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USS Albuquerque (SSN 706) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albuquerque (SSN 706). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 149 crew members registered for the USS Albuquerque (SSN 706).

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Smith, TomET2/SSJan 2, 1984 – Dec 17, 1987ETHey Shipmates of the ORIGINAL animal Boat
Ornellas, MelYN3 (SS)Mar 4, 1984 – Sep 19, 1987ExecutiveWho doesn't remember me? The only Yeoman to pull off a successful helo - mail run at 500' below the surface. I rule! Too funny. John, you still owe me 20.00 bucks. Yeoman Shack up front, all others get to the back of the bus. Still have all m
Taylor, MattSTS31985 – 1989Sonar
Davis, Allan (Chewy)IC1(SS)1985 – 1989ICJust heard they decommissioned the animal boat. FL will never be the same since the visit that started is all. Big start to our lives and memory's that will have sections displayed in New Mexico.
Howard, John P.IC3(SS)May 21, 1985 – Dec 3, 1988IC
Hasbrouck, DaneMM1(SS)Jun 1985 – Sep 1988M
Backer, ErikMM1(SS)Jul 1985 – Jul 1989MGot out in 93, thought I'd never see another submarine,,, where did I go to work? The Subase Fire Dept. I see the Animal Boat Every Day!!
Moran, JeffMM1/SSJul 1985 – Sep 1989Machinery
Baird, ThomasEM2 (SS)Sep 1985 – May 1989E-Div
Lopez, HermanMM2/SS1986 – 1990A GangMiss the Animal Boat days! A certain version of 12 Days of Christmas, sung at the top of our lungs comes to mind haha! Best crew in the entire sub fleet & a great group of guys... miss them days. Hit me up! Cheers!
Glick, ChristopherSW1/SSFeb 20, 1986 – Oct 14, 1989TM/WEP
MacDougall, Dennis (Doc)HMC (SS)Apr 1986 – Jun 1989MedicalOne of the most memorable tours of duty during my nearly 27 years of Naval Surface. The crew was the most highly trained, educated and fun loving group I had the pleasure to serve with.
Mayfield, RicardoICFR/SSApr 18, 1986 – Apr 1, 1988EE03The Best Submarine in the Fleet, thanks to my Sea-dad TM1/SS Pete Barns, IC3/SS John Paul Howard and CDR Scott Sears (CO), of course many others for we had the tightest crews in Groton, CT. "Farewell and Following Seas"
Darrigo, Robert (Rack)EM1/SSMay 8, 1986 – Jun 21, 1987ElectricalThis was the 3rd boat I served aboard during my six years as a nuke. Apparently I was the only EM available to come to the boat a week before a northern run. Lesson: Don't piss off your detailer! It ended up being a pretty good last year in navy.
Bowerson, ToddMSSNJun 18, 1986 – Jun 1990Radio
Depugh, JohnYN1(SS)Oct 1986 – Nov 1988I arrived on board when Captain Sears was CO. He was a good Captain. But it was Captain John T. Byrd, who taught me what rigging for sea was all about. I loved my tour of duty on board.
Murphy, NickTM3/SS1987 – 1989TMWow, names brought back some old memories. Hope to hear from some of you. Murph
Farrington, NormanMM1 SS1987 – Aug 31, 1992A DivBest A-Gang in the entire fleet!
Coley, Kevin (Gunny/the Admiral)EM1/SSFeb 1987 – Oct 1991ETo all my people in the struggle, what's up?!? Good to see some of the names posted here. Its been a long time since I thought about the boat, but I missed the good ole times onboard.
Landwehr, Brian (Landmine)ET2/SSApr 1987 – Jul 1991ETI miss life on the animal boat. Lots of familiar names here. Drop me a line, would love to hear from you.
Wittman, KarlMM1/SSAug 1987 – Mar 1991RL
Bell, ToddSTS2(SS)Sep 1987 – Jan 1989SonarSaw Stu and Mac and couldn't help but remember the good ole days aboard the animal boat. Drop me a line guys, I would love to hear from you.
Harmon, SteveET2Oct 14, 1987 – Jul 14, 1991RC
Vallejos, LouieTM2/SSNov 1987 – Apr 1991TMThe only Blue Torpedo room in the fleet! God I miss those animal boat days. drop me a line.
Gedney, JackQMCS (SS)Dec 1987 – Aug 1992QMI had the honor of serving with some of the finest men I have ever met. Great times! Officers, Chiefs and crew...4.0
Butler, KevinMM21988 – 1990mm
Leto, ChristopherMM2Jan 1988 – Aug 1991A-Gang
Mortimer, DavidET2(SS)May 26, 1988 – May 26, 1992RCA lot of good memories.
Arnicar, WilliamMM2(SS)Aug 1988 – Mar 1992A GangStill looking back with fond memories.
Capuano, Scott (Cap)SKC(SS)Sep 24, 1988 – Mar 1, 1992SUPPLYGood to see a lot of familiar names. Lot of good memories with and without big byrd. Best memories are of lookout/sticks and all the drivers and divers.
Sbrogna, PhilipET1/SS1989 – 1994RCGood times, good times. Hello to everyone. Wish I still worked for Beaner- best boss I ever had.
Brooks, Todd "bird Man"IC2Jul 1989 – Sep 1991ICGood to see some familiar names on here! Lot's of good memories looking back and hope all are well! I remember spanking and getting spanked by a few of you at backgammon. SSN-706 has a group on facebook if any do that! Drop me a line!
Palmer, SamuelHMC (SS)Jul 15, 1989 – Jul 1991Medical
Wilson, DouglasMs2(ss)Sep 1989 –MS
Dela Cruz, ClaroSTS3(SS)Oct 1, 1989 – Jul 28, 1992
Darigan, Robert (Brick-bat)STS1/SSOct 30, 1989 – Jan 15, 1990SonarRe-assigned as Staff Submarine Squadron 2, Groton, CT. For Medical Hold.
Gilbertson, Donald "Marty"MSC(SS)Nov 1989 – May 1993MS
Olivares, Jonathan (Ollie)YN3Nov 23, 1989 – Jun 20, 1991Admin
Blakely, StuartSTSC(SS)Nov 30, 1989 – Oct 2, 1993SonarI know a couple of you. Would like to see more listed.
Rauscher, CarlEM1/SSJul 1990 – May 26, 1993ElectricalInteresting times, we had.
Denk, KennyIC3 (SS) - GM1 EXW/SSDec 1990 – Aug 1992Deck-IC1st & best command 706-614-721 IC-MA out 00 worked telecom install-construction electrician >9/11-GM2 USNR deployed to Iraq 07-08 detainee ops, Gulf of Aden 2 Battle Pirates Now I'm a Paramedic FTO 🚑 & GM1 EXW/SS GONAVY

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 – 1990 | 1991 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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