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USS Augusta (SSN 710) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Augusta (SSN 710). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 134 crew members registered for the USS Augusta (SSN 710).

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Thompson, Ray E-6/EM11993 – Jun 1997E
Schnitzler, William/ TrogRMC/ETCOct 1993 – Dec 1997Radio
Kuhn, CharlieSTS1(SS)Nov 7, 1993 – Dec 7, 1997SonarGreat ship, great crew! Guys like 'Zippy', Chris, Tony, "LAF" made the long runs fun!
Cortes, Eddie.QM-2(SS)Dec 1993 – Jun 1998QuartermasterStill alive after my second tour and a squadron deployment. On board from Dec93-Jun98, Jun99-Nov01, Feb-Jun03, and Jun-Jul04. Long time, miss alot of you guys. Currently working with IC-1 KennyMac(McNeil), both of us working at Port Ops NLON.
Spratt, Bill (Spunky)MS1(SS)1994 – 1997MS
Smith, Scott "Smitty"E4/E2/E3Jul 1994 – Jun 1998Deck/SonarSeeing the names of of the crew brings back some great memories. I hope everyone out there is doing well.
Dalton, JohnTM3/SSJul 6, 1994 – Jul 6, 1998TMMiss a couple people. Don't miss the life. Make a lot more money now and don't see what the draw is to get a 1000K a month for retirement. But anyways, Hello to all that I knew and those that I despised.
Almond, DavidMS3Aug 15, 1994 – Jun 26, 1996supply
Vinyard, Jack profile iconSKC(SS)Nov 1994 – Jun 1996StorekeeperThis crew as assume. The best boat I ever served on. Thanks guys for a great experience.
Price, BobSTS31995 – 1996SonarSTS1 in the Reserves now and working for a contractor. I live in Waterford, CT with my wife and daughter.
Sirois, JerrySK1/SSJan 1995 – Sep 1996SupplyHey everyone. Still in touch with some on Facebook, but great to see all the names on the list I served with. Hope all are still well and enjoying your post-710 lives!! Married 30yrs with two grown sons!
Lebowitz, PhillipMM1Aug 1995 – Dec 2000M-Div
Ball, Mike "Ballsack"STS 3Nov 10, 1995 – Mar 14, 2000Sonar
Salas, Elvin (Sal)RM2/SSAug 1996 – Dec 1999RadioGot my second Green C.
Moore, JeffLTMay 1997 – Jul 1999Supply Officer
Alphonso, KevinET3/SSMay 28, 1997 – May 27, 2002ETN
Pagan, John "Squish"MM1Oct 15, 1997 – May 14, 2002TM
Murphy, KevinETCM1998 – 2000EDEARecognized a few names on the list so had to sign on. Salas, Pagan, Taylor - hope all is well.
Muroski, SeanSTS2/SSFeb 11, 1998 – Oct 27, 2003SONAR
Foster, Robert MM2 SSApr 10, 1998 – Dec 10, 2002A-Div"Cheif, save my cigarettes!"
Sharpe, ShawnTM2/SSMay 5, 1998 – Oct 13, 2003Torpedo10 for 10! Proud to be the only four-shooter to launch TLAM's into Iraq. Kinda makes me feel like Rudy.
Tennyson, JohnEM1May 19, 1998 – Sep 11, 2000Electrical
Parsons, RobET1 THEN MADE ETC1999 – 2003NAV ETWell, all I can say is, believe it or not, the best boat I have been on. The crew was great, and I just hope to find another bunch of guys like them when I go back to sea.
Singer, NickMM2(SS)Mar 10, 1999 – Apr 15, 2003TM
Taylor, DavidMM2Jun 1, 1999 – Apr 18, 2003Butros, Butros Gali! What can I say? Best guys in the world, worst place under water...
Piper, PaulLCDRAug 1999 – Oct 2003WepsGussy was a great experience and taught me much about the Navy and life.
Feary, JamesET3Apr 1, 2000 – Sep 25, 2003ET NAVI couldn't think of what to write in here, and then I saw Brennan had signed up. I will never forget him stuck outboard of the FC Panels and squeeling like a pig. We had to get Doc Cooper to get him out. AWESOME!
Douglas, Michael 'Dougie Fresh'EM2Jun 10, 2000 – Jul 9, 2004Baby. Hoo-rah and, uh..stuff.only 250 characters to describe how fun it was to shoot the shit with sharpe back in the sad. a funny and witty bastard, even if he did have a southern accent. if any e-div'rs read this, WHATS UP.......yeah. And Im spent.
Moodie, PeterELT1Aug 14, 2000 – Feb 12, 2004Reactor LaboratoriesSurvivor of the nuclear winter.
Brennan, GregFT1Sep 2000 – Jan 18, 2002Fire Control
Stitt, BenjaminSTS2(SS)Sep 23, 2000 – Dec 19, 2004Sonar, Deck.
Stitt, BenjaminSTS2/SSOct 20, 2000 – Dec 20, 2004SonarI wish I was still in the submarine force. Rib shots aren't going over so well at Harvard.
Hollingsworth, TravisET2Nov 2000 – Jan 2005RCI see that Doug E Fresh left a remark so I figured why not. Just another member of the "I survived the death spiral" club.......
Hollenbeck, MichaelCS1(SS)Jan 4, 2001 – Oct 2005MS/ CSIt's 2010, and Dees and Siebert are STILL DINQ!!!!!
Conde, MichaelCS 3 SSFeb 2001 – Jun 26, 2004SupplySo little space to sum up what was the best times of my young adult life. Seeing all of you on here brings up memories. Flash is wrong about being the best cook. Dont forget who taught you Nub! WISH U WELL. CONDE
Coltrain, NathanielMMFN(SS)Feb 19, 2002 – Aug 21, 2005A-GANGI've come along way since I joined this crew. Allot of good times allot, good memories. I deffinatley am a better person from my time and experiences on board Augusta.
Madsen, Ron "Madman"MM! (SS)Jun 2002 – Jan 2005AI don't miss Groton!
James, JoshSTSSN (SU)Aug 2, 2002 – Nov 11, 2002Sonar TechnicianI was only aboard briefly before I was transfered to SSSU prior to my discharge. She was a great boat with an excellent crew. I only wish things had been different for me, I think I could have benefitted the crew in my own special way.
Reock, JeffEM22003 – Oct 2006Electrical
Morrissey, JimETCJan 21, 2003 – Apr 15, 2005Reactor ControlLivin the good life at Three Mile Island. Nice to have my Reactor Parked in the same place all the time now.
Wallace, StephenEM1Jun 12, 2003 –ElectricalDougie Fresh!! What's up? You disappeared on us! Taylor Hit it right on with that comment. Still here til......
Seibert, Jacob "the Flash"CS3(SS)Sep 5, 2003 – Aug 28, 2007SupplyThe crew i served with i will always call brothers. from sonar to a gang and back aft all you guys i have much love and R>E>S>P>E>C>T... dont lie to yourself me and glaude were the best cooks onboard,were submariners and always will be!!
Fisher, Timothy "fish"ET1(SS)Nov 19, 2003 – Nov 22, 2007ETNDamn, too much to tell. If you were there you know. Steadman, you chronic liar, the tales of my firing are greatly exagerated. Still going strong at STSC and loving every minute of my job! Have a desk next to Santee. Squirrel and his PSP!
Cline, MichaelLT2005 – 2008Div-O, Decommissioning Navigator/Weapons Officer
Campbell, JonathanMMCJul 10, 2005 –RL/MJoined a great crew on a good deployment. Plan to carry on the tradition and keep old gussy moving on.
Nutting, JacobMMFN (SS)Oct 26, 2005 –A-GANG
Avocato, RussellSTSC/SSJul 10, 2006 –Sonar
Graettinger, Korey "doc"HM1Nov 30, 2006 –EXECWhat do you mean we go underwater???

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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