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USS Baltimore (SSN 704) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Baltimore (SSN 704). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 186 crew members registered for the USS Baltimore (SSN 704).

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Beck, JerryIC2(SS)Jun 13, 1686 – Apr 21, 1991ICI want a zippo, I want a folding chair, I want a bug juice. Cohan: Perhaps the best sea story of all time.... Except for going to sea with a failed hatch inspection a FEW times....
Fosta, FrankSeaman First Class1941 –don't knowThis is my Grandfather who was my biggest hero in this lifetime.
Burda, Gary/"doc"CORPSMAN1968 –This is not Gary, but his beloved daughter, Dana. We lost my dad on 2/6/08 to Lou G. Disease and dearly miss him.
McHugh, PaulnavyFeb 12, 1977 – Sep 28, 1977west-pac ?Trying to find someone that may of knew my dad? Not sure of ranks and divissions he was on the U.s Reeves in 1977. Went to the Philippines and Japan
Booth, BillMM11980 – Aug 26, 1984RL/MOver 20 years - I feel old. I am working in DC. Bob Kirchner is in Wisconsin. Hank Duncan is down in Nort Carolina. Has anyone heard from Mike Hagen?
Bond, AlanEM1(SS)1980 – 1983ElectricalEM1(SS) nuke electrician launch crew & plank owner
Kuchenbrod, Richard profile iconMSCS(SS)1980 – 1983MS & COB
Gedelman, StanYN1(SS)1980 – 1983AdminPlankowner - What an experience starting a ships office from nothing and meeting and greeting everyone. Retired in 1993 as LDO LT.
Johnson, JohnMM1 (SS)Jan 1980 – Nov 1983Aux
Baerg, JohnET1/SSJan 1980 – Mar 1984Reactor ControlsPLANKOWNER RC Div LPO for a couple of years. Now living close to Tampa. Stay in touch.
Johnson, John profile iconMM1 SSJan 16, 1980 – Dec 16, 1983Auxilary first a ganger to dump the unks 7 computer!Plank Owner: Does anyone know when the emergency diesel was painted back to grey. When commissioned we had painted it a two tone midium blue and light blue. To my knowledge it was the only diesel in the fleet the wasn't painted grey or red
Haagen, MichaelEM1Aug 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1984ElectricalFound this site and had several flashbacks... Plankowner
Heckman, DeanRM2(SS)Aug 28, 1980 – Aug 29, 1986Radioman:Plank owner, where's the plank? :-D We were in over-haul so many times. I'd be surprised if there was anything left to decommission!
Seward, GeoffreyRM2Oct 10, 1980 – Apr 10, 1983RadioOne hell of a way to commision a Submarine, 7 sea trials! Even the mess cooks went UA. Left under strange circimstances, but the good times are always remembered. Sill looking for Todd Grant
Triolo, OwenEM1 (SS)Dec 1980 – Nov 1984EPlank and then I wake up in a cold sweat and tell myself "Thank God, it's only a dream". Every now and then I hear a horror story from people about 704, some of these stories are twice removed. Now living in S. Florida.
Jagow, CharlesDS1Dec 1980 – Nov 1983Data SystemsI was a plankowner.feel free to contact me
Hasty, ToddMM1(SS)Dec 28, 1980 – Jun 15, 1985M Div30 yrs.. Strange how you remember the good times more than bad. I do have some fond memories great friends. Anyone remember the "Trim and Drain" log? Working Environmenal, Healh and Safety Director.
Kleckner, BillMM21981 Р1984A-gangPlankowner - Tough pre-comm duty…. A lot of hours and not enough people. Great group of guys who worked hard and played hard. Retired ENCM.
Grubbs, DanET2/SSFeb 1, 1981 – Jul 25, 1982RCPlankowner. We did 10 sea trials instead of the usual 4 due to lots of equipment problems. Left shortly after commissioning to attend NROTC at Univ. Of Fla.
Dickey, MikeSTS1/SSFeb 15, 1981 – May 31, 1983STPlank Owner and STLPO
Sorenson, BillFTG1/SSApr 7, 1981 – Oct 18, 1985WeaponsDeck Division LPO. WPO Qualified. Topside Weapons Qualified.
Gentry, TonyFTG1/SSJul 1981 – Apr 1985Weapons
Wimett, Michael (Mikey)MM1/SS Ret.Sep 1981 – Jan 1986A-Gang Plank-Owner
Smith, Robert profile iconE-4Nov 18, 1981 – Nov 18, 1985MM - non nukeHey Guys, Just wanted to say hi and see who is out there.
Smith, RobertMM3Nov 19, 1981 – Sep 13, 1985MM - Non Nuke
Peters, NickSTS1(SS)Dec 1981 – Dec 19, 1983SONAR!Not many US Army soldiers wore Dolphins to Iraq. But I am one of them.
Kuderer, JohnMM3 (SS)1982 – 1984AUXPlankowner
Williams, StevenET2(SS)Jan 1982 – Aug 1984Electronic Materials
Lloyd, JohnSTS3Jan 1982 – Oct 1984weapons
Howard, PatrickTM1 ssJan 1982 – Sep 1985torpedoLooking to hear from you guys. Current occupation truck driver out ofMt. Sterling Kentucky. Phone 8595850775
McMillan, Bryan ("Mac")DS2 (SS)Jan 4, 1982 – Nov 4, 1986FT
Katanik, Gary SpazSK3Feb 1982 – 1985supplyHas anyone heard from Bob Savage, Kenny Low, or Bill Harless. Can anyone tell me how to get a Baltimore ballcap? My cap is ruined.
Pianalto, ByronSTS1 (SS)Jul 1982 – Sep 1984Sonar
Harless, WilliamSK3/SSAug 1982 – Sep 1984
Harless, JoeSNAug 1982 – Sep
Trogdon, Jeff "Trog"EM1(SS)Aug 20, 1982 – Dec 16, 1985EKinda funny, looking back. Doesn't seem so long ago! Would love to hear from some of the guys who served from 82-85!
Fralix, TimMM2Sep 2, 1982 – Dec 15, 1985M/RLGood old USS Baltimore. I have lots of great memories from that fish. JP Freddy, Fat Jim Wilson's Parrot, Supergrit, The Trim & Drain Log. Last I heard of the book, LCDR Hochevar had taken for Department Head review.
Bierkortte, Troy "Vinnie"MM1(SS)Sep 22, 1982 – Jul 25, 1985RL/M
Lawrimore, BoRMDec 9, 1982 – Feb 16, 1986RM Div
Wright, MarkFN(SS)Dec 10, 1982 – Apr 10, 1984DECKThis FN(SS) Mark Wright. I went on to retire as HMC(SS) but it all started on the Baltimore. Miss all y'all. I hear from Chip Sumner from time to time. Drop me a line. Bombard, I miss the striper fishing.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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