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USS Memphis (SSN 691) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Memphis (SSN 691). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Memphis (SSN 691).

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Tolbert, RonMM1(SS)1975 – 1978MMan, lots of memories from this boat! Served on her from the time she was a yard baby until after initial sea trials. Great crew and skipper!
Santomauro, RichardRM2(SS)Jan 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1979Radio DivisionI established myself in Radio Division and went through Advanced Electricity and Electronics training on 691. This was my second boat.
Campbell, William (Soupy)MM1(SS)Feb 8, 1975 – Nov 1, 1979AuxillaryPre-Com Crew, made Chief on Commissioning Day, Various Sub Commands, retired June 1990 as MMCM(SS). I was on five pre-com units, Memphis was the Best. Loved every day on it.
Presley, KennethET1Jun 15, 1975 – 1978RC DivisionGreat expierience. Had some great times with a great bunch of guys. Loved swiming in the gulf stream, the water so perfectly blue.
Clark, PatMM1(SS)Aug 1975 – May 1979A-gangWent on to Bates, Gurnard and was the last Cob of Permit. Retired in 94 from TRF Kings Bay. Still in the Kings Bay area.
Lane, RandolphMM1(SS)Aug 1, 1975 – Apr 15, 1977Auxillary DivisionThese are only approximate dates on board the USS Memphis. I am a plank owner of this ship and proud of it.
Lane, RandolphMM1(ss)Aug 1, 1975 – Jul 15, 1978AuxillarymanI am a plank owner from the USS Memphis. I live in dexter, MI
Vogelsang, VictorEMCSAug 5, 1975 – Jul 10, 1980E DivisionServed from precomissioning to first med run. A wonderful group of people.
Class, John C.SKC(SS)Sep 1975 – May 1978SUPPLYCommissioning crew Leading Storekeeper. Became LDO Supply Corp while on board. Supply Officer, SSN 711, COMSUBPAC, Asst. Supply Officer, SUBASE, Pearl Harbor. Retired in June 1988. Now a Business Analyst with a Nuclear Utility in Ohio.
Santomauro, Richard profile iconRM2(SS)Dec 15, 1975 – Dec 15, 1979RADIOMy 2nd boat. Commissioning Crew, Plank Owner.
McCausland, MarkSTS2 (SS)1976 – 1978SonarPlank Owner, first boat. Best boat in the fleet.
Kalbach, KenMMCS(SS)1976 – 1978MGreat boat and crew. Made LDO shortly after leaving. Went to NRRO, Newport News for almost 7 years.
Benham, GeraldET2(SS)1976 – 1978RC
Overbey, James (Randy)EMC/Ens.Feb 1976 – Apr 1978EThis was a great boat and a great crew, I almost wish i had stayed aboard. I was sorry to see her decommissioned, but she had a long life most likely because of her initial crew.
Ewing, R. Brian profile iconMM2 (SS)Feb 20, 1976 – Apr 20, 1978M DivisionOut of the Navy in 1978. 30 years with First Energy (Perry, Davis-Besse, Beaver Valley) in Outage and Project Management (PMP). Retired in 2010, consulting at DB for Steam Generator Replacement Outage (starts 2/1/14).
Radunzel, Tom (Rebo) MM2/SSMar 1976 – Dec 1978 A Gang Absolutely had a great time on Memphis precom unit. What a great bunch of guys I served with. I think of those days with great joy.
Peters, DebbieMachinest mateMar 1976 – Nov 1980MachinestCO said I wasn't getting off the MED run early but the Detailer in DC sent orders to fly back to the states for my next assignment to USS Boston 703. Fishing with Wayne Johnson on pier in FL. Living in Bonne Terre MO
McClellan, Chief MacMSCMar 21, 1976 – Oct 28, 1978SUPPLYGot rail-roaded by COB & CAPTAIN, great ship & crew
Hogsten, William / HoggieTM2 (SS/DV)Apr 1976 – Nov 1979WeaponsPre Com Unit / I was there in the beginnig.
Kahl, William (Ed)MM2 (SS)Apr 1976 – Aug 1979M DivisionI was the most junior M Division guy on the comminssioning crew in 1976 after Brian Ewing. Ron Tolbert and JED (among others) took me under their wings. What a great group to serve with.
Farris, BobIC1(SS)Apr 1976 – Apr 15, 1978EPlank Owner. Good crew. Many good friends.
Radunzel, Tom (Rebo)May 1976 – Dec 1977 A Gang What a great couple of years. Precom unit was great sea trails cool. Very good A Gang!!
Neff, BillRMC(ss)/RMCS(ss)May 1976 – Oct 1980RadioWhen is the first reunion going to take place?
McKay, RobertSK2 (SS)May 13, 1976 – Aug 20, 1979SupplyPlank owner and storekeeper on USS Memphis SSN 691.
Neff, Bill profile iconRMCS(SS)Jun 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1980Communications
Biggs, LukeQM1(SS/DV) and ENSJul 16, 1976 – Apr 2, 1980NAV/OPSETC(SS) Bruce Wray and I were the first MEMPHIS crewmen to be commissioned LDO, 1 April 1980. I retired in 1993 and live in Summerville, SC. I attended MEMPHIS decom on 1 April. It was good to see old shipmates.
France, Robert T. "Tim"LCDRAug 1976 – Aug 1978Navigation/OperationsPlank owner. Homeport change from Newport News to Norfolk. Shakedown. Left at beginning of PSA.
Craig, Anthony profile iconSTSS2(SS)Aug 1976 – Sep 1978SonarPrecommission crew and plank owner. Out in '78 worked in the yard '79-'81 and finally found my way home to the left coast.
McFarlain, DerrilIC2Sep 1976 – Mar 1980
Knapp, ClintQM2(SS)Sep 1976 – Mar 1980Dont tell anyone but I do have the original commissioning pennant. How did that happen?
Anderson, AndyIC1(SS)Sep 1976 – Apr 16, 1979IC
Thomas (Wedgwood), SteveRM2/SSDec 1976 – Jun 1979OperationsI enjoyed my experience on board the Memphis and in the Navy, but, four years was enough.
McGinnis, Bill (Grizz)DS1Dec 1976 – Nov 1980WeaponsI hope life provided great things to each member of the USS Memphis commissioning crew and each member of the boat's Weapons Division.
Wedgwood (Thomas), SteveRM2/SSDec 1976 – Jun 1979Radio RoomStill married for 34 years and retired to Nacogdoches, Texas; Remember A.P. falling into the harbor in Norfolk, always at sea! blowing sanitary tank on the OD in the conning tower, "angles and dangles" and food on deck!
Boedeker, Tony (Boe)MMFN1977 –A- GangI was on pre com Unit. Was one of the last plankowners to leave. Went on to commision the San Fran SSN 711. Got out in 1987 Presently live in the Cincinnati area.
Santiago, RubenMS3Feb 1977 – Aug 1980SupplyPlank owner. Great crew and good memories.
Don Bain, Many NicknamesEM2Jul 1977 – Jul 1979EPrecomm E Div. Made 1st Med run and then xfrd to San Francisco Precomm.
Roberts, GaryMM2/SSDec 5, 1977 – Jan 12, 1979A-GangOne of the last people to report before commissioning
Chiarizia, Lou (Chizzy)ETR-2 SS1978 – 1980RC
Phin, AlanSTS4 / SS 1978 – 1981SonarAwesome Ship / Awesome Crew!
Green, Thomas ClintEM1 (SS) NUCJan 5, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980Electrical
Girard, BillSTS (SS/DV)Apr 10, 1978 – Aug 7, 1981SONARLOOKING FORWARD TO A REUNION
Ottavio, PaulFTG 1 (SS)Nov 1978 – Jan 1983WeaponsBest and worst times I ever had. I left with every intention of seeing the Navy in my rear view mirror - ended up doing 20 yrs and 6 days. Hello Jerry Bitter, how's Joyce & daughter Jeanne. Mr. Bundy, I know where the connection box is.
Tannehill, BobMM1Dec 1978 – Oct 1979M

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