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USS Hoist (ARS 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hoist (ARS 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 179 crew members registered for the USS Hoist (ARS 40).

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Nowocien, JosephSeaman1948 – 1949divingLooking for anyone who served with me (Joseph Nowocien)
Fogerty, GeorgeENFNNov 1951 – Jun 1953Engineering
Fogerty, GeorgeENFNNov 1951 – Jun 1953Engineering
Rudolph, RudySeamanFeb 1, 1952 – Dec 20, 1953Deck
Selby, LeonEMFMMay 1952 – Oct 1953Electrician
Garrison, RichardBM 11953 – 19541St Division
Frank, Orville1954 – May 1956
Frank, Orville1954 – 1956I served with my twin brother Orvie on the USS Hoist in the mid 1950's. Interested in reconnecting with old crewmates.
Sarver, JamesSM3Feb 1955 – Jun 1957MY FIRST SEA DUTY. LOVED THAT SHIP.
Rogers, WaltBM1CMay 1955 – Sep 1956DeckMy father told me this tour was one of the best he served in the 22 years in the service. I had the chance to see this beautiful Lady when it was docked in Tampa, Fl for Navy Day, 1990. He passed March 1993.
Rogers, WalterBM1CMay 1956 – Oct 1957DeckOut of the 21+ years of service, Dad said this was one of the best sea duty tours he served on. Sadly, we lost him April, 1993. He has returned to the sea.
Viglione, RomeoPNSN1957 – 1957In memoriam by son Brian
Pitoniak, PhillipApr 15, 1957 – Apr 15, 1959engineering Best time of my life!
Babcock, EverettIC-2Aug 20, 1957 – May 20, 1960Communicationsdoes any one have the photo that was taken of the ship when we where iced up for couple days out side of Greenland in Oct.? 1959.they thought we were lost, couldn't radio. Was in New York Times, search plane took it.
Milbrath, DavidMR3Nov 1958 – Jul 1959engineeringwas a very interesting time of my time in the service
Miller, DavidFN1959 – 1960EngineeringI was on the Hoist for about 2 years right out of boot camp. I really enjoyed my time there . Would like to hear from anybody that remembers me.
Moynihan, AlanEM21959 – 1963ElectricalI would like to hear from anyone that served during 1959-1963 in particular. You may email me at:
Harkins, JerryEM3Jan 20, 1959 – Jun 23, 1961EngI'm the one who ran movie "War and Peace" out of projector onto mess room deck ! Operated dual throttles and I still have call bells plaque! Graham, you there? Remember hurricane Donna? Took 48 degree roll and broke tow cable to barge!
Austin, Genecs 3Apr 20, 1959 – Oct 1, 1961supplyplayed a lot of cards gitmo in 59 saundestrom bay in 59 christmas trees in st.johns,newfoundland 60 txas tower in burmuda 60 pulled destoyer off rocks montaulk long islandl
Irons, RolandRM3May 6, 1959 – Dec 18, 1959operationsWe had some great cruises on the Hoist. Three months in the North Atlantic with unbelievable wave heights. A recovery trip up the Potomac and an eventful trip for evaluation in Gitmo.
Alan Moynihan, AlEM3Jul 1959 –ElectricalLooking for anyone between 1959-1963. Would like to talk about great times aboard. You can email me at:
Moynihan, AlEM3Nov 1, 1959 – Nov 15, 1963Wanted to find an old ship mate, last name of Holzhauser, if possible. He was an IC electrician.
Moynihan, AlanEM3Nov 7, 1959 – 1963ElectricalSpent 4 years on east coast for the most part. Had some good times with IC electrician drinking 100 proof alcohol. Yikes! Feel free to contact me at:
Andregg, DavidFnJan 3, 1960 – Dec 28, 1960RepairMy first sea duty. The storm off Hatteras on our return from Florida was unbelievable! 30-50' seas! Lost towing Machine-40+degree roll!! Placed "Christmas Trees for SOSUS. Didn't know how importance THEN. Do now! Thanks USN.
Andregg, DavidE-3Jan 3, 1960 – Dec 1960RepairFirst ship; dragged for Hedgehogs in James river; Texas tower off Bermuda; towed barge to Fla and back--towing cable parted off Cape Hatteras in 40' seas. Transfer to USS Vulcan in Dec.'60
Andregg, DavidFiremanJan 3, 1960 – Dec 1960Motor RoomTook part in the installation of ARGUS ISLAND off Bermuda later used by SEALAB. With barge in tow, hit 40' seas off Cape Hatteras. Survived 40 degree roll. Tow cable parted AFTER tow machine broke. Barge survived.
Craig, Richard (Dick)RM3Apr 1960 – Oct 1960OperationsWho can forget being down South and hearing Taps come across the water from a sea plane base. Good ship, good times.
Craig, Richard (Dick)RM3Apr 1960 – Oct 1960OperationsWould like to contact anyone aboard the Hoist in 1960. My first sea duty. Loved it. Can be contacted at
Graham, DonaldSFM2Aug 10, 1960 – Apr 20, 1964Want to find shipmate WILLIAM BOYD WILSON
Richard, FrankQM 2Jan 1961 – Sep 1964BridgeServed with many good men on the Hoist. The national association of fleet tug sailors has a great data base of all fleet tugs. Google it. Pictures,lists,reunions,and history of many of the salvage ships.
Markowitz, DavidDC3Jun 20, 1961 – Aug 30, 1965ENG.FIRST SHIP WENT ONBOARD AS A SR AND LEFT AS A 3RD CLASS
Long, Jim (Shortie)ETR2Feb 1962 – Jul 1963Operations
Coughlin, MikeSM-3Apr 17, 1962 – Sep 15, 1964Deck and Bridge CrewReported to the USS Hoist as a seaman strait from bootcamp 1962. Made SM 3 and remain on the USS Hoist. Served on the USS Hoist in the Cuban blockcade. Left the ship in 1964
Nelson, Doug (Tex)E-3Jun 1962 – Nov 1963First (deck)Served in Cuban Crisis Blockade. Towed ship from New Foundland to San Juan. Florida space flight rescue, shark fishing etc Looking for John Parasue,Larry Shaw,Joe Constanzo,Mike Couglin, Thomas, Doc, Electrician diver Terry, Welder Sandy..
Reaves, CurtisE5 2ND CLASS PETTY OFFICERJul 22, 1962 – Dec 1964eng roomsome good times aboard the hoist. i`ll never forget the first i got sea sick, i was used to the big ship i was on before i came on the hoist curtis reaves
Topp, Fred (Cosmoe)SF2Dec 15, 1963 – Dec 14, 1968EngineeringWhen I reported aboard, the Hoist was drydocked in cramp shipyards in Philly. I met a lot of good knowlegable people and some very good softball players. I believe we had one undefeated season when George Cosper pitched.
Johnston, Jim (John)SF2/DV21964 – May 13, 1966Eng/DVLot of time at sea aboard the Hoist. Went TAD to Iceland for six months of 1965 getting back in time for the salvage operation of the USS Almagordo in Charleston. I was also with Brashear when he got hurt.
Clifton, MichaelSN/RD1964 – 1965deckanyone remember Bob Kee?
Razny, Davidbmsn dv2Jun 26, 1964 – Mar 23, 1967deck djvjngif anythjng i found the first piece of the plane wreckage looking for the h bomb. i worked 100 hrs without sleep getting usns bluejacket of a sandbar in newfoundland.had some great friends, the kee brothers,jack collier,
Lally, Thomas profile iconsaSep 10, 1964 – Feb 26, 1965OperationsI served on board for 5 months until my spot in ET-A school opened up.
Rex, MarshSM3Sep 10, 1964 – Jul 9, 1965COMMUNCATIONS
Keough, Robert P.ENS, THEN LT(JG)Oct 23, 1964 – Jan 10, 1966Line officer with supply duties afloat, crypto,This was my first sea duty, she was a very fine ship to serve in. I was on board when Chief Carl Brashear reported. Went to Newfoundland twice, the arctic, Scotland, Holland, FL, SC and we saved a navy seaplane that went down at sea off US.

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