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USS Bremerton (SSN 698) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bremerton (SSN 698). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 248 crew members registered for the USS Bremerton (SSN 698).

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Nemeth, James (Jim)ET21978 – Sep 1983Checking out the Website see alot of ole "Brem Bros" Remember the days @ Norms very well. Looking for Wade Wilkinson. Has anyone seen or heard from him> The big 30 ret. is coming up soon. Who would have thought!
Sparks, JonathanET1(SS)1978 – Nov 10, 1980RC DivPLANK OWNER - But never got my plank. Got off the boat before she commissioned. Pulled the first startup on the reactor.
Hall, DonnieMM1/SS1978 – Mar 1980MPlankowner
Jones, Donald 'Dd'RM2(SS)1978 – 1983RadioRetired from the Navy as RMCS(SS) (actually ETCS(SS) as we were all converted against our will). Great memories of my time on Bremerton. Looking forward to seeing folks at the reunion.
Nelson, GregMM2/SS1978 – 1982MI asked for a fast attack on the west coast and ended up in Rotten Groton. I fondly remember Norm's. Since I never made it to Bremerton while I was aboard, I did get a job at PSNS as an engineer.
Michael Stone, MikeET2 (SS/DV)Jan 25, 1978 – Jul 11, 1982Nav/OpsPLANKOWNER shipmates. Boy, do we have some stories to tell. Norm's rocked. I also still have my CART T-shirt as well! Anyone know what ever happened to Diego Debbie? Retired in 2003 as a P-3 NFO.
Ball, GaryMM1 (SS)Feb 1978 – Jun 1980Macinist Mate / ELT
Geoff Cook, GeoffMM1Feb 1, 1978 – Feb 1, 1980MPlankowner - Left the USS California (CGN-36) after 3 1/2 years, put in for orders to a boat, got the Bremerton in Pre-com. They said it couldn't be done (surface to subs), yeah right!!!
Withers, Dave "Spiz"IC2/SSMar 1978 – Aug 23, 1983ICPLANKOWNER...dreamsheeted for a FBM on the East coast; got assigned to SSN698 out of Pearl (Spizzzz!)...the happiest accident the Navy ever made (I loved Hawaii!). God bless all of you who have served on the Bremerton ever since and whoever will.
Delisle, SteveET1(SS)Apr 1978 – Apr 1981Reactor Controls
Abele, BobMMCApr 15, 1978 – Mar 4, 1980PLANKOWNER - Last assignment there, Electric Boat was quite a place. Got the construction in my blood, so getting out and settling down didn't quite pan out. Been traveling ever since. Same woman, same kids, but now 5 grandkids too.
Carlson, John (Cat)EM1(SS)May 1, 1978 – Mar 31, 1980E Div (nuke)Hey Sparky, remember me? I was one of two who got to put the reator through it paces in initial testing, never saw anything like it!
Crombie, RichSTS1 (SS)Jun 1978 – Nov 1986SonarI was on the 698 twice, newcon in Groton from '78 to '80, then again in Pearl from March '84 to Nov '86. There's a 698 reunion Aug '16 in Reno. Go to to sign up and get info! Love to see you all!!
Kelly, TomET1(SS)Jun 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981Reactor Controls
Crane, JohnRM1Dec 29, 1978 – Jun 20, 1982OPS (Radio Room)**PLANKOWNER** Left the Bremerton and retired from the USNR (RMC). Fixing to retire from the Birmingham Police Department. Becky and I are still married and Jason our son just joined the USN (subs) Drop me a line and let us know who is still around
Scanlan, JohnTM2/(SS)1979 – 1983Weapons"PLANKOWNER". One ship, one crew, one shaft back aft. Many memories from EB construction, sea trials, Pearl Harbor & beyond! best duty and could not have asked for better ship mates!
Naylor, TimTM2(SS)Jan 1979 – May 1982WeaponsGreetings Fellow Plankowners. Had a great time. Learned a lot. Met my wife at Norm's, still together 28 years later. Went to the Bremerton Reunion in Charleston, SC and had a blast. Only submariner there! RIP Tim (Burt) Noble, RM2(SS).
Woods, RussIC2(SS)Feb 4, 1979 – Feb 4, 1983Interior CommunicationsAnyone remember "Norms Lounge"? That whole Commissioning crew was a special group. A true "Band of Brothers". I remember those days as some of the best in my life. Shipmates don't feel pregnant about making contact. Woody
Blythe, StevenSTSCS(SS)Mar 3, 1979 – Jun 16, 1981SONAR"PLANKOWNER" I'm still doing the reserve thing. I still go to Pearl and see the ship from time to time. They were here in San Diego. Write me or I miss all you plank-owners!
Thompson, GregorySTS2(SS)Apr 1979 – Aug 1982SonarSuch a Hot running boat until we got to Pearl. Glad to hear things got back to normal after the skimmer incident. CART
Isaman, Robert (Bob)STS1/SSApr 1979 – Aug 10, 1982SonarGreat boat-great crew! Best group I've served with on any boat. Yes, I remember Norm's and all the fun at Electric Boat. I will never forget!
McPhillips, Thomas (Mac) profile iconSR(SU) / ET3(SS)May 1979 – Oct 1983Deck / ET**PLANKOWNER** From Norms to Hotel St., I survived. Great crew and boat. I do miss all my brothers. Woody is right... RIP My brother, RM1(SS) John G. McCarthy.
Tharp, LarryMM2/SSAug 1979 – Dec 1985A-GangerMiss the old days. I have my own A-Gang with 6 grandkids.
Charuk, BillLTSep 1, 1979 – Dec 31, 1982DCAPlankowner, still have my CART T-Shirt
McDowell, GeorgeICCS(SS) & EMCS(SS)Oct 1979 – Oct 1981EngineeringBremerton was the best boat I had the pleasure to serve on.
Reilly, TimothySTS3 (SS)Nov 1979 – May 1982Weapons
Polanowski, RobertTE11980 –Am reunion organizer for CA-130/SSN698. Am looking for former Shipmates who would like to attend reunions & keep in touch with their buddies.
Kopic, EdTM11980 – 1984Hey you guys, anyone heard from Bill Patterson or Shaun Mathis? Lost touch over the years. I'm an old retired Chief now, working for the Army in Okinawa. Miss the boat and her crew.
Kervin, RandallSN1980 – 1981DeckPlank Owner - Did someone say Norms Lounge? I still remember the Tommy Cox band saying if the Bremerton ever made it out of Groton, it would be under diesel power and they sing Diesel Power Forever dedicated to us. Proved them wrong!
Wilkinson, WaydeDS2/SS1980 – Nov 20, 1984Nav
Ted, FoxET2 SS1980 – Sep 19, 1982NAV
Tidwell, MelFTG21980 – 1982WepsPart of the big drug scandal with HM1 Zimmerman
Meren, AlfredoET2(SS)1980 – 1983Reactor ControlsPlankowner and Reactor Operator
Brunkalla, JohnE-5/MM2(SS)1980 – 1983M-DivLot of time has gone by since being on her Commisioning crew. Is it true she is now the oldest boat in the fleet?
Jennings, TonyMM1/SSJan 1980 – Jun 1984MWhat memories (some of which I wish would go away)! Does anyone remember Alfie's? I served onboard during construction through home port in Pearl and remember well 24 hour duty days and the PI. We worked hard and partied harder!
Martin, RonaldEM1 (SS)Mar 1980 – Mar 1984ElectricalPlankowner - New contruction at EB to Pearl. Hi Conrad!
White, JimMM2/SSApr 1980 – Jan 23, 1984M-ELTPLANKOWNER. I just discovered this site and seeing some of the names brings back the memories. I've been working in CT (of all places) since the day I walked off the boat in Pearl.
Burnside, KenRm2May 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1984deck/ radioSharon and I married 30 in Sept, two daughters. might be in Ct for anniversary? I barely remember Norms.
Meren, FredET2(SS)Jun 1980 – Nov 1983Reactor ControlsWeld wars at Electric Boat. Great commissioning crew. Saw 1st launch of space shuttle. Groton, CT to Pearl Harbor via Diego Garcia & Western Australia + simultaneous crossing of equator & Intl date line 1981. Enjoyed WestPac 83. RIP Steve Wright.
Tucker, CardozaSSN 698Sep 1980 – Mar 1983ms
Bilgrien, ConradEM1 (SS)Sep 1980 – Sep 1982ElectricalHad some amazing times especially in Australia and Pearl. Anybody in contact with Ron Martin?
Berger, JackET2(SS)Nov 1980 – Jul 1983ROI have fond memories of being a member of the crew. We traveled lots, played lots and didn't get sunk. That's a good thing. I'm now in the Army deployed in SWA - who woulda thunk?

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