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USS Bremerton (SSN 698) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bremerton (SSN 698). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 247 crew members registered for the USS Bremerton (SSN 698).

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Novak, TimIC2/SS1985 – 1989IC
Klocko, DarrenIC2/SSFeb 1985 – Jan 1987IC
Winslow, RichardEMFeb 1985 – Feb 1987electricalthe cleanest ship in the fleet! Spent more time on field day than anything else. Great boat, great crew, and who can forget Cdr Alan Beam or XO Lcdr Zacharias??
Klocko, DarrenIC2/SSFeb 1985 – Jan 1987IC DivisionWe had one hell of a wild and fun crew when I was on the Bremerton. The time we pulled into Bremerton, WA, around 1986 for the namesake was legendary. I hope all the great shipmates I served with are well.
Downs, GregEM2/SSApr 1985 – Jul 1989E-DivLike Mikey said, I made some of the best friends of my life. Although we complained a lot at the time, the time I spent on the boat are some of my fondest memories!!
Barrett, EdwinPN2(SS)Sep 15, 1985 – May 31, 1988admin
Lightner, MicahMM3 SSDec 1985 – Jan 1988M
Evitts, TerryMM3May 24, 1986 – Dec 17, 1989A-Gangi will always remember the Bremerton
St. Clair, JohnMS3/SSJun 1986 – Dec 1988Suppy
Cottingham, ClayMM1(SS)Jun 13, 1986 – Aug 1, 1989ELT. 2 years seaduty then 1 year yard duty. Can't believe they were there for 3 1/2 yrs! Seems like memories now are much more fond than they were back then. We had an Ens Mooney join in shipyard. Anyone know if he is the CO of SFO?
Jupin, MarkMM3Jul 11, 1986 – Jul 11, 1990Its pretty funny that its been almost 20 yrs. I'm no different than my Father or Uncles in that I like to talk about how I could have retired by now! I'm not rich, but I'm successful enough and I have no regrets.
Tigner, JohnYN1(SS)Nov 1986 – Jun 1989AdminSaw her pull into No Ka Oi after 2 1/2 years of running the boat in and out of port. She was the most at sea boat in the Harbor.
Gray, LawrenceMM2/SSNov 21, 1986 – Jun 23, 1990A-ganga rewarding time with life long memories, some of these names bring a smile what a great boat
Festor, EricTM1/SS1987 – 1990TMIts amazing how much we *itched and complained at the time, looking back though, those were some of the best times!! On Facebook if anyone wants to look me up!
Guilfoyle, CraigE7Jan 15, 1987 – Sep 10, 1990ICLooking for info on former shipmates
Anderson, DarrinRM2(SS)Feb 16, 1987 – Mar 31, 1992CommsGreat times, great people. ETC(SS) Ret.
Day, ThomasRM2Mar 15, 1987 – Oct 1, 1990Communications
Koronkowski, Ken "Korn Dog"QM2/ssMay 1987 – Jun 1990Nav//OpsWHERES FLIPPER? A-VIKE? SPIDEY? GECKO GILLESPIE? (ive got some change in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling...........)
May, StephenMM1/SSAug 1987 – Aug 31, 1992A-divisionnow fully retired after working 13 days short of 20 years at Puget sound Naval Shipyard. Bremerton WA.
Cardinalli, MikeQM1 (SS)Sep 13, 1987 – Jan 12, 1990QMStill in the reserves. Just picked up for LDO.
Quinones, DocHMC(SS)Dec 20, 1987 – Aug 20, 1991MedicalLooking for contact from any of my old shipmates, Have thought about many of you over the years, You can find me on facebook at Fern Quinones. God Bless
Murdock, GuyMM2/SS1988 – May 4, 1992I tell stories about this boat all the time to my friends, some of them true. Like the time I saved it from a giant squid by electrifying the hull...
Scott, DavidMS2(SS)Feb 8, 1988 – Dec 15, 1991MS/SupplyJust wanted to say that Tim Hamilton was a great guy and a true friend. He died of a Heart Defect 3 years after getting out of the Navy. He said that those were some of the best days of his life and he loved everyone.
Julien, MichaelMM2/SSMar 1988 – Dec 1989AuxilaryWent to sea for last 28 day underway than went into overhall.
Rogers, DaleYN2(SS)Mar 1988 – Mar 1991YNLooking for old shipmates! Look me up on facebook.
Blackburn, GarySTS2/SSMar 20, 1988 – May 20, 1992SonarWent to sea on her before overhaul from hell and after. Boat spent almost 3 1/2 years in drydock. Great boat and crew. Good times.
Bowers, DavidIC3/SSJun 10, 1988 – Nov 10, 1990interior communicationsspent the entire time in dry dock but wasnt hawaii nice!!
Dunlap, JimET1Aug 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1990fwd ETcame to Bremer after 2 skimmer tours from gator navy loved HI; hated yards, tough to qualify. "Imagine if this valve was here." Rode Buffalo then Omaha, then split tour to Omaha. Got out in 92; shoulda never left HI
Berry, MaloET1Oct 1, 1988 – Oct 15, 1991Reactor ControlsOne good thing about my 3 years on the Bremerton is never leaving the dock. We did come in second place for our Soccer team, and got that big trophy. Of course, there were only two subs in the league. And we almost scored a goal.
Hembree, NathanMM21989 – 1994Auxilary
Ramirez, JoeIC1/SS1989 – Jan 1991ICLots of good memories from Hawaii, played lots of softball
Beckman, MattETCS(SS)1989 – 1993EDMC
Beckman, MattETCSAug 1989 – Oct 1993EDMC
Arko, PatTMC(SS)Sep 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1993TMAlthough much of my tour was spent in PHNSY, it was still a great tour.
Sheppard, MikeMM2/SSOct 1989 – Sep 30, 1992Reactor LaboratoryI met a lot of people I considered good friends and have now lost contact with. Give me a shout, I'd like to know how everyone is doing.
Cotie, Bruce/cobMMCM(SS)Oct 15, 1989 – Feb 10, 1993Chief of the BoatGreat tour, most of it spent in yard. Great crew, had some fantastic ship's functions!!
Ward, KennMM2/SSNov 1989 – Mar 1992AuxIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times...all in the Yards, but made the best friends I ever had...Thanx all
Trail, Mike "Eagle"E-5Feb 10, 1990 – Jul 6, 1994et esmWow, what a great bunch of guys. I miss you all and hope we can get together soon. Long live the EAGLE divers rule
Mangeot, AndrewMS2/SS/DVMar 1990 – May 1993SupplySpent sometime in the yards, had fun at sea, miss the boat and the crew, enjoyed cooking for ya and diving on field days lookin for coffee cups. Lookin for old friends, yn mansonilli, Ltjg Rob Little. drop me a line anyone if you have info
Dobson, SchawnMM2/SSApr 1990 – May 1994A-GangLeft the boat for Guam and made E-6. 2 yrs later went to instruct Aux Pack in Groton. I thought I hated most of my time on the boat. Looking back now, I had some of the best times of my life on that friggin boat. Kinda miss it and the camaraderie.
Burcaw, LesSTS3/SSJul 1990 – May 17, 1995SonarGood times. There are times that I wish I was still on board.
Kelly, JohnnySTS1(SS)Sep 15, 1990 – Aug 15, 1994SONARGreat bunch of guys to serve with! We worked hard and usually had a lot fun doing it. Our Captain, Mad Man McMacken always made it interesting. I retired in 1996. I work for the Army at Schofiled Barracks, Hawaii.

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