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USS Jacksonville (SSN 699) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jacksonville (SSN 699). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 172 crew members registered for the USS Jacksonville (SSN 699).

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Oliver, DuaneET1/SS2000 – 2002RCThe crew was great and the leadership...well...not so much.
Burch, ShermanIC3Jun 13, 2000 – May 10, 2004ET1none
Huber, ThomasSTSC/SSJul 15, 2000 – Nov 15, 2001SonarGood Boat. Did one deployment, Ports of call cut short due to 9/11. Enjoyed the CPO's and good group of guys
Bellavance, Nate / BellyE-6 / MM1Aug 29, 2000 – Dec 7, 2004AgangIt was fun and also a challenge but I could never have gottan to this point in my life without the my lasson and experiences I learned on that boat.
Hansen, CobMMCM(SS)Oct 15, 2000 – Oct 19, 2003Chief of the BoatOne of the best crews I ever served with, a bunch of hard working guys that would do almost anything asked of them. as you can see we had some whiners onboard, (mostly E-6) Those that supported the command to make it the BEST, I SALUTE YOU.
Valdez, Andr̩ET2/SSJan 2001 РAug 2005Navigation
Ulsh, Big UlshMM/2Jan 5, 2001 – Sep 15, 2005A- GANGDon't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things.
Stewart, WesleySTS2/SSJul 2001 – Jan 2002SONARGreat crew for the most part no I didnt go crazy. My wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I blew out my left hip socket. Now I'm a AM2/SS as a welder for AIMD Oceana
Allen, RonLTOct 27, 2001 – Oct 28, 2004M, RC, ST, ETRO
Rhodes, JohnMM2 (SS)Oct 29, 2001 –RL01"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into a sewer and die." -Mel Brooks
Wilson, CSTS2Oct 31, 2001 – Feb 5, 2007SONARFair Winds and Happy Trails Shipmates
Wilson, ChrisSTS3Nov 27, 2001 –sonarone thing that i have learned on board this ship is that look out for number one cause no one else will. but damn it we're the cleanest boat in the fleet.
Bush, Jerry WayneMM3/SSJan 11, 2002 – Feb 28, 2006A-gangIts Jaydubyabusch. I just want to thank you all for giving me so much shit for the past 4 yrs of my life. I just have to console myself with the fact that I'm NEVER taking the boat out to sea AGAIN. 3rd Class two times. I sure love the Old Bone.
Cornielle, JMM2Feb 25, 2002 –EM01
Cornielle, JeffreyMM1 (SS) NOW ENSIGNFeb 25, 2002 – Feb 7, 2005MachineryThank you for the good times and the opportunities.
Dunbar, ChrisLTMar 2002 – Aug 2005
Austin, Joel (Scubasteve)SK2/SSMar 7, 2002 – Jun 1, 2005Supply
Johnson, MarkHMCApr 11, 2002 – May 1, 2006MedicalI'm not sure what to say. I saw the worst of times and the best of times. What a strange trip it was.
Ensing, ChrisET2(SS)May 2002 –Navigation"As for life, it is a battle and a sojourning in a strange land; but the fame that comes after is oblivion."
Longtin, Jacob (Combat Yeoman)YN2(SS)May 15, 2002 – Jun 24, 2004Yeoman & Force ProtectionIt may not have been the best ship, but it was the best for me.
Peld, AdamET2(SS)Oct 28, 2002 – Apr 22, 20062004 Green C RadioI have been told this many times since I left: "You got out at the right time"
Fuller, AaronLTNov 2002 – Aug 2005CRA, ETNO
Nadeau, JoshE6/MM1Dec 2002 – Sep 2004Machinery
Mathis, ZavenE12003 –A-gang
Razo, RogerSTS3Feb 14, 2003 –Sonar
Berry, BerryliciousMM3Jun 10, 2003 – Mar 3, 2006TorpedoWhen I got here and saw the ship leaning the way she did in port I thought I was going to die on my first boat. But we got through some tough times and she might not be the newest belle at the ball but she got us home every time. Thank You Bold One
Forck, DanSTS1Oct 20, 2003 –SonarWhat doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, but it still hurts like hell!
Sweeney, MattLT2004 – 2007JO
Sucy, ScottLTJan 28, 2004 – Dec 23, 2006EROC
Danforth, MathewMMFNFeb 28, 2004 – Aug 15, 2008a ganguss jacksonville the old one
Mangrum, HeathMM2Apr 13, 2004 –TMdont sweat the big stuff its the little stuff that matters so much!?#
Jensen, JoeYNSNApr 27, 2004 –Yeomen!Howdy doo Joey buddy!
Money, RickyEM1(SS)Jun 28, 2004 – Apr 6, 2009EE01
Spears, JeremyYN2(SS)Jul 23, 2004 – May 12, 2006YNPeople I would like to thank for all their support while onboard: CAPT O'Neill, CDR Dorrbecker, ETCM Martinez, HMC Johnson, MM2 Ulsh, LT Ianuzzi, LT Baldwin & FTC Hughes. Thank you all for what has been the best experience of my life.
Dixon, DanielET2Sep 1, 2004 –RADIO
Ranck, Nathaniel "Bud The Man"MM2/MM1May 16, 2005 – Mar 8, 2009MachineryIt was a blast serving with everyone. Hopefully she gets you home everytime like she did with me.
Cooke, StephenZONE MANAGERAug 18, 2005 – Dec 25, 2005PipeBest 10 K flush ever
Glisson, GeorgeMM1Nov 10, 2005 – Aug 15, 2006A-GANGOne great divison
Grazzini, Steve Aka GwizzleEM3Feb 6, 2006 –eso far so bad. this might be an old one but aint any cleaner in the navy. we might be cursed but damnit we will have fun.
Bierwag, Byron Aka WagalicioiusYNSNFeb 6, 2006 –YN
Kelsey, David (Special K)E-4Oct 12, 2007 –A-GangWelcome to oblivion
Ecker, DerekEM22008 –Nuclear Electrition
Harris, ShermanYNCMar 28, 2008 – Mar 2011YN
Burd, JoshuaET1May 30, 2008 – Nov 23, 2008NAVTAD
Evans, Dustin/metroMM3Nov 4, 2008 –Machinery
Humphries, DavidCS1Jul 12, 2009 – 2011CSSo far so good, in Hawaii and first Westpac done and the Battle E winners for 2010. Now in dry dock.
Schlau, JustinMM1(SS)Mar 2011 – Apr 2012RL01-ELTCame on-board during yard period, made First Class, received second NAM

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