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USS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 42 crew members registered for the USS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697).

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Bollerman, EugeneI am his son, thinking he was a Seaman 1st ClassJun 1945 –not sureMy dad was commissioned to the Sperry in 1945, I believe, I just read a diary from a seaman 1st class Edward James Varden, his son put it in a 78 page journal that I completely enjoyed, they made $23 a week
Real, RamiroET 3Jan 1, 1950 – Jul 15, 1953E
Anderson, Alfred (Fred/andy)RD3Jun 1955 – Dec 1958Live in Overland Park, KS
Vollmar, WilliamFT2Mar 1956 – Jun 24, 1959FoxFirst sea duty after FT "A" school. Assigned to STBD MK 63 GFCS.
Doucett, JamesSNApr 1956 – Oct 1958CookJim "Frenchy" Doucett, passed into Eternal Patrol on June 3, 2013.
Greco, PeterQM1Sep 18, 1956 – Aug 16, 1961OCAssigned to the Sperry, right out of boot camp as a seaman duce. I left the Sperry a 2nd. Class Quartermaster and tons of great memories and strong friendships.
Gunselman, AlfredMachinist Mate Second Class1957 – 1963Machinist MateMy father (Alfred) served on this destroyer and I wonder if any of you may remember him. Thank You.
Midkiff, MikeYN3Dec 30, 1957 – Nov 1, 19592MDWonderful experience for a youngster from the Midwest (Indiana) who had never seen an ocean before. You get your feet wet real quick.
Whaley, Theo (Ted)Acting Bosen Mate1958 –maintenanceTed Whaley is my wonderful neighbor. He tells us stories about his design decorating the smoke stack; boxing matches,adventures with Chief and the kindness of the people in all the ports he visited. Amazing fellow.
Jordan, William E. ("Billy")DK31959 – 1961SupplyMade a couple Caribbean cruises and one Med cruise. Left the Sperry when she arrived back from the Med @ Mayport, FL.
Elliott, Maxe31959 – 1961Sonar
Malone, Kenneth L.radioman1959 – 1962radiomanI am Kenneth L.Malone's niece,so i have none of his information right i'm sure.He doesnt do computers so i thought i would just put this out there.He was from Dequincy,La and is still alive thou in poor health.
Robinson, JeffPN3Jan 29, 1959 – Sep 1960OCMy first ship. Launched a career that would last 23 years.
Martin, StanleyE31960 – 1963ElectronicsI am Stans daughter Just wanted to see if anyone remember- ed him.. My mom & I use to come aboard the Sperry on Sundays for dinner. The Sperry is the 1st time I ever had black olives. Dad served for 27 years & is passed
Majors, JimCS2Apr 1960 – Feb 1962SMy dad, Daniel J. Majors served on the Sperry from 4/1960 through 2/1962. His rate was CS2 he was a cook/baker in the galley. My name is Jim Majors, his son. Daniel J. Majors passed away in 1979.
Sebold, DouglasMM3Jan 1961 – Jan 1963M DivisionServed in main control and also the aft engine room.
Engelhardt, DieterE-4 / MM1962 – 1965MM
Donald W. Love, WayneMM31963 – Jun 1966EngerneingServed aboard Sperry for 3 years before leaving the Navy. When the ship went into Boston for refit I came back to Newport and was discharged. Learned a lot about life and greww and became a man. Enjoyed my time and my
Murphrey, Charles (Murph)GMG 3Feb 1963 – Mar 19672ndCame aboard seaman cuce, left E-4. Made GITMO/Carabean,Med. and Westpac.
Goldbach, GoldieFTG3Dec 1963 – May 1965Gunnerywas to short to go to westpac so I volentered to extend. never regretted it . Made E5 while in Vietnam but was denied it because I only had 6mos left. was to be discharged on arrival to Newport. had to stay 1 more mo.
Kalkwarf, BobFTG21964 – 1967GunneryAround the World via Vietnam.....Great Destroyer Duty
Reeves, RonaldHTCMar 21, 1964 – Sep 30, 1980R LCPO
Chabot, Richardbm3Jul 1964 – Dec 1966first divthis summer 4 of us got together in bufalo .we hadn't seen each other in 46 years. boy did they get old!. we had a blast going to do it again next summer.if interested call 508 954 6075 it was me,demmico,korosek paluck
Harston, AlbertMM1Aug 1964 – Jan 1967MI worked in the Aft Engineroom when I went aboard and when we were getting ready to deploy to the Pacific, I took over the #1 Engineroom, under MMC Burnham and Chief Engineer LT. Woods. Good Ship, good Capt, bad XO
Pennington, Carl C. (Bill)BM11965 – 1966FirstSpent most of my 20 years in the Pacific. Transferred to the Atlantic to go right back to the Pacific. First Destroyer Squadron deployed to Vietnam. Made BM1 aboard the Sperry.
Enders, TerrySM E-31965 – 1966Signal BridgeWen`t through Viet Nam and left the ship on emerg leave on way back. Got sent to USS Keppler DD765 and wen`t rite back to Nam.
Lenington, PaulETN21965 – 1967Electronics-OperationsTranferred to the Sperry shortly before we left Newport R.I. heading to Vietnam. It was an around the world cruise going west thru the Panama Canal & coming back east to Newport thru the Suez. Great grp of ET's.
Mayhan, Johnsm31965 – 1968ocWent to Vietnam in 1965-1966 and stationed in New Port, RI, discharged in 1968, looking for Anthony (Tony) Corral from Arizona who was on board with me.
Demicco, Anthony (Tony)BM 3Feb 1, 1965 – Mar 1, 1967697This is Tony's daughter...I am Making him a gift and wanted to see if anyone had sayings, a memory etc about my dad and your time served with him. Any info on the ship, the crew, a song or a quote will be appreciated. ty
Pula, BrunoSFM2Mar 5, 1965 – Oct 3, 1968RGreat ship and great crew. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Paluck, Frank profile iconSNJul 12, 1965 – Jun 16, 19671 St
Maki, WayneMM3Aug 10, 1965 – Jan 10, 1969MHad a great time in the Navy and aboard this ship. It was a great way to start in life. I wonder what happened to a lot of the guys I served with. I am currently still working and healthy.
Campisi, TonyGMG2Mar 1966 – Apr 19682NDMy First Ship. Middle East Cruise 1967.
Pelletier, Roy, PickMM-3Jul 9, 1966 – Jun 9, 1968MI would like to hear from Wayne Maki MM-3 . or anyone else interested. Proud to serve. Saw and learned alot. there is no place on earth like the U.S.A. You betcha. Great bunch of guys in M Div.
Pelletier, RoyMM 3Jul 18, 1966 – Jun 23, 1968MHad a great time aboard Made alot of friends and memories My nick name was Pick
Werzyn, WalterEM3Nov 4, 1966 – Oct 1, 1968DASH
Dorman, BobBM31967 – 1968First DivisionMid East USS Charles S Sperry DD 697
Christenson, G. L. (Chris)BM2May 1967 – Jun 19681st
Hilberer, FredBT-2Apr 1968 – Nov 1971BHomeports: Newport RI. and Philadelphia PA.
Chesser, GaryBT3Dec 1968 – Sep 1972BVisit our website: Also, come join our Association and enjoy the reunions every year which is usually the last week in April. Contact information is on the website.

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