
Gist, JeffIC2(ss)1992 – 1992ICWasnt onboard long.too many in division.Stayed long enough to requal then was Xfered to the Tautog. Nice knowing those that i got to know.
Zell, Jason "Blackjack"MM2/SSJan 9, 1992 – Mar 15, 1996AuxiliaryIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
Swaney, DarrickMM1Mar 1992 – Jun 1996M
Hasse, MichaelET1Apr 1992 – Mar 1994RCI knew I hated the shipyard....
Knutson, DanET2/SSApr 1992 – Mar 1997RC"Danno" - Ya Gotta Luv it Baby! Any one else's ears still ring "Commence Field Day"? Me either! I was LOL reading comments! I do miss the blokes, jokes, reading small notes behind the control panels - port/stbd - oh the stori
Drayden, Alton D.E5Apr 2, 1992 – Jul 11, 1996Sonar/ DeckI wish I had know about this sight earlier. I don't know how crew is now, but the "Hono" was the one to be then. I'd love to hear from any of my old crew members.
Drayden, Alton D.STS2(SS)Apr 2, 1992 – Jul 6, 1996SONAR/ DECKI had the best times of my life on the Hono. At the time it was the pride and joy of Squadren and supposedly the boat with the Silver Spoon in it's mouth. I miss the guys from Sonar and A Gang. Remember WestPac 95, Vistoria BC, EastPac
Anaya, PhilEM2/SSApr 18, 1992 – Mar 16, 1994Hated every minute onboard, but would do it again in a heartbeat. Made me who I am, and owe everything I have to the program. Enjoyed working with all the nukes. Living in Ft.Worth now. Drop me a
Choi, AndrewET2May 1992 – May 20, 1996RC
Mroz, PeterMM2May 1992 – Aug 1995Machinery
Ammons, JermeyYN2(SS)Jun 1992 – Aug 1993Yeoman
Goscinski, Daniel / SkiRM3(SS)Jun 14, 1992 – Jun 15, 1996RadioWill never forget any of the experiences I had on board. I have to say was the best time being single and away from home and family. Finding brothers that will do anything for each other. BOHICA!
Ravani, AndrewSTS3 (SS)Aug 1, 1992 – Nov 18, 1996SonarLiving in NYC now - any of you are welcome to stop on by and have a beer. ~Drew
Darrington, RobMM2/1Sep 1992 – May 1996MThe ports were cool, the mode of transportation sucked...
Marro, JohnEM1Oct 1992 – 1995Does anyone remember "Baboon-Ass"
Vozza, Robert JET2/SSDec 1, 1992 – Sep 20, 1996Nav/ESMBeaner

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