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USS Norfolk (SSN 714) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Norfolk (SSN 714). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 199 crew members registered for the USS Norfolk (SSN 714).

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Detroye, BrianMMC(SS)Jan 16, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988MachineryIt was great duty serving under Cmdr JJ Krol. Hard work was well recognized. Command was awarded several accommodations by Squadron and were selected to administer the ADCAP program.
Amor, KentQM2/SSJul 1984 – May 1987Nav/OpsYou were all a great bunch of guys! One beer in port for every Coke at sea OK Johnny R. and Mark L.
Gates, Glenn/ SloshTM2/SSJul 2, 1984 – Nov 21, 1987TMRemember the first med run, all those adcaps, had a great 5 kids (diff. wife) cop in Columbia SC hey to Jimmy Glenn, Haycraft, Baer,and all the rest.
Mumford, Jackieskc then retired skcmAug 10, 1984 – Apr 9, 1987supplyTeaching middle science & social studies will retire in Nov. 2011
Pinnix, TerryET2Oct 1984 – Jun 1996Electronics
Whealton, BruceEM1(SS) RETOct 11, 1984 – Mar 18, 1988Electrical (nuke)Good times and a GREAT crew.Test platform for the ADCAP MK 48 torpedo during the time, so made a few Florida port calls. NOT BAD !! I actually ended up moving to Fla. and working at the Kennedy Space Center.Can't beat the 70 degree winters.
Stafford, Robert profile iconMM1/SSNov 1984 – Sep 1985M-DivDidn't get to stay here long. Was transferred to the Baltimore to fill a deficiency in a 3365 billet.
Jones, Scott D BeastMM3/SS1985 – 1988A
Barker, DennisET11985 – 1989Nav OpsWould like to find and become Facebook friends with my old shipmates from the USS Norfolk. It would be nice to see how their lives have changed and maybe see their new families. Quartermasters and Radio peeps...hey!
White, RandallTM3/SSJan 5, 1985 – Jul 15, 1987TorpedoFirst duty station made TMSN/SS trans to bolivar 386-935-3799 call, lets catch up.
Esmond, DaleTM/SNJun 1985 – Mar 1989Weapons/DeckThanks for all the adcap runs. Florida was our home(hahaha). Let's have another torpedo loading contest. Beat 5 per hour if you can. Hello to the crew from 1985 to 1989. Richard Merrill Thanks for being my life line. Thanks Scott.
Collins, RandyMM1Sep 1985 – Feb 1989Had a great time launching the torpedoes for test platform. Visited some nice ports. Great time overall.
Snyder, DanMM2Nov 1985 – Dec 4, 1989MWhat can I say - enjoyed the ride. Stockman's still around......lives in same town I do.
Jones, Scott / D BeastMM31986 – 1988A
Rabil, TomLTJan 1986 – Jan 1989RCA/DCA/CommGreat time doing shakers and ADCAP. Remember the long port call in Scotland? Anyone heard from Cater, or the Chop (Cipolla?
Hadden, DonaldMM2Feb 14, 1986 – Apr 19, 1990AI am now a father of 2 boys and a first engineer with Military Sealift Command and live in Va Beach.
Pylant, Patrick (Pappy)STS ! SS,ACJun 1986 – Sep 1, 1989SonarRetired on board. Part of the war shot team. Nothing like tonage.I was the CC when we got the Silver Anchor
Meno, AnthonySTS3(SS)Jul 1986 – Aug 1988Sonar
Haverman, RobertTM!/SS1987 – 1988TorpedoMK48 ADCAP testing and Snck-xe
Haught, Jay CTMAug 1987 – Aug 1991TorpedoWas well worth the experience. Would trade it for the world
Perry, JoeEMCOct 1987 – Jun 1990E-DivHot running boat, loads of really cool ops and stuff we can't talk about. Good officers, great crew
Eldridge, TomFT1Dec 1, 1987 – Apr 13, 1991Fire ControlAnybody remember Yancey Miller's mascot "Dicka the Whale." I still got lumps on my skull from his checkouts. So did we show the USS San Diego who was boss or what?
Stoeffler, RandyQM3Dec 5, 1987 – Aug 3, 1991NavigationWell,well,well........As most people have said. It was a time that i wouldn't trade for anything.... Good people making the best of a bad situation..Thank god we made it out alive.(both times)..Living in hometown, working as a jailer.
Vee, ChrisQM3Dec 13, 1987 – Dec 13, 1991Had alot of fun, still talk to some of the navigational team from time to time. I have a son-in-law on his way to being a engineer on a fast attack. Hope your all doing well.
Muff, John T. Muff (Muff)ET2/SS1988 – 1993NavigationDo not know how I got here!! What's going on? Spent lots of time in Florida. Back in NY with three boys. Had a great time and learned so much. Working as Pharmaceutical Rep.
Hall, Jeffery { Farmer Hall } profile iconET31988 – Jul 22, 1990Nav ET3Hey guys, Please drop me a line, i want to hear from you all. Does any body know how to get hold of Moran, Chriswell, How about a reunion? Be safe and Chill out muff. my friend.
Scally, BillMM1 (SS)1988 – 1989A gangI was stationed on board for only 19 months but it was memorable. Great shipmates, deployments for adcap and sound trials were very weird. I was incharge of damage control party during the collision. Scarey!
Bruner, TomSTS2/SSFeb 1988 – Dec 1990SonarWent to USS Louisville, SSN 724 after the Norfolk, made STS1, then shore duty to finish up. Currently in North Dakota doing whatever it is we do here.
Brazington, JasonFTG2/SSJul 1988 – Aug 1992Fire ControlIt was an experience, both good and bad but wouldn't trade it for the world.
Funk, Scott (Doctor)STS2/SSAug 1988 – Aug 1993SonarThanks to Cousino for starting chain of events that led to my fishing trawler ride to Sicily in 93'. To the XO during this time: CLOSE ABOARD means just that. Stop announcing Field Day and save some lives. To Squirt and Brandon: Road Trip
Campbell, MarkLTAug 1988 – Nov 24, 1991RCA, DCA, CRALiterally not a day goes by when I don't think about the excellence of those who served on board. Remember most outboard LY Spear (?) with shore power flooded out and the diesel generator breaker out due to fire.
Ladrido, BenjaminSKCM/SSAug 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1990Supply
Marx, DanMS3/SSNov 1988 – Jun 1992MS
Carr, Doug (Gumby)MM2Nov 2, 1988 – Nov 3, 1992MachineryAnyone got a mind eraser? Wow, what a ride. Mids during overhaul in Portsmouth, prepare to suface for the mail buoy. Living in DC now, working in aviation.
Karinen, Chris "Squirt"QM3/SSJun 1989 – Jun 1993NavigationWow! Saw all the names in the list from 89-93. Like most said, Damn, what a RIDE! Still wouldn't trade it for the world.Hey Brandon, where's Funk?? HEAVY METAL STILL RULES!!
Westfall, ClayMS2(SS)Jun 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1991Supply/MSI miss all you guys. Some of my fondest memories were aboard this boat. Fair winds... CS1(SW/SS/RET) Westfall
Hall, Jeffery VanET3Jun 18, 1989 – Jul 22, 1991ETHi all its Jeff here remember me? I was hurt in a bike wreck but I'm ok still don't have my arm back yet. Just taking it easy here in Kentucky. I'm married now with a great 7 year old boy. I love him to death. He can spell PSYCHOLOGIST LOL.
Faulkner, JamesMM2Aug 1989 – Dec 1993rlstill hammin. mebane was dumb, bob drinks the xo's cum, woodman made RL div run, woodard bye bye, dogwalker came and I went to the tendaaaarrr. Jaaames was dumb.... my favorites - shitty, bob, ruffman, woody, don, kent, mcgaha, townsdig, alvabag
Karinen, ChrisQM3/SSOct 1989 –
Dies, VictorMMCNov 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1992AMy first LPO tour. Learned a lot and worked with great guys.
Cousino, MartySTS1Nov 27, 1989 – Dec 4, 1993SonarThe four years was really a learning experience. Retired now and teaching.
Schweikert, RussRM2(SS)Dec 5, 1989 – Apr 22, 1993RadioHow bored have I become? Hmmmmm, what to say... "Service to the fleet, that's my motto", or whatever. Clearly I owe a debt of gratitude to Hockett and Hufford-dink for being so unbelievably unmanageable. truly!

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