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USS Dallas (SSN 700) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dallas (SSN 700). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 279 crew members registered for the USS Dallas (SSN 700).

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Lehman, DennySTSC (SS)1984 – 1990SonarDave, Tom , Jim, Guru some of the best Somarman I ever had the privilege to serve with.
Scully, Frankmm 3Jan 11, 1984 – Feb 27, 1987ANice to see you on Fuoco.. Never saw some one who liked so much sleep. Remember that great Chief Clerici? :D
Volk, Roger (Ramjet)STSCS(SS)Mar 10, 1984 – Apr 30, 1986SonarCOB was Bill Elrod
Neuman, ThomasSTS1Mar 24, 1984 – Sep 27, 1988SonarHottest running boat on the East Coast, I don't recall what land looked like. Best crew every, it was an honor to serve with all of them.
Sellers, Barry ''the Sarge"MM1Aug 1984 – Aug 1986M DIVHad some wild times catching the back half of the Around the World cruise. Diego Garcia, Australia, and the "Steel Beach"going through the Panama Canal. Med cruise was awesome. Thanks to all who brought those memories.
McGowan, KevinET2/SSSep 1984 – Sep 1986ET/NAV
Dodenhoff, Scott ( Dode)EM1(SS)Dec 1984 – Oct 1988ElectricalWho can ever forget the Med cruise, chasing Z5O's, plotting dots, ORSE's and F.W. Lacroix. He was the man !!!!
Pons, Rick profile iconYN2(SS)1985 – 1988YEOMANYeoman on board. Worked with Francis J. Murphy YN1(SS) email:
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Farney, MichaelSTS11985 – 1988SonarThe "Show Boat" was AWESOME!! Miss all the guys. Wonder if that Sonar Dome is still haunted??
Pons, RickYN2(SS)Mar 1985 – 1988Yeoman
Walker, EdE6 MM1SS/DVMar 1985 –M-Div and ELT
Riche, DarrelTM2Mar 1, 1985 – Sep 30, 1988Torpedo
Huffman, AndrewE5/ET2(SS)Mar 1, 1985 – Jul 1, 1987NAVETBIG P, Bob Ferris, Dave Smoke em if you got em)Piemontesi, Wayne Tagg good peeps. The big D was my second boat and that wonderful Med run in 86 was a hoot. ENDLESS days at PD. FW was the bomb.
Woerner, MikeE3Jun 13, 1985 – Apr 15, 1987FiremanI enjoyed serving on the Dallas and learned alot. Unfornately, while walking back to the base one night i was struck by a car and suffered a seriuos brain injury. I would love to be in contact with anyone serving during this time period.
Bogenrieder, Mark (Bogie)MM2/SSSep 1, 1985 – Oct 1988M/RLFirst boat. Trial-by-fire as Leading ELT. I will never forget Med Run '86 and Resin Discharge '88. Great bunch of guys who I was lucky to serve with. Always thought I would get out after 6 years but stayed in for 23!
Westervelt, ScottFTG1(SS)Nov 1985 – Sep 23, 1988Fire ControlMet some of my best friends ever on Dallas. Mediterranean War Games '86. I'll never forget that.
Kuschka, Michael /// KushSK3/SSNov 1, 1985 – Jul 12, 1988Storekeeper / SupplyThs Dallas was my first boat. Great crew, they were great leaders. I since retired a Chief but will never forget my first crew.
Cummings, RogerSK3Dec 15, 1985 – Apr 5, 1988supply
Ormsbee, RandyRM21986 – 1990radiohad some good times and lots of memories
Monroe, BryanTM31986 – 1989Torpedo Division
Anthony, Ralph ( Rocken Ralph)EM1(SS)Jan 30, 1986 – Mar 4, 1990ELECTRICIAL Italy during '86 Med run.Loved Maine but hated DMP.
Severns, ChrisEM2Mar 1986 – Oct 1986
White, RoyE6/IC1SSMar 12, 1986 – Jun 15, 1990ICNever in port, but loved the thrill of the chase...
Waters, JosephSTS2/SSJul 1986 – Apr 1990SonarThe best group of people to work with. Roy White ,Jim K, Kieth obst, Steve P.
Flores, FrankSN(SS) HM(SS)Jul 1986 – May 1988Deck / MedicalLooking back on the time I spent on the Big "D" I could not have had a better crew to work with and learn from "Fair Winds and Following Seas"
Richard Ellwood, RickTM1/SSDec 3, 1986 – Mar 1, 1988TorpedoGreat crew. Worse C.O. I ever experienced. Some good ops though!
Loreto, SteveTM21987 – 1990WeaponsNow looking back, had more fun. DMP, was all good. Woody, Batman, Pulster, and Homolka!
O'Brien, TimET2/ss1987 – 1991Nav/Ops
Rathke, JohnMM2(SS)Jan 1987 – Aug 1991A
Mittendorf, Rick MM2/SSJan 1987 – Nov 1990M-DivBest group of guys you could have ever served with even though DMP almost killed us all!
Roberts, Greg (Berts)EM1Feb 1987 – Feb 1992EBack when "Big D" was still the bomb.
Lippert, CharlesMM2/SSFeb 14, 1987 – May 21, 1991Auxiliary (but after DMP, doubled as duty-SK)With 2 college degrees, together with experience from USS Dallas and college workstudies, now working in an Indian tribal government in the environmental protection office.
Estopare, JoelfiremanFeb 16, 1987 – Jan 15, 1988a gangsame shit different day ,i got thrown off but i would go back
Dempsey, Jeff "Dempsey Dawg" profile iconET2/SSMay 9, 1987 – Sep 10, 1991RadioGreat guys to serve with. I can remember all the faces and voices to this day. The pranks and games to make time go by faster. But I still remember that it still sucked.
Jumbelick Jr., JamesCPOJun 6, 1987 – Oct 6, 1989A-DIV LCPO/3M CoordinatorDMP experiment on crew successful, we " CLEAN SWEEPED " it in 9 months!, ( with zero crew augmentation). Filmed HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER in drydock! Worst wardroom ever served with, except for my D.O. and ENG.
Newman, StephenQM2/ssAug 5, 1987 – Mar 14, 1991navigation
Ross, Ryan  NEWTM2 Dallas/Retired TMCDec 15, 1987 – Apr 13, 1991Torpedo DivisionWow, what tour of duty this was indeed! Going from E-2 thru E-5. TM1 Costa! if your still around, do you still use that little green note pad, checking off daily task!? Hello to all whom I served with!!
Andrews, Thomasms11988 – Sep 1991supplyHad a great time despite home problems,wish i had stayed in longer.
Trahan, HerbSTSC/SS1988 – Feb 1992SonarGreat Division, Great Boat!
Pulster, BarryICFN/IC3/ICFN1988 – May 14, 1990Interior CommunicationCan't say I had a bad time enjoyed every moment of it. Nerbonne and Loretto let's get together and do some fishing. And Roy I haven't forgot about the time you tried to hop into my rack with me you freak.
Frie, JimRM2Jan 1988 – Aug 1991Radio
Hall, ToddIC3/SSJan 1988 – Oct 1991If your'e ever in Denver look me up. I see Dobert, Woody and Batman often. Look us up and we can all have a beer.
Coates, DavidIC2/SSFeb 1, 1988 – Mar 1, 1990ICI grew up on the Dallas and learned a lot of valuable lessons in life that college didn't teach. I wish I had appreciated it more as a young man. I do appreciate my experiences now. Guys, thanks for the memories I'll carry until death.
Osterhoudt, MichaelET2Mar 1988 – Sep 1991RCSome of the best friends I'll ever have.
Taylor, Dave Ox,MM2/SSJun 17, 1988 – Apr 11, 1993A-GANGGood boat enjoyed my time onboard and crew member.
Lane, DanielSK3SSAug 21, 1988 – Jan 24, 1991Supply"Perhaps the quietest, fasted, deadliest war ship in the world men" Cdr Terpstra. Hello to Chief Bernardi, Jordan, and even you Updagrove, and all my shipmates who served with me and for this country.
Gaddy, James E.E-5Sep 10, 1988 – Jan 2, 1992MSLOOKING FOR ALL SHIPMATE TO HAVE A REUNION
Brown, WalterLTOct 1988 – Nov 1991EO/MPA/SO/QAO
Goodale, JeffRM1Oct 1988 – Jun 1990Radio
Walker, StevenMM1Dec 1988 – Feb 1993M
Nerbonne, William/roccoE6/FTG1/SSDec 1, 1988 – Aug 26, 1992Weapons
Pisack, PiemanIC5Dec 24, 1988 – Apr 13, 1993Interior CommunicationsThe Pieman is alive and well.

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