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USS Houston (SSN 713) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Houston (SSN 713). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 204 crew members registered for the USS Houston (SSN 713).

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Larzo, RalphMM1(SS)1980 – 1983MachineryPlank Owner and Commissioning Crew. Reported when the boat was nothing but a tube. Remember those boring drydock watches with nothing to watch?. Fun times in namesake city visit to Houston! Left just before tranfered to west coast.
Rosendahl, JeffYN3Feb 1980 – Aug 1983Executive
Begel, Robert (Doc)HMC(SS)Aug 1980 – May 1983MedicalI got to the boat when there were just four of us, including the X.O. I had a box of Medical Department instructions and five health records. Went through the entire construction period.
Woodsmall, William(Woody)EMC(SS)Dec 1980 – Feb 1982EPlank Owner
Labonte, Lawrence1981 – 1985Plankowner. Nordic wolves,I havent seen one in a few years.
Wilkinson, DaryllData Systems Tech Petty Officer 2nd class(SS)1981 – Sep 1983WepsPlankowner,Commisioning crewmember... HONK De BoBo...If you remember this..St.Croix...Good Times..
Ader, DonFTG1/SS1981 – 1983Weapons
Lemons, RoyIC2 when reported ICSN when I left1981 – 1983ICEnded up writing the command up on Art 183. Plank Owner
MacNeal, DanEM1(SS)1981 – 1984ElectricalPlank Owner
Rosendahl, JeffYN3Feb 1981 – Aug 1983Admin
Boertjens, CarlETC(SS)Mar 1981 – Oct 1983RCPlankowner
Lemons, RoyE5TO3 SSMar 1, 1981 – Jul 10, 1983ICDates are approximants. Plankowner
Miller, GeorgeMM1(SS)Apr 1981 – May 1985RL
Raiff, SteveMM1/SSApr 10, 1981 – Aug 7, 1985Last Nuke Plankowner to leave
Mueller, Charles (Mule)RM1/RMC (SS)Apr 10, 1981 – Jul 10, 1986RadioPlankower. Interfleet xfer along with the 1st Westpac.
Mc Hale, John "Mic"EM1 / SSMay 1981 – May 1985E -Plankowner
Creager, DaveMM1/SSMay 1, 1981 – Dec 14, 1984MachineryPlankowner
Snyder, SteveSTS1/SSMay 9, 1981 – Apr 19, 1986SonarPlank Owner
Raiff, Steve/rifleMM1Jun 4, 1981 – Aug 7, 1985MPlankowner-Last Nuke plankowner to leave. (right after we failed ORSE)
Wystepek, PaulMM3/SSJun 26, 1981 – Jun 26, 1985Auxillary (A-gang)Plankowner - And alot of memories! You know Cmdr. Pete had me drive that sub all the way through the Panama Canal. It was all good. Any emergency blows lately?
Halbleib, Rich profile iconMM1(SS)Jul 1981 – Jun 1985M-DivPlankowner. Served on 2 other boats in my 20 yr career, but none had the comradeship and fun that the 713 pre-comm unit had.
Bremer, GaryFTG1(SS)Aug 1, 1981 – Feb 7, 1983WeaponsMember of the commissioning crew
Dallas, GeorgeETC (SS)Sep 1981 – Nov 1983ELECTRONICHello to all plank owners I visited USS HOUSTON SSN713 on 14 April 2016 in pearl harbor Hawaii. After 33 years.brought back good memories. Shes do to decommissioning on 26 August 2016. May she rest in.peace .
Bremer, GaryFTG1(SS)Sep 1, 1981 – Mar 6, 1983
Pierson, JackET2/SSSep 12, 1981 – Feb 12, 1986NAVGood to see the old girl is still afloat and keeping the peace. My best to the crew of officers and men and Semper Vigilans!
Martin, Ben (Merl)IC 1(SS)Sep 30, 1981 – Mar 10, 1984IC
Schrock, Chet (Chester)E3Oct 10, 1981 – Oct 10, 1982You name it- they moved me to itOne super screwed up command in the beginning- plank owner
Schrock, Chet (Chester)E3Oct 10, 1981 – Oct 18, 1982radiopre-comm unit, one of the worst in the navy!!! This command destroyed many good men and their lives, to give the XO a smile on his face!!!
Jumbelick Jr., JamesMM2 (SS)Oct 16, 1981 – Feb 10, 1984A-GANGRemember free stetson hats, beer at Gilleys on Alan Sheppard, boat parties with MTV (no commercials), supply officer busted for using boat diesel fuel on pleasure craft in ST. CROIX, swim call in Panama Canal
O'Toole, ThomasSTS1-SSOct 20, 1981 – Apr 28, 1986Sonar
Butcher, Don (Newshoes)Former DS1 (surface puke)1982 – 1984Supervisor of ShipbuildingOf all the "Boats" I' had the pleasure of either serving on or servicing, The USS Houston sticks out in my mind because they let every one on board take a swim call while in Cape Eluthra, Bahamas on Charlie/Delta trials.
Albright, JimMM1SS1982 – 1986A-gangPlankowner
Clare, AndyEM2SSFeb 1982 – Sep 1984Electrical
Fenner, DaleRM3 (SS)Feb 1982 – Jun 1985RadioPlankowner, Commissioning Crew
Wilkinson, BobMM1(SS)Mar 1, 1982 – Dec 3, 1983M and RLELT Plankowner
Snyder, Andy (Andy Bill)MM2(SS)Apr 1982 – Oct 1984MachineryPlankowner
Tacheny, AlanSTS/SSApr 1982 – May 1985sonarPlankowner. Greetings and best wishes to all the Houstonians. Keep matching the surfacings with the dives! :) Hey, any "Nordic Wolves" out there? Chuckles, Chris, Larry, Steve "Sugar Ray"?
Newhardt, DavidMM1(SS)May 1982 – Mar 1986A-GangPlankowner. And we thought we had it rough when we pulled into Houston, 1989 looks like a very bad year. WTF?
McDonnell, JimMM1Jun 1982 – Sep 22, 1986RL
Starr, Paul (Benny'S Pet Rock)QM1 (Ss)Jun 15, 1982 – Jun 1, 1985QuartermasterHow's it hanging for everyone. Made it thru my 20+ years and still mostly sane. Lots of good times. Some not so good, but the good out wiegh the bad. Miss the EMBT Blow parties. Be good.
Hartman, JeffMM1/SSAug 1982 – Apr 1984A-GangPlankowner
Tewelow, ToddPN2(SS)Sep 4, 1982 – May 1985ExecutivePlankowner
Hewitt, JoshMM1/SSSep 26, 1982 – Aug 7, 1986Engineering - Machinery
Volker, JohnSTS2/SSOct 1982 – Jan 1986SONAR
Martin, LaneET-2Oct 1982 – Dec 1986ESM Eletronics

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