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USS Houston (SSN 713) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Houston (SSN 713). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 204 crew members registered for the USS Houston (SSN 713).

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Buchanan, MichaelE51983 –A GangMy daughter Lindsey was the first child born to the newly commisioned sub. She is the "Ships Daughter" and has a silver baby cup with her name under the ship's emblem. her first visit to the sub was when she was a month
Kerstetter, BobET2(SS)Jan 1983 – Aug 1986RC
Morris, MercMM1Jan 10, 1983 – Mar 15, 1987
Farver, ScottSTS3Feb 2, 1983 – Jul 31, 1985Sonar
Doyle, Oliver / Lee profile iconMMCFeb 18, 1983 – Feb 2, 1987M Division / ELT Division
Larry Colosimo, CozRM3May 5, 1983 – Jul 9, 1987Radioall hail "Petey"!!!
Jones, KennethEMCM(SS)Jul 26, 1983 – Apr 1, 1984COB
Beese, JohnSN/SSSep 1983 – Mar 1985Deck
Kelley, Jean (Jt)YN1(SS)1984 – 1986LEADING YEOWOW!!! Talk about a flash to the past. Lot of great shipmates on this list. Good ol' Petey, failing ORSE, Emergency Blow when the ship's office WASN'T NAILED DOWN>>
Wagner, Jeffrey (Merv) profile iconMM1Jan 4, 1984 – Oct 1, 1985radconBest bunch of ELT's ever.
Whittle, KenMMC/SSFeb 1984 – Jun 1988Good to see some old names - a blast from the past. Josh, Merc, Lew... Hope everyone is doing well
Breecher, MichaelMM2/SS/DVFeb 4, 1984 – Aug 29, 1987A-GANG
Block, SteveETCS(SS)Mar 1984 – Aug 1987Forward ET's
Newton, James M "neutron"MM1 SSMay 1984 – Sep 1989MachineryI was one of the first nukes to qualify EWS as an MM2 SS onboard Houston - Served during early Tomahawk missile testing ops, HFRO ops, Pork Pac etc. Did 2 Westpac's - Survived all of above accidents plus Cap'n "Pete" and most of So
Webb, DwayneEM2SSJun 1984 – Nov 1986Electrical
Morrison, JoshuaET1(SS)Jun 1984 – Jan 27, 1986Reactor ControlsServed during Tomahawk Cruise Missle tests w/ Capt Petey and his blue pen.....
White, EveretteE-3/QMSNJun 16, 1984 – Jul 1985NavigationWell... I did miss sub duty, but most of all the guys/friends I had when I was there I was a much better sub QM than surface QM
Cahoon, GlenMM1Oct 1984 – Aug 1988RL
Gohranson, TimFTG1(SS)Nov 10, 1984 – Mar 10, 1987FT
Sheldon, KirbyMM2/SSDec 1984 – Jul 1989MachineryDefinitely the boat from hell! Had a blast though. Wouldn't trade my memories for anything. After the Houston I went to shore duty and then the Portsmouth (SSN-707). What a boat!
Hufford, SteveRM1(SS)1985 – 1986Radio. It was cool then. Still is.I was TAD to the Houston while Hammerhead was in ROH. All hail Colosimo! Where is Drollinger? Most vivid memory is the CO (Petey) walking into radio: "Hey stud, got a cigarette?"
Longstreth, JohnMM21985 – 1989MachineryTough 4 1/2 years. Had flooding, collisions (tug, Barb and a pier), fire (under Mn Eng) - good job Marty Howell - and lost Tow Array w/ CO (Sohl). Made the movie and 2 westpacs. Re-upped to get off. Of 5 boats, 713 was the worst.
Venn, Campbellmm2/ss1985 – 1989Back AftGot out. Went to college and earned a BA in economics. Worked on Wall Street and in financial services. Married. Have a daughter. I am still on watch because I dream about the boat so regularly. Peace out, brothers.
Weinfurter, GregSNJan 1985 – 1987Deck
Lewis, DaveMM2-SSJan 5, 1985 – Jan 30, 1989It turns out that Mike Langdon really was gay. He "married" his "partner" (an ET off the LaJolla) shortly after going AWOL for the 2nd time. Love ya, Biggs.
Calkins, SteveMM2/SSMay 1985 – May 1989"Petty officer Tyvoll, stow these!!!"
Tyvoll, CraigET2May 1985 – Jan 1989RC
Hoover, DougTM3(SS)May 15, 1985 – Feb 2, 1989TMBest time ever, met alot of good people some that I still keep in touch with today
Smith, RandyYN2(SS)Sep 5, 1985 – Mar 12, 1989ExecutiveSounds like I escaped the 89' drama just in time. We had plenty when I was onboard, backing into a subs sonar dome bending the screw, bending #2 periscope on shore power boom, and discharging Primary coolant within 12 NM of shore.
Sweetman, Martin "Sweets"TM3/SSOct 10, 1985 – Aug 5, 1986TM DivisionUnfortunately a Command more interested in being a "ShowBoat" platform than an Ole'Salt of the fleet. "Big Let Down" After a productive and succesful 1st enlistment in SubLant USS Albuquerque SSN706 (81-85 Plankowner)
Drollinger, LonRM2/SSNov 1985 – Jul 1989RadioRadio is cool Shout out to all the brethren, "Hollywood" is back. Ok so I can't remeber what you goofs called me. Strassburg and I probably held the record for length of time to qualify. "Vic", Mark, I still have my "p
Jones, Cliftonmm31986 – 1990A-gang
Cass, ChuckSTS 2 (SS)1986 – 1989SonarGood Test Platform
Dyer, RodneyET2/SSFeb 5, 1986 – Feb 5, 1990ETIt's good to see some of the guys I remember. Those 2 Westpacs and the Hunt for Red October filming are some fun memories.....Rod
Katona, PhilipMM2/SSMar 1986 – Sep 1990Machinery
Dawkins, DocSTS2/SSMar 1986 – Jun 1991Sonar
O'Leary, ThomasET1/SSApr 1986 – May 1991Reactor ControlsI was onboard during this boats more termulent history. The time period that seems to be referenced here was under CDR. John Sohl III who was relieved for cause following these events prior to DMP in PH,HI.
Croom, BrianMM2/SSApr 1986 – Feb 3, 1990On Board during the "fun" years; Capn Petey, Backed into another sub, Pork Pac 87, Orse Failure, Tug boat sink, Torpedo Tag, Flooding (VH-1 failure), lube oil fire, Hydraulic plant flex hoses Bursting, Hunt for Red October filming StaySa
Longsworth, HowellMM3\\SSMay 26, 1986 – Feb 23, 1990hope all is well with you bubble head from houston how many of you remember aj dionizio was probably the only top side watch that ever say him come back to the boat drunk in the phillipines
Taylor, KenEM3/SSNov 18, 1986 – Nov 17, 1990EMNo, it wasn't fun, chlorine gas. Boat from Hell. Langdon was gay? Damn. He was an A-hole anyway. Calkins how's the eye? They lost the "item" I was awarded for saving, now thats funny! Battle-E boat :-) They forgot about operation TLAM-

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1983 – 1986 | 1987 – 1993 | 1994 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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