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USS San Francisco (SSN 711) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS San Francisco (SSN 711). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 391 crew members registered for the USS San Francisco (SSN 711).

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Ralston, BradTM21994 – 1997TorpedoWhat a great bunch of guys / memories. I'm livin' good, working, volunteering at my town's fire department as a Firefighter / EMT. I have a wonderful wife and 2 great kids. I miss Hawaii and all of the port calls. &Uall!
Ralston, BradTM2(SS)1994 – 1997WeaponsMy second boat in the Navy. Great crew, great time, great forever friends. Ports were memorable.
Payne, TomETC/SSJan 20, 1994 – Feb 28, 1998RADIOAwesome boat and people, Biscuit, those were the days, cracked out on caffine. Still married with two boys.
Holcombe, BrianTM2 (SS)Mar 1, 1994 – Mar 12, 1997TMI still support the DoD as a mechanical engineer working primarily in the areas of combat system survivability, vulnerability and weapon lethality analysis for SURVICE Engineering. Contact me at
Grecian, ChristopherMM2/SSApr 1994 – Feb 2000RLWhat do you mean get out of the rack? I am underway ELT!
Edwards, Curtis M EdwardsET2(SS)Apr 19, 1994 – Aug 21, 1999NAV/OPSCivilian now. Had a great time
Arnett, EricRM3Jun 1994 – Nov 1998RadioNo more battery charging line ups, and I don't get to clean drain strainers anymore, But I'm still known as Biscuit. If anyone wants to contact me you can email me
Fish, Jonny FishboneMS3Aug 1994 – Jan 1997ms/cookscookie dough any one? best bunch freaks i ever served. got out with some of the best bar stories on the planet. if you know or remember me drop me a line
Fish, Jonathan"Fishbone"MS3Sep 1994 – Dec 1996Supply
Urich, MikeMM1(SS)Oct 30, 1994 – Sep 19, 1999LELTHad the best group of ELTs to work with...had a great time. LT now (LDO program). Currently the Overhaul Coordinator on USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) in Norfolk, VA. Will be heading back up to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in NH in Aug 2008.
Calhoon, BrianMM2(SS)Dec 1994 – Dec 1998M
Campbell, TomEM1/SSDec 1994 – Mar 1998EI miss those days...sometimes.
Jumbelick Jr., JamesCPODec 16, 1994 – Mar 17, 19973M/AVAILABILITY COORDINATORGreat goat locker! Loved living in HAWAII!
Nolen, JimmyMS1/ MSC/SS1995 – Apr 2000MSThat was alot of sea time, you guys ate to much!!
Witt, Scott "Scotto"MM3Jul 1995 – Aug 1999I finally married a Japanese woman. I'M suppa!
Michels, TimMM1Aug 1995 – Dec 3, 1999M
Miller, JasonFT1(SS) NOW ENSAug 15, 1995 – Jul 13, 2001Fire ControlCommissioned in STA program..Thanks to all..
Osorio, MartinSK2/SSAug 15, 1995 – Aug 16, 1999Box-KickerMiss the crew but not the sea-sickness. Went to college, got married, graduated and working as an auditor for a consulting firm. Drop a line if you remember me @
Kieffer, StevenET1Oct 1995 – Sep 2001Navigation
Levinson, NeesonQMC(SS)1996 – 1997QMWow! Sure glad I left when I did. XO left and crashed aboat. Ship ran aground, too much excitement. Dingo Warrior/Rock Biter You're missed.
Helling, JeskoET2/SSJan 6, 1996 – Sep 1, 2001Radio
Generally, DevonSTS3Feb 20, 1996 – Jun 14, 1999SonarWas a great boat and crew. Tighest one id been a part of. Civilian now on my way to Law school in Chicago. Damnit Dingo i should have gone crazy too.
Sample, DonEM2/SSMar 1996 – Mar 2000E-DivSince Marceau asked: Hint: Marceau is the taller one in the video. Things I'll never forget - weaps being nearly eaten by a sea lion for example
Cooper, MarkYN2(SS)Apr 1996 – Dec 1999AdminThe "house of pain" is alive and well in Michigan. Working at Univ. Mich Hospital taking X-rays now! Can you belive it? Warriors of WESTPAC 96 & 98 remember the PI, Guam and Brisbane! Don't forget Yokosuka and Sasebo.
Marceau, JoshEM2/SSApr 1, 1996 – Mar 1, 2000eI really miss cleaning motor generators, alot. Also, #1 precip was fun. Does anyone know what happened to don sample I bet he is masterminding something cool.
Henson, StevenE-2Apr 5, 1996 – May 15, 1997DeckI served under Deck Division. Anyone who remembers me feel free to E-Mail me at
Frazier, BrianEM2/SSMay 1996 – May 1999EMichigan is so different than the Phillipine's
Lucas, KyleET1 (SS/AW) ETC (SS/AW) RetiredJul 13, 1996 – Dec 5, 2000ET NO/RO DAPA Sail CoordinatorDamnit Dominguez!!! Two Westpacs, The spinal meningitis San Francisco run. I retired in 09 and am still going to school using the GI bill. Living in San Antonio, TX. Miss the times but not the stress.
Steele, KatMMFNJul 29, 1996 – Sep 19, 1997a gangjones, im sorry little brother maturity often brings regrets. I miss you. Generally speaking, I miss you too you singing car theif!! hahaha love you brothers, Kat
Belasco, MatthewMM2/SS ELTOct 1996 – Aug 1998Reactor LabI live in Wisconsin now got my degree and got out. Hey way to go Scotto!!
Becker, JasonET1Jan 1, 1997 – Dec 1, 2000Reactor Controlsboat life changes you forever, the bad times their become good laughs now. Went to the Nautilus Museum Duty. Moved to Rochester NY married, kids, dogs. Drop a line:
Sutton, John/ "taltos" Or "john J"Jan 7, 1997 – Feb 28, 2001EWho can forget WESTPAC-98...Five months of darkness and one shining week in Australia!!!
Jones, Deongelo( On The Down Low)MM2Feb 1997 – Apr 2002a-gangI still have an infectious smile and still on the DL hugs to everybody
Harris, Anson/ SherroidET/2Feb 28, 1997 – Feb 27, 2000NavOpsFree at last Currently making fiberoptic cables in Wilmington NC (can you say middle management?)
Leppo, JoeMM2Mar 1, 1997 – Dec 31, 1997MWent to OCS and am now a target
Park, RonaldSTS1/STSCMay 16, 1997 – Nov 1, 2000Sonar/CCCLoved this boat! STSCS now.
Pelton, StephenET2/SSSep 1997 – Jan 2002NAVIGATION
Pelton, StephenET2Sep 15, 1997 – Jan 15, 2002NAV/OPSHad a great time onboard. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Everything from getting kicked out of a bar in Tijuana with Witt to going to clubs with Jones, Wilson, and "Smokie", and buying Mayfield 13 shots of Habu Sake were just the best of
Erdey, Dave (Erdog)Nov 12, 1997 – May 15, 2002Thanx xo for lying to me I appreciate it
Knight, EliSTS3 (FORMER)Nov 20, 1997 – Jul 1, 2000STI'm Rick James Bitch!!
Lesley, JustinET2/SSNov 30, 1997 – Sep 4, 2001Radioi hated life when i was there with the exception of 10 people onboard. Mostly I hated Weyer, Frankhouser, Fast Eddie, and almost every nuke not in machinery div... now I love life and would rather kill myself than ever spend one day at sea.
Weyer, MichaelSK3/SSDec 1997 – Jun 2001SK / SupplyI don't wanna do wake-ups!
Hernandez, JulioSTS1Dec 26, 1997 – Feb 14, 2004Sonar/LanI was on that boat for a long az time the only guy that was there longer, that I know of was Kelly.In that time I saw 2 of my shipmates die (Askew and Freeman) I knew Ashley tracked bad guys, was on board for sh@t storm, went to HI,VA, and Guam. HMIC

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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