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USS Ashtabula (AO 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ashtabula (AO 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 147 crew members registered for the USS Ashtabula (AO 51).

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Ferrell, WarrenCOM3rd classJun 1, 1943 – Sep 5, 19442nd Served on the first voyage of the USS Ashtabula A051
Nixon, Ralph [ Nick]gunners mate 1'st classAug 8, 1943 – 1945navy
Sedall, Rocco (Roy)AS, S 2/c, S 1,c, F 1/c, S 1/c, SSML 3/cFeb 10, 1944 – May 13, 1946Unit #3
Berry, John MS/1C QM/SM1947 – Aug 14, 1948ships controlI can't remeber my boarding date. I was transfered from LST 611. My date for discharge was Aug. 16, 1948 and AO 51 was to be in the states at that time. We arrived at Long Beach ship yards and the ship was put in dry dock for overhaul.
Ackley, GeorgeSMJan 1952 – Dec 1954SecondMy Kate father George Bincent Ackley
McGinty, PaulSK3Aug 15, 1952 – Jan 3, 1956StorekeepingI was aboard the Ashtabula when she blew the Sun after Thanksgiving 1952. I had many great momemts while serving aboard this great ship. We have a reunion each year in June for former crew members and their families.
Schroeder, DennisFT2Jun 10, 1955 – Aug 28, 1957Gunnery or F
Decker, JackSN1956 – 1960
Harclerode, WayneEM3Dec 1, 1956 – Feb 1, 1960EPresently, I am the Treasurer for the Ashtabula Association, (Former Shipmates). We have a reunion every year in June. Contact me for details.
Leafdahl, Duane C.BT 3Apr 15, 1957 – Jan 15, 1959eng.
Mattina, TonyMM2Aug 1958 – Jan 1962M
Reed, DickSeaman1960 – 19643rd Division
Hetrick, DaleRM3Jan 20, 1960 – Nov 4, 1963OperationsI enjoyed serving aboard the Ashtabula. I was able to visit places I would not have seen otherwise at such a young age. I made some friends including Sam Yates shortly after becoming a Radioman.
Allen, James (Jim)RD3Mar 1960 – Dec 1963OperationsWorked with a great bunch of guys in the Radar shack. Enjoyed my 4 cruises to WASPAC
Milner, Orville [ Gene]RD-1Nov 1960 – Feb 1962OI
Ontiveros, DouglasE3Feb 13, 1961 – Aug 2, 1964Second
Bonnet, MarvinBM11962 – 19641st.
Shuffelen, GeneEM-21962 – Apr 1966EngineeringI'm looking to find out information about a refueling that occurred in the Maikong Delta channel in Vietnam between 64/66; all crew members who were on the vessel at the time were potentially exposed to Agent Orange.
West, Davidseaman snMar 17, 1962 – Mar 17, 1965first divisionLooking for someone else in the first division or third division.
Karns, Bill profile iconRMSNFeb 15, 1963 – Nov 16, 1963OperationsWatching "Viet Nam" on OPB. Seems odd that "we" were there unreping flight operations. Another life time.
Swartz, GeraldFP3/SFP2Mar 1963 – 1965REPAIRGreat crew and Ship. Became a GOLDEN SHELL BACK during trip to Sidney & Melbourne during WestPac cruse 1964. Thanks Capt. Norington. Good job on movie PT109. Like to find Alvin C. Rose.
Chuculate, Joseph Jr.GMG 3Mar 3, 1963 – Jun 16, 19663 rd
Alderson, Walter R RonRD2Jun 1963 – Jun 1967Operations
Taylor, Michaelem3Oct 29, 1963 – Dec 25, 1965e divisionAre there any shipmates from 1963 to 1965 on this com line?
Alderson, Walter R RonRD2May 1964 – Jun 1967Operations
Doll, SteveSK3Jun 10, 1964 – Jan 6, 1966SupplyHad some of the best times of my life aboard! Really enjoyed the unreps as I was the bass player in the Chequemates Band. Great times, especially Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
Visser, LaverneE-2Jul 1964 – 1965I DON'T REMEMBEER.
Newell, DaleSFP31965 – 1967RGot on the Bula IN '65, and then went to Nam twice, before going to dry docks at San Pedro for super oiler fitting. Passed SFP-2. Transfered to U.S.S. Passumsic AO-107, went to Nam again, got out October '68 Originally from Portland, Oreg
Craddock, GeorgeHM3Jan 6, 1965 – Jun 30, 1965X DivisionI was due for discharge in AUG 65 but she was sailing for HONO on 5 JUL. My relief was aboard so they released me early on JUL 12. AUG 1 all corpsmen were extended a year for Viet Nam buildup. That's cutting it close
Linder, MarkPC3Mar 15, 1965 – May 28, 1967OperationsI was the postal clerk on board. Interesting times.
Abney, RoySEAMAN 1ST CLASSApr 1965 – Jul 19681stMet a lot of great guys on the(. bula). We all had some great times at different ports of call.Captain Graham was Co. at the time I was aboard.He was a good man.Lots of other good officers also. Was one of my greater expeirences in life.
Devereaux, James profile iconMM2Apr 1, 1965 – Oct 1, 1968AI worked in A Division and stood Engine Room port throttle and After Steering watches. My refueling station was in the after pump room which pumped black oil. Made two nine month deployments to Western Pacific.
McCullough, BobSNApr 23, 1965 – Oct 12, 1967Radar
Neubauer, Donald "boats"E1Jul 20, 1965 – Mar 20, 1967bmHey eveybod was proud to serve to bad it took 30 years to figure it out and Im still oily. No really I am Damn greese never comes off. Still love this salt air and fire in the water. If any You deck Aids came up With agent oranfe let me no.
Flick, Kenneth profile iconBM2Jul 1966 – Jan 19701stBest time was when the ship was in drydock in San Pedro. We stayed in barracks. Was sent to all kinds of schools. FAST school in San Francisco, etc. Made E-5 and was appointed coxswain of Captain's gig. Was blessed!
Hughes, WilliamSK2Aug 1, 1966 – Jan 15, 1970Store KeeperI was one of the ship's photographers. Was a great experience for my transition to manhood. Enjoyed being a member of our football team that went undefeated in our division. Sorry to learn that the "Big A" was decomissioned and sunk.
Dams, FrankSH-31968 –deck-suppyevery~Port/Sunrise/Sunset/Liberty every~UnRep/meal/duty ~~~ proud2beAboardAo51 ~~~ God Bless ~~~~~~~ A M E R I C A ~~~~~~~
Richardson, Jim "Jr"RD3/DV21968 – 1968OPS"Plank Holder AO-51". While crewing with the USS Conserver, got picked up by Shore patrol In Subic Bay with the ops department of AO-51. Bob Finny was Trolling for Hogs, "Crazy" Dale Christensen was calling elephants.
Capron, Donald (Cap) profile iconRD21968 – Jul 6, 1971OperationsEntered 3-5-1967, Boot 9-5-67, RDA School 1-68 thru 5-68, USS Passumpsic AO-107:RDSA to RDSN 5-68 thru 7-68, USS Ashtabula AO-51 RDSN to RD3 to RD2 (12-69) Lead Radarman 4-70 thru 7-6-71 Seperation Active Duty
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Lyman, JohnBm3Jun 24, 1968 – Jun 22, 1972Boiler room
Evans, GeorgeETN3Aug 1968 – Jun 1970OPERATIONSBrought her out of Todd in October '68, she was a good ship with a good crew and an excellent Captain.
Claveau, BruceBM3Aug 1968 – May 1970First DivisionGreat experience and great shipmates, couldn't ask for more! Spent 22 additional years in the Coast Guard, retired as BMCS. Wish my shipmates, "Fair Winds and Following Seas" until we meet again.
Benningfield, EdGMG3Aug 1, 1968 – May 31, 19703RDAboard at Recommishoning, first WesPac after that
Sandler, ArnieSK3Aug 30, 1968 – May 5, 1970SKBachelor Captain. Made it to many foreign ports, Acapulco, Hong Kong, Sasebo Japan and Subic Bay. Plank Owner, Mid Ship was modernized, air conditioned living quarters. Great experience with great shipmates. Worst moment: Getting through Typhoon Te
Pezone, AlMm2Sep 1968 – Feb 1970M
Booker, John profile iconCS3Sep 1, 1968 – Apr 1, 1970SupplySan Diego, Long Beach, Acapulco, Mexico, Subic Bay, Olongaop, Manila Philippines, Vietnam Dixie/Yankee Station, Da Nang, Cam Rahn Bay, Hong Kong, Sasebo, Nagasaki. Japan, Korea. Radio, Deck, Supply
Deutsch, WilliamBT3 - BT2Oct 1968 – Feb 1970E DivisionServed from 68-70 in boiler room am a plank owner. Was good duty. Like to hear from anyone from that time.
Kott, Hubert. (Bud)SnOct 1, 1968 – Jun 2, 19702 ndServed with some great people. Great experience. Still consider some shipmates friends 55 years later. Great liberty in Hong Kong and Sasebo and even Subic Bay. Was assigned to the Captains Gig for most of the time.
Shelden, StephenE4/BM3Oct 11, 1968 – Jan 30, 1970First DivisionEnjoyed my tour of duty. Had a good capitan and good ports of call.

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