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USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 220 crew members registered for the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688).

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Hebert, DuaneTM21986 – 1991Torpedo DivisionLong time ago.
Bus, GusET1Feb 1986 – May 1990
Anderson, James profile iconHMC(SS)Feb 1986 – Apr 1989MDR / MedicalMy initial qual boat. Loved every minute of that tour. Loved working my new brothers. I have enjoyed reconnecting with these brothers
McFarland, DouglassSSN 688Apr 1986 – Apr 1988Electrical
Jensen, KevinET2/SSJun 1986 – Dec 1990
Ebbenga, GregoryMM2/SSJun 10, 1986 – Jun 10, 1990M- Div
Kimmel, Thomas (Billy)MM1(SS)Aug 1986 – Oct 1989RL DivisionWas present at Hanford when her reactor compartment was placed in the submarine pit. Sad day...
Lakey, DanMM2/SSAug 23, 1986 – Aug 23, 1990M-divSure am glad I did it, saw every thing and met everyone, but I would sure hate to have to do it again, although I could probably handle it better now. Drop me a line
Ahnen, JohnETC(SS)Sep 1986 – Aug 1988RCCame aboard in Korea, knowing I had to keep my nose clean till I was commissioned LDO. Great crew. WestPac 86 was great, along with the SpecOps that followed. ET1 Steve Goodman, now ret LCDR, save my butt more than once. Thanks!
St. John, Michael "Hollywood"STS1Sep 1986 – Sep 1988Sonar"The Fleet's first & best!!"
Franklin, Larry "Benji"TM3/TM21987 – 1990TorpedoThe most fun out of the 7 boats I served on during my career.
Parker, AlanQM21987 – Mar 3, 1989Navigation
Said, DonaldMM11987 – 1990Machinery
Gray, JimYN1(SS)1987 – 1989ADMINWas a great tour.
Hagelberg, RobertMM2/SSMay 1987 – Nov 1991A-GangMy first and only boat..still miss her to this day, never should have left..that's what a woman can do to biggest regret in life was leaving the "First and Finest" Went on to Groton CT. worked in repair division. Met my wife there.
Amor, KentMay 1987 – May 1989Nav/OpsLoved the weather in Hawaii. Finnally got sober there! I Still am!
Wright, JaySK2/SSJun 4, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991Supply
Berg, Gerald (Jerry)MM2/SSJun 15, 1987 – Jun 10, 1991
Blakey, James STS 1 (SS)Jul 1987 – Jul 1990SONARGreat Boat!
Richardson, FredTM3/SSDec 16, 1987 – Jan 6, 1991TorpedoWhat a wide ride back in those days, the LA was known as the best Sub out of PH during the late 80's early 90’s certainly had the best crew. Men I hope you all are doing well in life and thanks for the great memories.
Storer, RodET1/SS1988 – 1989ET
Wanner, JeffQmJan 1, 1988 – 1991NavigationNow living in San jose. Still work and live underwater as a commercial hard hat diver. I live 30 to 40 day stints underwater in a hyperbaric chamber working in the oil and gas industry
Graves, GregoryMM2/SSFeb 1988 – Jun 23, 1992M-DivGot rid of most of my bad attitude on that boat. Met some great people there. I don't miss it at all. They worked us like slaves and burned us out. But... I'm glad I did it.
Miller, JohnEM2Jun 1988 – Jul 21, 1992Electrical
Wanner, JeffQM3/SSJun 1, 1988 – Sep 3, 19919999
Peterson, JamesE-2 DECKAug 1988 – Nov 1989
Hiser, Russ profile iconMM2/SSAug 1988 – Mar 1992A GANGA Gang was the place to be. Bob the COB sucked the knob!!! Lot's of good memories with some great people. Live by Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Email me anytime.
Carey, CraigET1/SSOct 1988 – Dec 6, 1994Reactor Controls
Voisin, GaryFTG2/SSOct 1988 – Jan 1993Fire Control
Kish, Michael, Fuckin KishFTG2 (SS)Oct 15, 1988 – Nov 20, 1990FTEndless spec op midwatches with the Stinkman, Bill Blank, and the Weps (Mike Molhoek) Getting screamed at by a pink faced, shakey head motherfucker while doing Jungle Luke imitations in engine room lower level Gus DeGuzman, motherpucker
Evans, DannyMM1ssDec 1988 – Dec 1991M-DivNever before or since have I worked with such a great group of guys.
Cantu, GasparHMCApr 1989 – Jun 1992Medical
Goodman, ScottMM2Apr 23, 1989 – May 15, 1993M - RLFor something I rarely remember enjoying at the time, I sure do look back fondly on what were easily 4 long years. The people I met there were so very unique. In Memoriam - Fast Eddie's Bad Attitude Attack Book
Solina, SeanET2/SSJun 2, 1989 – May 2, 1993NAVWow....I can remember the old CoB hated how tall my flat-top was. I can remember how much I hated him. Such fond memories.
Henderson, TroyEM3Jun 2, 1989 – Jun 2, 1991Nuke ElectricianDrop me a line living in Washington
Porter, RobertFTG/2 SSSep 1989 – Sep 1993Fire Control
Porter, RobertFTG2/SSSep 1989 – Sep 1993Fire Control
Porter, Robert profile iconFTG2/SSSep 29, 1989 – Oct 4, 1993weapons
Smith, EricRM2(SS)Nov 23, 1989 – Dec 13, 1993RMJust retired as an ITCS after 20 years in. Hated Bob the COB on the LA.
Smith, EricRM2Nov 27, 1989 – Dec 14, 1993RadioHad to re-register. Retired as a Senior Chief after 20 years.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1985 | 1986 – 1989 | 1990 – 1998 | 1999 – now

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