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USS Bremerton (SSN 698) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bremerton (SSN 698). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 247 crew members registered for the USS Bremerton (SSN 698).

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Huggett, GregSTS31997 – Dec 2000sonarIt was fun, livin in ft.lauderdale, fl. now. anyone ever see my old chief rickbone taylor? miss u guys and god bless!
Brown, JeffE-41997 – 2001radio
Guiniling, JohnnySenior Chief- Assistant Navigator1997 – 2000NAVIGATION/OPERATIONS
Beckman, MattETCM(SS)Jan 1997 – Jun 2000COB
Beckman, MattCMDCM(SS)Jan 1997 – Jun 2000COB
Myer, MichaelE-5 MSFeb 21, 1997 – Sep 2, 2001MSGreetings all, hope all you guys are doing well, I hated my rate , but the people I meet, and the friends I made, made all the difference. thanx fellas.
Morgan, RobMM3SSMar 1997 – Jun 2000A GangRemember poop flyin out of san 3 with 100psi, on the surface?
Soriano, Emmanuel "Manny" (Bitch Be Cool)SK1(SS/SW)Mar 8, 1997 – Feb 15, 2002SupplyBitch Be Cool! Those were my words of saying hello and whats up, for those who remembers. Just finished my tour of the Sub Tender (USS Frank Cable) Now I'm in COMSUBRON 15 back in Guam for 2 more years. Email me if you're stopping by. Bitch be
Cissell, Michael (Missile)MM2Apr 1997 – Sep 1999M
Little, MitchE-6/ET1Apr 1, 1997 – Feb 1, 2002Nav ET
Lawrence, DavidEM1(SS)Jul 4, 1997 – Feb 15, 2002ElectricalLivin' the good life in San Diego, well, except for the part time sailor thing (hey, gotta get to retirement somehow!). Later, bitches!
Flora, Thomas (Tom)STSC(SEL)Jul 5, 1997 – Aug 15, 1999Sonar
Lacy, VernonMS2Jul 28, 1997 – Jul 2000SupplyGreat of the best CO i had during my navy career.
Horton, KevinEM1 (SS)Dec 1, 1997 – Feb 21, 2001ElectricalSNOBs rule. Hope the tradition continues.
Darling, ChristopherET3Jan 1, 1998 – Jul 9, 1999Nav ETHad a great time there in Hawaii and when homeport change to Point Loma
Leon, DavidE-5 MM2 A-GANGJan 8, 1998 – Jul 22, 2002Hello Everyone, What's up A-gang, Feel free to e-mail me if you want to. By the way If you are Smith, Please stop eating out of the Drain Strainers and San-Tanks (J/K) Adios...Hope to hear from all you soon...
Whitney, CraigE4Feb 3, 1998 – Dec 2000weaponsCRAIG B
Hughes, SeanET2(SS)Apr 16, 1998 – Sep 16, 2002Nav/OpsHey everyone. Feel free to email me.
Irving, BrianRM2 (SS/DV/PJ)Jun 1998 – Feb 2000CommsRemember.... what happens on West Pac stays on West Pac!
Mitchelson, WilliamET41999 – Aug 2000Radio comsGreat guys and great times.
Dee, PaulLTMar 1999 – Feb 2002Got out in March 05. Staying Reserves. Signed with Century 21 recently to sell real estate in Hawaii.
Geiser, MattLT/CHOP/SUPPOJun 1999 – Feb 2002SupplyBest Sub Chop tour I ever had! Thanks to MSC Eisner, SKC Miller & SK1 Jones for keeping me out of trouble (i.e. Leavenworth) CO Thomas & XO Burke were two of the best. Hope ENG Pittman cheered up. Greetings all O's & Crew, past presen
Hanhardt, Joel "Kansas"MM1(SS)Jul 1999 – Mar 2003MACHINERYONE SCREW, ONE CREW.
Parraz, "Pez Daddy"MM2/SSJul 1999 – Apr 2004Auxiliary This is to all the boyz I served with and to all thoes who served with me; Whoz ur DaDDY? Pez is ur DaDDy.
Roush, CharlieSTSCJul 4, 1999 – May 31, 2002SonarRetired From the BADFISH. Man I miss the guys... Man I DON'T miss WestPac. Working as an accident investigator on commercial vehicles now. Any of the gang call me any time for anything you need.
Marsh, JohnRM1Jul 8, 1999 – Feb 3, 2003Radio
Cole, Steve "Mad Dawg"MM1(SS)Aug 22, 1999 – Mar 4, 2003Reactor LaboratoryJoe Devore , Jim Sorensen, Lou Cerwin, Mike Xavier , Bill Nickson, and Trent Larson...You guys will always remind me of the good times. Darth Smith (Steve) you rock dude, Chief Formo you were the coolest E-Diver I had ever met, thanks Bremerton...
Mendenhall, JamesSTS1/SSSep 15, 1999 – Feb 15, 2002SONARCurrently in VA, I miss the West Coast....
Wilson, ChrisET2(SS)Nov 1999 – Sep 2003Reactor ControlsOne screw and it's in the aft. Move out not up!
Page, ScottET1/SSFeb 1, 2000 – Mar 1, 2004RC01
Tyrrell, KevinSTS1Mar 2000 – Sep 2003sonar
Johns, SenecaMM1/SSMar 1, 2000 – Dec 20, 2005M-DIVWow, been a while. Moved to the darkside, that is... O-gang AND surface; wouldn't say better, just different.
Pasenow, Jason (Skinny)CS2 (SS)Apr 2000 – Oct 1, 2004CSHad a lot of fun with you all. Hope you liked the food. .
Garity, TomETCS (SS)Jun 2000 – May 31, 2001NAV/OPS
Blount, DaveRM2Jul 5, 2000 – Aug 1, 2003radio
Longworth, BillET2(SS)Sep 2000 – Mar 24, 2003Reactor Controls
Gault, DavidSTS2 (SS)Sep 25, 2000 – Jul 16, 2002SonarLeft SSN-698 for the Joint Military Intelligence College in DC. Completed a BS in Intelligence (2003)& MS in Strategic Intelligence (2004). Transferred to ONI ACINT Team following school.
Black, MattET3Nov 2000 – May 2002NAVOPSGlad to hear from anyone who was aboard when I was
Hesse, DustanSTS1Nov 15, 2000 – Jan 12, 2006SonarTo everyone on the "bad fish" what up! I had too much fun with all you guys!
Hofland, Brian (Dirty Hofland)STS2Jan 31, 2001 – Jan 31, 2007Sonar
Perdue, Chris "Animal" profile iconSTS3 (SS)May 2001 – Sep 2003SonarHope things are good for everyone. I miss the good times and forgot about the bad ones. Feel free to hit me up.
Walters, TonyET3Sep 6, 2001 – Oct 14, 2002Reactor ControlsWasn't on board for very long, but too long. You know what I mean if you know me. Had a great time on board . Doing great. Feel free to email me.
Sallee, Jason "j.t."MM1/SSDec 2001 – Sep 2005MachineryI kind of miss the submarine life, hope you all are doing well. I got out after my tour in Italy with Darth. Ran into Dougy Fresh and Mr. Johanssen. They got their own boats now. Later.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – 1990 | 1991 – 1996 | 1997 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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