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USS Omaha (SSN 692) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Omaha (SSN 692). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 169 crew members registered for the USS Omaha (SSN 692).

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Walsh, Denny "Welch Mo"ET1(SS/SW/MTS)1984 – 1990NAV/OPSWHAT A RIDE! From "Kona" Blowin Smoke in my Face, the Swim Call In the S China Sea, XO's Door Missing & the Bremerton Backing into the Ole' Gal, I wish they Never Made me Leave! U Guys were Awesome!
Reed, DavidSeamanMar 1984 – Jan
Schindler, MichaelFR/SU - MM1/SS, Retired- MMCS/SS ,2008May 2, 1984 – Mar 15, 1991A -GangFirst boat, Great crews, Chief Lukert and Chief Muller Thanks!!
Clay, WilliamSK3 (SS)Sep 1984 – Jan 1986SupplyThe Rufadora, The Rose & Crown, Diving on the North Shore, Dirty Dans...glad we survived!!
Tenkate, RaymondEM2Nov 1984 – Apr 1989ElectricalBest boat under the water, commanded by none other than John B Padgett III.
Parmerlee, StephenSK1(SS)1985 – 1991StorekeeperBattle Stores
Lawrence, SteveSTS1(ss)Mar 1985 – Apr 1988WepsGood time
Drom, AndrewMM1(SS)Apr 5, 1985 – Apr 20, 1990Engineering, ELTPHNSY for 27 months. Lets go to sea already. Greetings to 1985-1990 shipmates, too many good times riding the subway from Tokyo to the boat at 5 a.m. Dive! Got to get my cooler and make it to Waimea Bay by morning....
Fowler, ThomasE-5/MM2 (SS)Sep 30, 1985 – Sep 26, 1989Machinery
Gist, JeffIC3-IC2(SS)Oct 1985 – Jun 1990ICMy First command and my best command. Enjoyed serving with all the crew through the years. TY all for the memories.
Griffin, Michael GriffMM2/SS1986 – Dec 1990A Gang
Gulledge, DonaldSTS1/SSFeb 24, 1986 – Dec 10, 1989SonarFirst Boat - Post Overhaul - Great Memories. Where is John Kreisler?
Lukert, WayneMMC(SS)May 1986 – Dec 1989A Gang LCPOBest bunch of guys I ever served with. Most went on to E-8 and E-9 ranks. They made me very proud.
Cardwell, LovielIC2(SS)Jun 1986 – Jan 1990It was a great time in the Navy!!
Hillis, MikeEMJun 1986 – Aug 1991EUSS OKCity (SSN 723), PNSY-NRRO
Cusson, MarkET2(ss)Oct 20, 1986 – Aug 20, 1990RCgood times, good guys...
Runyan, GordanMM2/ELTDec 1986 – Dec 1989M -More than three years would've killed me.
Skeen, DennisTM2(SS)1987 – 1990TorpedoGreatest Time ever. TM division was the best. From Captain Padgett, Weps Brady, Dave Kelly, Cliff Lines. West Pac was unforgetable. Have a lot of great photos and memories. Hope you all are doing great and healthy. Get in touch
James, GregoryMM2 (SS)1987 – 1990M
Hayes, PaulMM1/SSDec 1987 – Dec 1996MNuke MM
Myers, RogerET1/SSMar 1988 – Mar 1991RCO1
Fedora, BrianSTS3/SSMay 1988 – May 1993SonarGlad to serve with a great bunch of guys. If any one wants to keep in touch. (530)-682-2925
Brothers, Darren "einstein"MM2/SSAug 18, 1988 – Jul 27, 1992Machinery (Nukes)Boy, what memories... Jeff Miller: my roommate on-shore (he loved the LBFMs). Gordie Runyan: funniest guy onboard and a pretty good artist. Great times...
Miller, JeffMM2/ELTOct 14, 1988 – Jul 24, 1992Reactor LaboratoryNo one could ask for better buddies.
Hayes, D PaulMM2/SS1989 – 1995
Sorensen, DanE41989 – 1990ET
Potter, ErikQM2(SS)Feb 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1992Navigation
wilson, bruceRCC(SS)May 1989 – Dec 1991RMLots of good times and great people!
West, Mel profile iconTM2(ss)Jun 1989 – May 1992TM
Croson, RobertEM1/SSJul 1989 – Jul 1993EFour of the best years of my life.
Campbell, LindelET/3 (SS)Jul 1, 1989 – Oct 31, 1991NAV
Bayless, ShaneRM2/ssAug 6, 1989 – Jun 6, 1993OperationsServed on the Omaha for four years. It has been a very memorable period of my life.
Pettey, WendonRM3/SUSep 1989 – Feb 1990RadioSorry to hear the old girl is headed for the scrap heap.
Leonardi, Hugo profile iconTM2SSSep 19, 1989 – May 11, 1991Weapons
Muller, ChrisMMCS/SS/DVOct 1, 1989 – Oct 1, 1993A-Gang
Fischer, Paul/fishFTCNov 16, 1989 – Jun 16, 1992Fire Control
Turner, JamesSTS1Dec 20, 1989 – Apr 15, 1994SONAR / COMBAT SYSTEMBest time ever because we were too dumb to know better. Contact number, 757-544-3137, or
Cardinalli, MikeQM1(SS)Jan 15, 1990 – Mar 15, 1992Love the boat, was my most favorite duty station.
Fitzwater, Barrett "PickleHead"ET2(SS)Jul 1990 – Jul 1994RC01, Reactor ControlsGreat Guys! Great Fun!
Drew, JamesSK2(SS)Aug 1, 1990 – Feb 1, 1992S1SK1 Parmerlee was lpo, later he made SKC. I got off when it was discovered that I had kidney stones. While LimDu at css7, i made SK1. Later transferred to tender duty in San Diego jul 1993.
Jacobson, Lynn 'Jake'MM3(SU) - MM1(SS)Sep 27, 1990 – Feb 5, 1995MachineryTo date, best boat I have ever served on.
Johnson, EugeneSTS2(SS)Nov 20, 1990 – Sep 30, 1994SonarFirst Boat, Best group of guys I've ever served with.
Turner, Earl ToadSTS1/SSDec 1, 1990 – Dec 20, 1993SONAR

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