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USS Honolulu (SSN 718) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Honolulu (SSN 718). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 187 crew members registered for the USS Honolulu (SSN 718).

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Privett, GregMM1(SS/DV)1983 – 1989Machinery
Bowers, JerryEMCS(S)1983 – 1986ElectricalServed on PreCom and stayed until arrival in Pearl. Transferrred to COMSUBPAC staff. This was a great crew. Best CO and COB I ever served with.
Ness, SteveEM1/SSJun 1983 – Sep 1989ElectricalRemember the great times. Best crew I ever served with.
Hernandez, RudyEM1/SSJun 22, 1983 – Jun 18, 1986ElectricalServed on commissioning crew.
Privett, GregMMCSJul 1983 – 1989MPlank Owner. Enjoyed the Honolulu.
Nix, DaveEMCSJul 1983 – Aug 1989ElectricalLoved every minute. From initial manning and new construction to my first 2 WestPacs. The best crew in the Navy served onboard the Honolulu. I married my beautiful wife while serving on the Hono, and still enjoy many friendships made there.
Louderback, Bob (Bitchinbob)IC2(SS)Aug 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1989ICIt hard to believe that she has been moth balled, had some good time and learned alot
Ferdig, GregICC/SSSep 24, 1983 – Jan 19, 1986ICPLANKOWNER
Askey, PhillipET2/SSDec 1983 – 1986NAV/OPSPlankowner - I miss all you guys... but I never was that good of a shot.
Shindelbower, Loyd "Chipper"FTG1 "SS"Dec 1983 – 1989Fire ControlNever a dull moment on the boat. I live in Colorado now. Give me a yell if you want to talk.
Webb, CarvilleIC2/SSDec 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1989IC DivisionWas lucky to be assigned to the Honolulu as ny first boat. Great Chief, Cob's, Eng, XO's and CO.
Steele, GeorgeTM1 TMCJan 1984 – Feb 1988TORPEDO
Diamond, DougMM3/SSFeb 1984 – Jun 1985AuxialiaryPlankowner, earned my fish on this boat. GOod times at "On the Avenue" in Newport News!
Danila, Larry AnthonyMM2/SSFeb 1984 – Aug 8, 1987AuxiliarySailed with the best guys I ever knew. Plankowner. Earned my fish aboard SSN-718. Panama canal,shellback and much more."ON THE AVENUE memories too.
Brazil, BoboQM2/DIVERMar 1, 1984 – Mar 1, 1988navI had alot of fun. Give me a call
Borkan, JonYN3Apr 7, 1984 – Nov 13, 1987Executive....Looking forward to being invited to DeCom in 20 years... And when did my boat move to Bremerton??? Not to mention, WTF is the USS HONOLULU doing in Washington state???
Polston, DarrellRMJun 1984 – Sep 1989CommsPlank Owner, next to last to leave the boat. Was there for the "Where the F... is Truk, Cruise" etc.
Tipton, KevinEM1 (SS)Dec 1984 – Mar 1988EngineeringThink about everyone from PreComm watching reactor go critical for the first time to the first turn over of the screw counter - Moran putting trout in Ens rack - Went back to college now a banker to the Energy Industry in Houston
Tufu, AceSonar Tech1985 – 1990Sonar divisionLove the great times and the fun in Truk
Sandage, TonySK2/SSJan 1985 – Nov 12, 1987storekeeperPlankowner and made Hono's 1st Westpac
Wilkes, KenET1(SS)-ETC(SS)Jan 18, 1985 – Nov 27, 1987ETLPO/CCCGreat to see some old names. Remember the 4 letter words- reef, sand, rock from the 1st WESTPAC? When we got off the "Beaton Path"? For all who care - retired as ETCM became a born again Christian and now am a gov't contractor. life is g
Southall, JoeEM1Mar 15, 1985 – Jan 2, 1989ElectricalReef rider
Sorci, BobMM1/SSApr 10, 1985 – Sep 6, 1989MachineryPlankowner. Enjoyed serving with a GREAT bunch of guys and still have very vivid memories. Now working for a "general" (General Motors that is) in Tennessee.
Cook, SteveMMC /SSMay 5, 1985 – Sep 20, 1986AuxiliaryMy first tour as a new Chief....and a learning experience...Left early becasue my First Class ( Kurt Kessel) made Chief...I went to the Lapon and made LDO the summer of 1988....I hated the XO...But I had some great guys working for me.
Sullivan, TomSTS2(SS)Jul 1985 – Apr 1989SonarArrived on board one week after commissioning. Took the boat from Norfolk to Pearl and made the first two West Pac's.
Stockfleth, Randy (Stock)STS 2SSJul 6, 1985 – Dec 20, 1989
Jessee, JamesET1(SS)2Jul 6, 1985 – Dec 9, 1989l7tg ot 07t o7t p
Helgeson, Ron (Boomer)MM3, MM2, MM1Jul 24, 1985 – Aug 30, 1988MMEarned fish, rode from VA to Hono, 1 WestPac. Memories of playing on the different teams that the boat had. Served on the NYC with the XO (Militich) became my CO there. Now a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.
Ramsey, PatMM2 (SS)(DV)Sep 1985 – Sep 1990MGreat people, boat life not my cup of tea.
Villamil, ErnieET3/2/1Oct 15, 1985 – Sep 9, 1989NAVDIVIt's June 2009...not many of us left on active duty. Mostly good memories of the HONOLULU. Shame she was put down before her time. You know you are long in the tooth when your active duty from PSA to DECOM.
Wilson, MarkET1(SS)1Dec 27, 1985 – Jun 11, 1989ElectronicsPart of the Commissioning Crew and earned my Fish on her. Two West Packs, great crew and great times in NN Va at OTA.
Brian Werra, BrianSEAMAN1986 – 1987DeckSonarI earned my dolphins on this boat. I remember telling Cob Curtis telling me he saw and heard everything until he met me. Send me a message if any of you guys want to talk.
Kelly, JimMM/11986 – Dec 1989MGreat friends, and fond memories, come on we lived in Hawaii.
Wulff, DonaldIC2/SS1986 – 1991ICHope everyone is doing well!
Ball, SamRM2/SSJan 1986 – Mar 15, 1990Radio
Gadbury, CaseyMM2 ELT (SS)Jan 15, 1986 – Sep 28, 1989ELT
Williams, SteveE7-8-9 ICCSMay 10, 1986 – May 10, 1990fwd ICArrived as an E7, left as an E9, can't get any better than that. Lots of great memories.
Williams, SteveEMCM(SS)May 30, 1986 – May 30, 1990ICArrived as E-7, left as E-9...Great
Taylor, CarlYN1(SS)Aug 1986 – Dec 1989Yeomanyes, it was a great time with good people. I remember milhoan calling us enlisted getting out (losers) -- heard he lost his command (what comes around goes around). got a couple college degrees, now own a semi and travel the country...
Werra, BrianSNSep 3, 1986 – Jan 9, 1988Deck
Stout, JerrySTSCOct 16, 1986 – Oct 12, 1989SONARArrived on board upon arrival soon after Homeport change. At that time, commanded by Cdr Tom Flanagan. Made the first WestPac in 1986, did alot, visited several ports and enjoyed the tour. made several life long friends.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1992 | 1993 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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