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USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 210 crew members registered for the USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716).

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Tillman, GeorgeMM1/ELTAug 25, 1980 – Oct 23, 1982Machinist Mate NuclearSpent 8 years as a Nuke in the Navy. In 1994 joined the US Army Reserves as a Heavy Combat Eng. Currently active reservist stationed in IRAQ.
Steigerwalt, MichaelET-21982 – 1987Reactor Operator
Bushnell, MikeMar 5, 1982 – Jan 5, 1984Weapons
Brainard, MarshallEM1(SS)Apr 1982 – Apr 1985EPlankowner - 4th crewmember on board.
Presher, StevenMSCS(SS)Apr 1982 – May 1985Food ServiceImagine my surprise to see this old girl already decommissioned. Mine were the glory days serving under the command of Capt. Wild Bill Gay... when he called down from the bridge, "Chief bring me a roast, I want to troll.
Dye, Steve (Goat)MM1Aug 5, 1982 – Apr 5, 1985A Gang
Strong, TomYN1(SS)Oct 1982 – Apr 1987Wow, out of service. Seems like just the other day that I reported to the shipyard.
Northey, KentLTOct 5, 1982 – Aug 15, 1985Supply
O'Steen, WilliamMM1/SSOct 14, 1982 – Feb 1, 1986M/RL
Carnley, Dinkie (Dink)IC-2/IC1/SSOct 15, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986Interior Communications ICWhat a great boat and crew the best in my 20 years of service without a doubt. Hi to all who read this an know that you served with the best. Dink
Carnley, DinkieIC2-1/ssOct 15, 1982 – Sep 15, 1985ICWhat a GREAT BOAT the crew was KICK ASS I would go back today if i could :)
Bray, Joel profile iconSTS2/SS/DVNov 1982 – Dec 1984Sonar/Deck//DiverPlank Owner. Could not believe SLC already Decommissioned. Some of the best memories of life w/ COB, Sonar shack, Gibbs, Bruce, joe & all the ‘eat cakers’ Vick, Matos, valentine, my deck gang chipping&painting boat.
Wolff, MerlMM1 SS/DVNov 8, 1982 – May 22, 1985MachineryComissioning crew member, and also the first person qualified aboard the SLC! Also the proud father of a qualified submariner. Recently got to do a 4 day cruise wth him aboard the Hyman G. Rickover the week before the HGR was deactivated!
Shock, ToddEM1/SSNov 15, 1982 – Mar 1, 1986EOn a site in Germany no less. Go figure.
Friesen, DavidEM3-EM-2SS/DVDec 30, 1982 – Jan 23, 1987Plankowner. Scus, sorry 'bout the junk in the head. Val, sorry 'bout droppin' my Cutlass on you; dudes, I was there when the island turned against us. How the fugare you guyes? Marshall, John, TODD!! Kenny and Steve!! Tim George, you f^*
Aldrich, BruceMM1/SS1983 – 1987Auxilaryplankowner looking for crew members who want to have a reunion. email. great times anyone have pictures?
Vick, FrankRM2(SS)Jan 1983 – Aug 1986RadioPlank Owner - first "coner" on the boat - was there for the "riot in St. Croix" - took her thru the "ditch" and did first Westpac - left the boat in '86 - Best friends were Mark, Ron, Tom,Bruce, Dinkie, Joe, Scott, Kenny
Valentine, LarryE-5Feb 1983 – Apr 1985Deck / A-GangHello - I served on board as plankowner and up til accident that ended my time on board. I have many memories, hurricane, androse island barge, even hanks tatoo, and many more. Please contact me and would love reunion.
Robinson, SteveET2/SSFeb 1, 1983 – Feb 10, 1986Reactor ControlsPlankowner - Hull 621 delta. It was a cold bear standing reactor head watch in the dry doc.
Cason, SteveSNMar 1983 – May 1985DeckPlankowner. Got there early, got in trouble first. Long ugly story. Had some fun with crewmates though. Write if we know each other.
Beethe, JamesET1/SSMar 1983 – 1989Reactor ControlsPlankowner - Reported aboard just in time for Power Range Testing of New Construction. Oh the shift hours and training!!! Great times, LOOKING BACK!!!
Vince, TregoSK2/SSMar 14, 1983 – Mar 15, 1987Seaman Gang & SupplyGreat Memories! Bill M my bro (lost in Montana). Frank V started the riot! LOL. Bruce A & Digger O, my seadads. Pup & Valentine, Seaman ganged ruled! Tom S, the Dead trips rocked! Dinki's parties, OMG. FAT BASTARDS!
Tim, HellaSTS1May 1983 – Jul 1988SONARPlankowner who will never forget the friendships and the good times we all had on the finest attack submarine.
Sebring, Mark "Pup"TM2/SSMay 1983 – 1987DECK/TMPLANKOWNER, RETIRING IN JUNE 06.
Giberson, ScottRM1/SS/DVMay 15, 1983 – Apr 15, 1986CommAfter helping build her, commissioning her, testing her limits on sea trials and then delivering her to the west coast, it makes my heart saddened to hear she's decommissioned! I'm sure she meant a lot to all who served on her. RIP Girl!
Vettel, MarkDS2(SS)Jun 1, 1983 – May 15, 1987FT/DSThe deactivation was a blast. It was heart felt. Adm Fargo, my last skipper was guest speaker and delivered a great speech. Skippy, Frank, Bruce, Dinki, Shock, Timmy, Terry, Olstein, WWG III were there and It was 3 days of sea stories
Reilly, Dennis (Buckethead)MS2Aug 1983 – Apr 1987SupplyPlank owner. Time to serve mid-rats.
Johnson, RickySTSC/SSAug 1983 –SONARNow that I am in my 50s, What a great time we had back in the day - I wouldn't trade a single day working for "Lizard"
Yabsley, Jim Yabsley "Hollywood"LTAug 10, 1983 – Aug 18, 1987OfficerPart of the Commissioning Crew, Served with Capt Bill Gay III, and Capt Tom Fargo.
Westfall, Robert ClayMSSN(SS)Aug 10, 1983 – Apr 5, 1985Supply / MS(Plankowner) It would be nice to see where other plankpwners are now. I am retired (22 years) and living in Alamoagordo, NM. My fondest memories are of my first Chief, Steven Presure. If you ever find this, please e-mail.
Jones, BrianLTMar 1984 – Jun 1987CRA, DCAPlankowner
Hawkins, JohnYN2Apr 1984 – Aug 1987Ship's OfficeLots of crazy memories...anyone know what happened to Tom Strong, Frank Vick, Doce Salazar or Timmy Hella? If so email me: - Thanks!
Teer, GeraldTM2/SSJun 1984 – Sep 1987TM
Charette, DougMMC(SS)Jun 1984 – Aug 1988AuxilliaryI was the last plank owner in the Goat Locker to transfer off.
Law, Chris (Toby)EM2/SSJul 11, 1984 – May 18, 1988I had the SNOZ log! 1st non plankowner nuc- Panama! Where did that nut come from Ottis? Rusty (Grasshopper) and I qual EWS as PO2. Robbie desk football EOOW's desk 321-243. Todd "battleship" during ORSE. Kumbaya Scott "scooter&qu
Mayer, BillyRM2(SS)Aug 2, 1984 – Dec 12, 1988radioVinny Trego, Buckethead, Pup, P.D., Rocky, Hadrava, and the rest. Thanks for the great memories and experiences. Loving Montana!!!!!
Tracy, TerranceLTNov 1984 – Jun 1988
Court, ScottIC3/SS1985 – 1989Made alot of great friends.Would like to talk to them again sometime. e-mail me at
Elmore, DonaldRMCS(SS)Apr 1985 – Apr 1989Communications
Barnhart, Bob (Barny)STS2/SSMay 1985 – Aug 1989SonarThe most influencial time of my life.
Saurer, WillieTM1/SSMay 15, 1985 – Apr 26, 1988Weps
Palen, JohnMM1 (SS)Jun 1985 – Feb 1987M/RL
Barnhart, Robert (Barny)STS2/SSJun 1985 – Aug 1989SonarI served on her with many of the plank owners. The CO was WW gay and the second is now Adm Fargo. With Fargo it was the best she had been. I can not forget the COB Denny. Thanks for all of your support when my family had it's problem.
Sheppard, Scott "smiley"ET2/SSJun 1985 – Jul 1987Nav.Had many great times, Canada, whitewater rafting in Washington, No More MoJo for Rocky in the P. I. Remember the "The Lob",and "Eat cake you fat Bastards."
Walton, Darren (Donger)MM3/(SS)Jul 15, 1985 – Sep 20, 1989MachineryWhen I arrived the plank-owners ruled the slave labor camp. When I left most of the crew didn't even know what a plank-owner was. I remember many of the guys on the list! Hey Decoster!! I've got Wiegand's number and will be telling him t
Cavagnet, AlEM1/SSAug 1985 – Jan 1989EI'd be interested in a reunion
Walton, Darren Shawn (Donger)MM3(SS)Aug 1, 1985 – Sep 15, 1989MHours and hours of engineroom watches. 1st west pac Port and Stbd in ERLL. 2nd west pac ERUL. I think I could still do an engineroom startup in any of the watchstations, and it's been 20 years.....
Robinette, Jim WiggySTS3Aug 6, 1985 – 1987stsWas only there a short time but enjoyed it.
Cassidy, BrianET2(SS)Sep 21, 1985 – Oct 9, 1988NAV/ESMSome great memories from SSN-716. Smiley's right - no more 'Mojo' in P.I. ! Does anyone hear from Dennis Maloney or Keith Stephens?
Senneville, Dan (Duty)MM2/SSNov 1985 – Oct 1987MFor those of you who don?t remember I was main character of the great carpet caper and the 5th proud wearer of the SNOB belt buckle. I still tell a lot of stories from the SLC (and some of them were even true).
Grossie, ChrisSTS1Nov 1985 – Nov 1989Sonar20 years ago if someone had told me I would miss the SLC someday I would have said to lay off the crack! I'll never forget the p-scope video of "Bobbin Bob" in Alameda!
McColl, Justin D.SK2Nov 10, 1985 – Jun 24, 1989SupplyI served as the battlestation helmsman/planesman, storerkeeper. Made 2 Westpacs on her

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – 1995 | 1996 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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