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USS Ault (DD 698) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ault (DD 698). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 40 crew members registered for the USS Ault (DD 698).

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Parcells, Jr., JohnEM31952 – 1956
Mann, BillEMJul 1953 –Electical gangI could not do anything right. Em's did not like me. They dumped me in Cuba and sent me to radio station summit in the Panama canal zone.I did great there. Hope the Captain sees this? Was a college Pres. Grt. experience
Littell, GlennMM1May 1954 – Dec 1957EngeniringForward Engine Room
Finnen, JamesBT2Nov 1954 – Sep 1957engineering
Van Gilder, Terry ET2Jan 1955 – Jan 1957O DivisionI would like to communicate with anyone aboard from 1955 to 1957. In particular, I'd like to compare knowledge of the 1956 Med Cruise.
Daugherty, JohnFT-3Jun 1959 – Oct 19601st Div
Maguire, Joe profile iconRM51960 – 1962CommunicationsGreat experience, and I did get to see a lot of the world. Went in a boy and came out a man!
Davis, Richard/dickBM3Jan 3, 1960 – Feb 19621st Deck DivisionLeft Ault for Saratoga in 62 for Cuban crisis. Left Navy for Army 1963. Retired from Army as CW4 Attack Helicopter pilot in 1982. Two tours in RVN as infantryman with 1st Cav Div 1965 and 1967. Fond memories of Ault
Lake, KennethFT3Jan 27, 1960 – Jun 27, 1962Fox
Cody, PaulFIREMAN E-3Sep 13, 1960 – May 29, 1964Machinest Mate After Engine Room
Sheldon, JackEM2Jul 28, 1961 – Aug 1964R
Grant, EdETR21962 – 1964OIjoined during FRAM in Boston
Cornelius, Norman (Corny)RM3Oct 1, 1962 – Oct 19, 1962OperationsLearned a lot during this year about how a group of guys work together to achieve success. Missed the Med Cruise should have stayed a little longer. Mayport, fla. and Smitty's Bar were great.
Nichols, BobbysnJun 26, 1963 – Jun 26, 1966first div
Johnson, BobbyRM3Jul 1963 – Feb 1966ComunicationA few years after I left the Ault, I served in the S C Army National Guard for 18 years and retired as an E-7 (retired military). Tricare insurance is great!
Morrell, RalphSTG2Sep 17, 1963 – Aug 26, 1966SONAR
Wilson, ThomasBT3Nov 16, 1963 – Jan 27, 1967B DivisionThe USS AULT would take a licking and keep on ticking. My fist weekend aboard was cleaning firesides in after fireroom. I wondered what the h----!
Hummel, Davidn/aJan 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1966n/aMy Father, Walter Lee Hummel, was in the Navy from 1944-1966. He has 2 pictures of the USS RF Keller and the USS Ault. I found a diary that he kept that lists the number 5" rounds fired for each day in 1966.
Reimer, JimEm1Jun 15, 1964 – May 28, 1966REnjoyed my time on Ault.
Smith, III, Charles FranklinE-4Aug 3, 1964 – Sep 10, 1967Engine MechanicsEngine Mechanic(E-4) Charles Franklin Smith, III died on December 3, 2015. He is buried at the Tallahassee Memorial Cemetery. He is survived by his Wife Marsha, his two sons Shane and Shannon, and 3 grandchildren.
O'Connell, JohnSTS 3 (SS)Feb 1, 1965 – Apr 18, 1966A/S DivisionGreat assignment and a great Crew.
Mills, MikeRD3Jun 1965 – Dec 15, 1967OIPart of the "Magnificent Seven"
Ketterman, Texas (Tex)E-4 GMG3Feb 1966 – 1967weapons
Henry, JackRM3May 1966 – Aug 1969OCFirst time on this site, Oct. 2021. I saw that Robert Williams is looking for myself and another RM. if I remember right, we had a great time in the Med. Hope to make contact with all who served then.
Tutcik, GregoryBM 3Jun 23, 1966 – Jun 4, 1968First Division
Hall, Thomas (Sonny)DC2Oct 1966 – Jan 30, 1970R divisonCurrently living in eastern Kentucky. Looking for crew members that served aboard Ault during this timeframe in R division.
Stroup, JoeEM2Oct 13, 1966 – Mar 1971RI joined the ship's reunion 2 years ago and have had a blast getting together. Send me an email for details.
Whitesell, Charles AlbertGM(G)2Feb 1967 – Jul 1967WeaponsLiving in Iowa.....Retired !
Baker, KennethEN-5 DASH DivisionDec 7, 1967 – Aug 29, 1969DASH Division AS DivisionRichard Hager ET-5
Gibbons, MichaelSeamanFeb 1968 – Oct 1969First DivisionRetired in Detroit Michigan
Williams, BobRM3Apr 1968 – Dec 23, 1968OCLooking for anyone that served aboard the Ault during 1968 Med cruise, especially anyone in OC Division. Would like to find Steve Dormandy and Jack.Henry.
Mills, Gaylard (Gayl)BT3Aug 1968 – Jan 1970B Division
Gatewood, Robert profile iconCS21969 – 1970Supply
Olsen, RobertIC3Jul 13, 1969 – Jan 1, 1970R
Herod, JimmyBT3Mar 5, 1970 – Sep 1, 1971BCame aboard in Charleston
Altizer, EdPN1Mar 15, 1970 – Jun 29, 1972OperationsI was Senior Petty Officer in charge of the ship's office.
Mangham, ColinFireman E-3Mar 19, 1970 – Mar 18, 1973After FireroomI trained on the Ault for 1 year before entering active duty in Naval Aviation via AE-A school. I liked the sea time we got on all duty weekends.
Pinyerd, Chuckrd/os 2May 1970 – Jul 1973operationsWas also ships last postal clerk upon decommisioning
Abele, RobertMS3Jun 1, 1970 – 1973Supply
Croom, ScottRM-2Apr 1971 – 1973OPERATIONS

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