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USS Buck (DD 761) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Buck (DD 761). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 50 crew members registered for the USS Buck (DD 761).

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McEvoy, Johnbmsn1950 – 1952deckIf any of you remember my Dad Jack McEvoy please feel free to contact me.He is alive & well,just dont do computers.
Dahl, DanielHM3Dec 28, 1951 – Nov 20, 1953S (SUPPLY)Still keeping in contact with many of the friends that were stationed in the Buck during this time period. This was the best duty of my Naval Service. "Little Doc"
Stafford, Everette profile iconSeaman 1st1955 – 19562nd
Beffert, DickBT3Apr 17, 1955 – 1957eWas a great ship.good shipmates
Nelson, GaryrrdsnJun 15, 1956 – Jan 15, 1958radar/sonarstill kicken!
Card, EdwinRM2Jan 1958 – Jul 1960Desdiv 71Hoping to hear from some crew mates who I served with.
Pack, BillMM21960 – 1963Engineering
Andrews, RexMR E31961 – 1963Engineering
Vaughn, HaroldETN31962 – 1964OITook the Ship out of Fram II, "Ships Company" when Dash was aboard. Jime Harmon ET1 was LPO of "ET Gang" Missed them all
McClandon, AlfredQM2Sep 15, 1962 – Sep 15, 1965COMMUNICATIONSAnyone who served during that time.
Gascon, DaveFNOct 1, 1962 – Jan 1, 1963BHello fellow Buckaneers
Lindman, NilsFTG2Dec 30, 1963 – Aug 15, 19662nd
Loebl, DougBT3Oct 27, 1964 – Jan 12, 1968BCrazy crew, crazy ship,crazy war. 5 underway collisions,5 typhoons in three years. Close gunfire support missions,O:dark30!!## refueling! Was glad to get off her.Never will foget.
Ramirez Sr, Winston TCS-3Dec 18, 1964 – Mar 1967SupplyWould love to hear from any old shipmates that read this and want to get in touch . I enjoyed being your cook!!!
Good, Earl (Skip)E 51965 – Mar 28, 1968ElectronicsI'am a Shellback
Shearer, MichaelRM3/2Aug 1965 – Feb 1967OCWould be glad to hear from other crew who served on our Westpac cruise
Bishop, HowardPC2Sep 15, 1965 – Jan 1, 1967OPERATIONS
Ostinowsky, Jim (Ski)GMG3Dec 15, 1965 – Sep 20, 19692Nd DivisionReally enjoyed the time I spent on the Buck. Great Crew and made some lasting friends.
Sorrell, JerryFN1966 – 1967M
McCarty, Gamble (MacE-5 TMMay 9, 1966 – Jun 30, 19693rd
Davis, BobMM2Jul 1966 – Jul 1967mafter engine room. westpac cruise.
Jameson, SteveQM31967 – 1968OII still think often of my time aboard.
Harman, Tony (Limey)stg3 sonar, sn in deck force 1st yearJan 1967 – Jan 1970weaponslooking for a good friend I was stationed with in Wash D C Jim Heitzenrader a Personnelman 2nd class aboard the USS Wiltsie DD 716
Hill, RichardBT2Feb 6, 1967 – Dec 1970BCame aboard as fireman apprentice, assigned to After fireroom, served as oil king and left as BT2. It was the hardest and hottest work I have ever done. But I must say I liked being a Buckaneer. Good people aboard.
RivkIIn, AaronAT 3Feb 11, 1967 – Dec 29, 1971DASH CrewGreat Ship Great Guys
Sobyra, MikeEns - LtjgAug 1967 – Oct 1969E and Deck
Griggs, Michael PaulMM21968 –USS Buck
Joseph, Wilbertsh-2Jan 6, 1968 – Feb 9, 1971supplyGo to national archives catalog to get info on uss Buck ship log. We were in vaunt tau harbor 7/15/69 to 7/31/69. We also had a collision at sea while refueling,PTSD incident. 7/22/69 motor whale boat launched t
Allen, RonFTG 3Apr 1968 – Apr 1969Weapons
Haller, KevenMM3Apr 19, 1968 – Feb 1, 1970ELooking to reconnect with former shipmates who may be able to verify when the Buck was up river in Viet Nam for Agent Orange claims.
Pursifull, Glennmm3May 1968 – Jan 1970after engine roomwas denied claim for agent Orange .I do have prostrait cancer but can't come up with the dates we were up river. From the remarks of others we need to group up.
Obershaw, RogerCS2Sep 1968 – Feb 1970SupplyWestpac 4/69 - 10/69, P.J. Mode Skpper, looking for shipmates during 10/68 - 2/70. Ret. 7/86 as Supply LT. Remember good and bad of Westpac.....storms, 47 degree rolls, great ship/crew, even BT's who stole bread @ nite
Donnini, JohnLeading SN - HM StrikerOct 1968 – Feb 1970Ist Division - OPAnyone remember when we anchored up river from Vung Tao. PBRs along side and Huey landing on Astro Deck. C an anyone remember approx date and/or month? Important for Agent Orange claims.
Naslund, DavidGMG3Oct 16, 1968 – May 27, 1972GunneryMay have contacted agent orange in Nam
Kennedy, Gary R.SN / CS31969 – 1971Still Kickin' I finally made it back to Georgia...Hated San Diego..Nickname was TINY
West, DonPN31969 – 1971OperationsGreat ship, great crew. Hard times and good times, wouldn't trade it for anything. Made a man out of a boy. Forgot many names but remember faces vividly. Thanks for being that part of my life.
Forristal, James profile iconE3Jan 1969 – 1972their division
Block, DanRD2Jan 3, 1969 – Apr 9, 1971?
Landry, RobertSF2Jan 10, 1969 – Jul 3, 1971RGrew up on this ship. Went on to undergrad then Med school and a return to USN as medical officer. I'll never forget my days on the Buck.
Roper, AndrewftgsnJan 15, 1969 – Jul 7, 1971weaponds
Huber, JohnFTG 3Mar 1, 1969 – Jun 1, 1970Fire Control1st ship out of A school stationed in San Diego. WestPAC tour in 1969 - early 1970.

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