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USS Memphis (SSN 691) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Memphis (SSN 691). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Memphis (SSN 691).

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Emmens, PhilSK1Mar 1998 – Mar 2001SS01Served with one of the best crews ever assembled! The best ship I was ever on, Retired now but would join with that crew again in a second.
Roberts, PhilipFT1Mar 8, 1998 – Oct 31, 2002Fire Contol
Tyree, Pimp JSTS2Mar 11, 1998 – Oct 6, 2002SonarAMISTAD!!! and Muller you were SATAN.. nothing better then when i paid $750 for that #10 can of corn and bathed you in it
Desrosiers, Matt "Rosie"MM!Apr 18, 1998 – Jun 17, 2002MWhat an experience. Some great some not, wouldn't trade it for the world.
Lott, ErricET1May 1998 – Mar 2000Comms
Breor, MarkCOMMANDERMay 1998 – Jan 2001AllProwlers of the Deep, you served this country with honor, dignity and utmost professionalism. I am proud to have served with you. Surface, Surface, Surface. Swim Call!!
Muller, LeeCMDCM(SS)Jun 1998 – Aug 2001COB
Ayala, JavierE-3(SS) Striker, Later became an FT1999 – 2001DECK-DIV
Ashworth, RogerLTJan 1, 1999 – Aug 31, 2002MPA, DCA
Crawley, Jason (Aka Beans)STS2Feb 1999 – Mar 2004sonarThought I made some friends...glad its over!
Ryan, MarcMM2Dec 1999 – Oct 2003RL DIVWhats up fellas? Hope all you DIG' ITS are doing well!
Velez, JosephSK 22000 –Rodogna, SKI, were are you....
Landry, DanEM1(SS)Jan 24, 2000 – Apr 14, 2004Met some of the best people in the world, and I have no regrets.
Antol, Kyle (Wop, Bing, Hound-dawg)MM2 (SS)Feb 14, 2000 – May 27, 2004A-GANGBest Crew Ever, miss ya all (Moke, Chuco, Spanky, Nik, JFF, Barn, Big T, Jimmy, Skemmens, Jefe, Beef,Tammy, Tyrell, Jody, Joey & Dusty, Chuck, Old Man, Chris & Jay, McClure, Reck,) and anyone else who I forgot to mention. I love you all.
Sands, MattyMM2Jun 8, 2000 –Auxiliary
Ferretta, JoeyYN1(SS)Jun 9, 2000 – Dec 10, 2001AdminMade long lasting friends (Lorino, Gonzi, Everett, Antol), but I couldn't leave fast enough!!!!
Baker, James / Tammy Faye profile iconMM2(SS)Aug 2000 – Aug 2002A
Johnson, JeremyEM1Aug 20, 2000 – Sep 8, 2004Electrical
Barkdull, CurtisMM2(SS)Dec 2000 – Oct 2004A-gangWorst mistake was to leave the boat. Missed the crew and my division. Now work as a contracted nuc worker in commercial nuclear. Have run into a few old shipmates from the boat.
Gross, Kenny GMM1(SS)Jan 10, 2001 – May 31, 2006Awesome crew! I will never forget those times. Oh, the many hours on the lathe. aaahhhh. Where's my paint and preservation list?
Ervin, BarnE-5Feb 2001 – Jul 2005A-GANGAnyone up for fishing on the midwatch? Had a great time.
Steven Emmert, TexMM2/SSApr 2001 – Jul 2002TMI enjoyed and would love to go back if the Navy would ignore my injury and let me come back.
Pollizatto, RobEM1/SSJun 7, 2001 – Sep 30, 2005ElectricalHmmmm... let's just say that I've moved on; I no longer prowl the sea at a medium pace. What's up fellas? How's shit?
Koch, MatthewET2Jul 2001 – Nov 2004
McClure, Bryan (Or As We All Know, Ted)FT2Jul 2001 – Apr 2005Fire ControlIts amazing to see how many of the crew from 2001-2005 are listed. Guys, you rock.
Soley, ToddSTS2Jul 23, 2001 – Jul 25, 2005Sonar
Hardwick, Kyle (Bnav)ET2 (SS)Aug 20, 2001 – Mar 21, 20064.5 Years of safe navigation. I hope they are doing fine without me!
Feil, WryanEM2/SS/DVNov 28, 2001 – Mar 17, 2005A million dollar experience, but wouldn't give a million to do it again.
Bowen, JamesLT/1125Dec 14, 2001 – Aug 6, 2004Reactor Controls, Electrical, SonarHad a great time. The last 8 months were especially memorable.
Gomez, Christopher FT32002 – 2003Fire ControlI missed this ship after my departure.
Roundtree, TonyET2/SSJan 15, 2002 – Apr 15, 2005NAV ET
Rzasa, DarrenET2(SS)Apr 13, 2002 – Apr 17, 2005
Rosado, NateSTS3 (SS)Aug 2002 –SONAR
Rosado, NathanielSTS2(SS)Aug 14, 2002 – May 23, 2007SONAR
Roleson, JackE6Oct 8, 2002 – Nov 27, 2007FT
Rhone, JamesE5/ET COMMOct 9, 2002 – May 29, 2007RADIOThe BIGAZ roamed Memphis for many years remarking how it was gay and hell was hot.
Allen, GaryMMCS(SS)Oct 22, 2002 – Aug 15, 2006The only A-GangThis was by far the best crew and and best division of my entire navy career. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make Memphis what it was and what it always has been, a success. "Captain Merz you kick ass!" "Remember the Viking club&quo
Bornemann, Frederick AdamET1(SS)Nov 1, 2002 – Feb 3, 2007Reactor ControlsHonorable Discharge. Joined Navy Reserves and persuing a BS in Physics at SUNY Stony Brook.
Uptegraff, MichaelETC (SS)Dec 1, 2002 – Jul 16, 2007Navigation Division
Mulgado, NunitoSK2/SSDec 12, 2002 – May 21, 2007STOREKEEPERGreat crew and shipmates another family to me..

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